25th February 2012 – Clocks and Watches

Lot No Description Low Est High Est Hammer Price
28 An early 20th century walnut cased mantle clock with white painted face 20 30
29 A small Bakelite mantle clock 10 15
30 An Edwardian dome topped mahogany cased mantle clock with key and pendulum 20 30
81 A modern large circular kitchen wall clock, the face inscribed ‘Newgate Clock Co.’ 30 40
108 A 1930’s Westminster chiming mahogany cased wall clock 30 40
233 A brass carriage timepiece enclosed behind bevel glass viewing panels, the enamel dial with Roman numerals, C.V stamped to back 40 60
251 A large Victorian architectural black slate clock 50 70
263 A French spelter mantle clock with a black enamel dial 150 200
291 A large Victorian ormolu mounted black slate clock 50 70
302 An Art Nouveau oak cased wall clock with silvered and brass dial and Arabic numerals 30 40
303 A 1920/30’s French sun burst eight day wall clock 20 30
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