25th February 2012 – Collectables

Lot No Description Low Est High Est Hammer Price
39 A vintage collapsible top hat in original box 40 50
63 A small collection of cigarette and tea cards (1 box) 10 15
80 An enamel Town Services Bus Stop sign 25 30
94 A boxed Penn ‘Delmar’ fishing reel number 285, a P Flueger ‘Sea King’ fishing reel together with an Intrepid ‘Black Prince’ fixed spool reel and fishing bag 30 50
114 A box of mainly 20th century assorted stamps, loose, in albums and in stock cards 20 40
130 A collection of brewery related collectables to include a Schweppes brass mounted clock and barometer, Wade spirit barrels, advertising ashtrays and other items (1 box) 20 30
145 A framed set of cards of British Birds, possibly cigarette cards 10 20
220 A collection of early Britains lead huntsmen and hounds (1 box) 50 70
228 A good collection of lead farmyard animals, figures and accessories, various makers including Britains (1 box) 40 60
234 A cast iron and painted novelty money box in the form of a Guinness bottle and another in the form of a native American Indian girl in a canoe (2 items) 20 30
242 A marine ivory handled carving knife and fork with silver collars and a horn handled corkscrew (3 items) 20 40
245 A rare bottle of deluxe 12-year old Whytee MacKay whisky commemorating ‘The Marriage of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer Wedding 29th July 1981’ l 20 30
355 A brass medal from the ‘Normandie’ 20 30
359 A Chinese carved ivory reclining monkey with a toad and a frog (at fault) and a bronze of an otter by Siggy Puchta 30 40
360 A large collection of various world coins and banknotes ( 2 boxes) 30 50
361 A collection of pennies and other coins (1 box) 20 30
362 A good collection of assorted Golly badges together with a quantity of various commemorative coins 30 40
364 A large collection of 19th century relief moulded plaster cameos from the Grand Tour depicting famous historic people 60 80
365 A cased Victorian Inaugurational medal with central bust of Queen Victoria, flanked by Holborn Viaduct and Blackfriars bridge, above an enamel City of London Shield dated November 6th 1869. To reverse engraved ”Thomas Henry Fry Esq. Deputy, Chairman of the Improv Comitte” 80 100
366 A rare Temple Bar lead plaque, made from the lead removed from the Temple Bar roof which was demolished in 1878. The facade of the Temple Bar, set in a brass circular frame 150 200
369 A bronze medallion commemorating the visit of King George 1 of Greece to the City of London, dated June 16th 1880, by George Gamon Adams. Approx 7.6 in diameter 80 120
370 A bronze case medallion commemorating the opening of Epping Forest by Queen Victoria, dated 6th May 1882 by Charles Wiener. Approx 7.6cm in diameter 80 120
371 A bronze medallion commemorating the opening of Blackfriars bridge and Holborn Viaduct by Queen Victoria, dated 1869, by G.G.Adams DSC. Approx 7.6cm in diameter 80 120
372 A bronze medallion commemorating the opening of ”The City of London School New Buildings” by Albert Edward Prince of Wales and Alexandria of Denmark, dated 12th December 1882, by J.S.& A.B. Wyon . Approx 7.6cm in diameter 80 120
400 A small ivory, silver mounted tiger’s claw letter opener 30 40
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