25th February 2012 – Pictures and Prints

Lot No Description Low Est High Est Hammer Price
3 Oil and watercolour ”Boundary Fence” by Beryl Cliff, signed to bottom right, together with a floral still life signed Joan to bottom left (two items) 10 20
4 A set of four Georgian engravings depicting figures amongst ruins on the European Grand Tour, all framed and glazed 10 20
7 A set of six framed prints of children, after Birkett Foster 10 20
10 Two pictorial framed tapestries depicting a Tetley pub and a cottage scene (2 items) 10 15
15 ‘Mullion Cove’ oil on board, signed and dated Irene Mitchell,1979 20 30
16 An oil on board of a coastline entitled ‘The Sea King’s Realm’ with monogram and dated ‘1920’. 10 20
21 A collection of ten small Japanese prints, all framed and glazed and a similarly framed Japanese photograph entitled ‘Cherry Blossom’ (1 box) 20 30
23 A framed indenture dated 1810 20 30
24 A watercolour by David Kirby ‘Mooney Ponds’ 20 30
33 A village street scene oil on board, signed Peter Collens and one other of a Continental street scene (2 items) 10 20
34 Two watercolours by Ivor Drinkwater entiteld ‘Early Morning Display’ and ‘Moonflight Magic’, each signed, framed and glazed and dated 1991 10 15
35 A pastel of the head of a middle eastern lady wearing head dress, indistinctly signed, dated ’75 10 20
36 An oil on board of Jesus Christ by Christine Bernhardt-Kirby (1944-2008) – Additional information on the artist with picture 50 70
37 Woodland lake scene, watercolour, signed to lower right 20 30
42 An oil on board of the windmill in Cranbrook initialled ‘B’ and dated ’53 and another oil on board of rural buildings, unsigned 20 30
43 A lithograph by Vicky Hall, possibly Rye, and one other 20th century watercolour of fishing boats (2 items) 20 30
44 A watercolour of a floral still life, dated 1937 and a hand coloured print of flowers monogrammed AM, dated 1934 with indistinct signature (2 items) 20 30
45 A photograph of Hawkhurst Station, framed together with a hand-coloured 19th century humorous print entitled ‘A little rheum atick’ (2 items) 10 20
46 A pen and ink study of horses heads, monogrammed ‘JA’ and dated 1816, in a carved oak frame 20 30
52 A pastel of a still life with flowers, another of a sleeping cat and a watercolour of a still life with flowers, by S. Kemp, all signed (three items) 20 30
53 A watercolour of a child standing on a beach beside a moored boat, unsigned 15 25
54 A pair of gouaches of lake scenes, unsigned, framed and glazed 10 20
56 An early 20th century oil on canvas entitled ‘Sanary Sur Mer’ and dated 1901, with indistinct signature, possibly M. L. Walters 30 50
57 An oil on board of a rural landscape and another river scene by Jane Allan, a 20th century British artist, both signed 20 30
58 A pair of modern original oils on canvas depicting misty morning sailing scenes, signed G Butten and dated ’87 and ’88, housed in ornate gilt frames 50 70
59 A 19th century oil on board of a cottage with figures in the foreground and another, possibly by the same hand, of cattle grazing, both unsigned 20 30
60 Edgar Wills (Exh. 1881-1907), oil on board of a landscape with sheep in the foreground, signed 70 90
66 W F Strickland, local 20th century artist, watercolour entitled ‘Mill Pond, Batemens’, signed, and an oil on board by the same artist of Batemens house, Burwash, the home of Rudyard Kipling, signed (2 items) 80 100
73 Edith S Jefferies (Exh. 1906-1910), a pair of watercolours of cart horses, signed 80 120
74 A pair of modern original oils on canvas depicting sailing boats by sunset, one signed G. Butten and dated ’88, housed in ornate gilt frames 50 70
75 Four etchings of dogs by Frank Paten (1856 – 1909), entitled ‘Not at Home’, ‘Rough & Ready’, ‘Notice to Quit’ and ‘Every dog has his day’, each with humorous border vignettes and housed in oak frames 80 120
82 A watercolour of a Cornish beach scene, signed D E Gibson 30 40
83 Sybil F Jepson (Exh. 1929), watercolour of a Cornish harbour with boats, signed 40 60
90 A pair of modern original oil on canvas depicting sailing boats by sunset, signed G. Butten and dated ’89, housed in ornate gilt frames 50 70
91 A set of Edwardian humorous framed prints by G.G.Fraser, framed and glazed in sequence housed in oak frame 20 30
92 Two etchings entitled ‘The Old Hospital, Rye’ and ‘The Mermaid Inn, Rye’ by Albany E Howarth 1872 – 1936 10 20
98 A Continental etching by William Donald, entitled ‘Taosumo’, signed, with an oil on board of a view from a balcony (2 items) 10 20
99 A Pears print of a gentleman reading his accounts with a heron looking over his shoulder and another of a girl saying grace before breakfast with a terrier and kitten looking on, after C Burton Barber, original dated 1894, both framed 40 60
100 A print of the County of Sussex, originally printed in 1846 and another reproduction print of Sussex (2 items) 10 15
105 A watercolour of a cottage scene, signed L B Eynon and dated 1918 10 20
107 An abstract print by Gillian Dyer, signed in pencil to the lower right, framed and glazed 10 20
112 A 20th century oil on canvas of a still life of flowers, signed R Rosini, housed in ornate gilt frame 20 40
113 A watercolour of a river scene by E Hamilton, signed and dated 1908 15 20
119 A 19th century coloured print of trap racing entitled ‘The Celebrated Tom Thumb, the Property of G. Osbaldiston, Esq.,’, housed in a gilt frame with eglomise mount 20 30
121 A pair of prints after Breaski and another pair of prints entitled ‘The home of the deer’ and ‘The cool of the evening’ (4 items) 15 25
122 Two Japanese woodblock coloured prints after Hiroshige (1796-1853) of winter scenes 80 120
126 John Reed 1999 oil on canvas of a farmyard scene 10 15
128 After J F Herring, mezzotint of a farmyard scene, engraved by C. Paterson, housed in birds eye maple frame 20 30
129 A pair of gilt framed watercolours of Continental scenes, unsigned 20 40
134 A watercolour of ladies in a doorway, signed H. Key, approx 17cm x 26cm, housed in gilt frame 10 15
135 Attributed to James Wilson Carmichael (1800-1868), monochrome watercolour of figures by a road with cottage and hills in the distance, entiteld ‘Lenoine House’, unsigned, artist’s name inscribed to mount 25 35
136 A watercolour of a lake scene, signed J Somerset, framed and glazed 25 35
137 A watercolour entitled ‘Near Chertsey’, attributed to H C Fox, RBA, framed 35 45
138 An etching of the Thames featuring barges and loading jetties 20 30
139 A limited edition print by Gordon Rushmer entitled ‘Dusk’, numbered 5/850, signed to bottom right 10 15
143 A print after Cecil Aldin entitled ‘Morton Old Hall’ and one other by the same artist (2) 10 15
144 An oil on board, the information en verso reads; ‘Sheep under a tree by a stream by John Henry Titcomb (Bristol and St. Ives), 1863-1952, exh. RA etc. oil painted on panel, 6.5 x 9”, signed and dated 1910’ 20 30
146 A set of three St Leonards related prints, all similarly framed 10 20
147 ” Summer Lane” limited edition print, 40 of 100, signed to lower right, together with a contemporary abstract print (2 items) 20 30
185 A quantity of pictures and prints including a print of a girl after Coypel in a carved frame, a water colour of poppies, a pastel of chrysanthemums and other prints (1 box) 20 30
225 A folder of prints published by J Dickinson, 114, New Bond Street, 1826 from a volume entitled ‘The Drawing Book for 1826’. 20 30
235 A small Russian icon and a gilt framed religious picture (2 items) 20 30
239 A framed wax seal of an 18th century officer and two silhouettes (3 items) 50 60
247 A large print of a Continental harbour scene with naval battle sailing ships housed in a gilt frame and another similar print (2 items) 10 15
254 A box of assorted pictures and prints to include a signed etching by Arthur Spencer 20 40
261 Julia Wilson, signed contemporary limited edition 9 of 45 print, together with ”Saturation Point” limited edition print 21 of 28 (2 items) 20 30
264 Contemporary illusion by David Kirby, acrylic on board ‘Homage to Riley & Hughes’, local artist, with paperwork 50 70
267 ”Zebra Crossing” signed limited edition etching 50 of 100, dated 1988, together with a signed limited edition photograph of giraffes 12 of 75, a photo plus a Wentworth wooden jigsaw (4 items) 10 20
268 Two limited edition prints, entitled ‘D’Artagnon and the three Mousekteers’, numbered 195/850, signed Terrance Cuneo, and another limited edition print by Terrance Cueno depicting mice at the fun fair 20 30
274 Salisbury Cathedral, two prints of York, a Chinese picture made of human hair and three pastel pictures (7 items) 10 15
275 An oil on canvas of a village street scene unsigned, an oil on board of a river with trees in the foreground, signed D Burnside. ’75 and other pictures (1 box) 10 20
276 A box of assorted contemporary prints and etchings to include signed editions 20 40
305 Julia Wilson, Nastursium, limited edition 4 of 28, signed lower right, together with a signed charcoal drawing of a young boy (2 items) 10 20
309 A pair of large modern prints housed in gilt frames, and a large oak framed rectangular wall mirror 10 15
318 A quantity of assorted wall mirrors, a hand painted glass panel, framed tapestry, prints etc. (1 box) 10 20
325 A quantity of assorted prints together with four board games 10 15
328 A hand painted Royal crest on panel in black painted circular frame, the back with inscription ‘Coat of Arms from Royal Pavilion at Henley Royal Regatta, 1912, when T. M. King George V, Queen Mary and Princess Victoria were present’ 100 150
334 A 19th century oil on board of a coastal scene by Henrietta Hitchings exh. 1856-1859, housed in ornate gilt frame 50 80
335 A large late 19th century/early 20th century oil on canvas of Highland cattle, signed A. Beaumont, housed in gilt frame 100 150
345 A tapestry panel and assorted pictures 15 25
435 A 19th century oil on canvas of an English clipper at sea with the white cliffs of Dover and ships in the distance, unsigned 100 150
436 A collection of various pictures and prints including a 19th century pen drawing entitled ‘Norman Stairway in the Close, Canterbury Cathedral’ dated July ’91 10 20
437 A watercolour by local 20th century artist Jack Langton Airy entitled ‘Village Pond’, possibly depicting the pond at the Moor in Hawkhurst, signed, titled en verso 30 40
438 A watercolour entitled ‘Sailing Weather’ by Marion Brown, SWA, signed, exhibition label en verso 40 60
468 A large decorative gilt picture frame 20 30
509 ”The Staircase” signed limited edition 6 of 27 print, a signed triple aspect frame photograph, ”Leave all love and hope behind out of sight is out of mind” framed print, plus one other 30 40
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