Books – 24th March 2012

Lot No Description Low Estimate High Estimate
20 Two large volumes of the ‘New Standard Dictionary’, by Funk and Wagnalls and another large volume entiteld ‘The Circle of the Sciences’ 10 15
81 A box of assorted War magazines and instruction booklets from the 1940’s 10 15
106 An early leather bound edition of the Life and Explorations of Dr. Livingstone, a leather bound edition of Pilgrim’s Progress, dated 1766 by John Bunyan and a leather bound edition of The Works of George Herbert, dated 1865 20 40
149 A box of assorted books to include five volumes of the Encyclopedia of Automobile Engineering, War Memoirs of David Lloyd George and a quantity of 1970’s Look and Learn magazines 10 20
174 Three Captain Scarlet mini albums plus a Thunderbird 4 mini album, all dating from the 1960’s 10 20
201 A collection of assorted Art books and magazines 10 20
208 Fourteen editions of ”The Illustrated Weekly of India” from the 1930’s 10 20
224 A small collection of books including ‘The Children’s Longfellow’ with illustrations by E S Farmer (1 box) 10 20
226 Two boxes of assorted cookery books 15 20
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