Glassware – 24th March 2012

Lot No Description Low Estimate High Estimate
3 A collection of assorted glassware including Isle of Wight examples ( 1 box) 20 30
10 A Queen Elizabeth II Coronation lemonade set, cut crystal decanter, plus other glassware 15 25
21 A cranberry glass jug and four glasses 20 30
36 A set of 4 retro Martini glasses, a cranberry glass bowl, jug and a glass (1 box) 35 45
118 A Bohemian cut crystal decanter, a French tureen and stand, another crystal decanter together with other items (1 box) 20 30
142 A cut crystal Georgian mallet shaped decanter and another similar decanter (2 items) 30 40
172 A 20th century frosted glass moulded bowl and one other French smaller bowl, signed 20 30
191 Miscellaneous glassware to include Whitefriars ash trays and vase, liqueur decanter and glasses, Murano vase plus other items (1 box) 20 30
221 A collection of Sherdley Nordic glassware to include sundae dishes, jugs, bowls etc (1 box) 20 30
228 A blue mottled studio glass vase signed to base together with a blue and clear glass salt pin 15 20
268 A collection of assorted marbles including some early 20th century examples 15 25
301 A pair of Victorian cut crystal ring neck ship’s decanter 80 120
414 A pair of silver collared cut glass scent bottles 40 60
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