Pictures and Prints – 19th May 2012

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
3 A still life watercolour of fruit and flagon by Vanda Evans, signed to the lower right, housed in a gilt and painted frame 30 50
4 A watercolour by Nick Grant of a Scottish scene, dated 1986 30 40
5 Equine interest prints ”The Mail Coach Changing Horses”, ” Les Saites d’une Coarse” plus another of a couple on a horse drawn carriage (3 items) 30 40
6 A pencil sketch by Willilam Sidney Causer (1876-1958), of a street scene, signed and inscribed ‘To Mavis’, framed and glazed 40 60
7 A watercolour and pen entitled ”House at Bibury” Cotswolds, dated 1986, housed in a gilt and painted frame 20 30
18 A limited edition print by David Birtwhistle, ‘The King’s School, Worcester’. 101/250, signed lower right 10 20
19 A watercolour still life of a flagon, apple and vase by L.V.Evans, signed to lower right and housed in a pine frame 20 30
20 An oil on board by Fred Stubbings inscribed on reverse ”The Windmill, Coleshill, Nr Amersham, Bucks”, Signed and dated 1935 60 100
21 An unframed late 19th century oil on canvas of a mountain scene 25 35
22 A 19th century print of trap racing entitled ‘The Celebrated Tom Thumb, the Property of G Osbaldson, Esq.,’ housed in a gilt frame with eglomise mount 35 40
28 John Wakefield ”Bishop’s Lighthouse” watercolour signed to lower left and housed in a pine frame 30 40
29 Two novelty hand coloured cricketing prints entitled ”E ain’t goin’ to wicket-keep” and ”You can’t intimidate me” 20 30
30 An 18th century coloured engraving entitled ” The Melton Breakfast” 20 30
31 An oil on canvas by L.V.Evans of a country garden pond, signed to lower right, housed in a gilt frame 20 30
32 A watercolour by Mary Smith entitled ”Mulberry Tree”, Gladbury Farm, Great Clacton, signed to lower right and housed in a painted frame 20 40
33 A watercolour entitled ”Hippocastanacene”, signed to the lower left G.M.K. and dated 1981, housed in a pine and gilt frame 20 30
38 A watercolour and pencil by J Gunnell entitled ”Jolly Town”, signed to the lower right, dated July ’75, housed in a pine frame together with a watercolour of an aquatic aeroplane, signed J.P.Crete 20 30
39 A limited edition 1/50 photographic canvas entitled ”Eat, Drink & be Merry” from an original painting, with signed certificate of authenticity to back 10 15
40 An oil on canvas of a two-mast sailing boat, signed P Tew 20 30
41 A signed watercolour by Ian Bowles of a red kite 50 60
50 A pair of Victorian prints entitled ”In Sunshine Again” and ”Silent Sympathy”, both housed in gilt frames 20 30
51 An original WWII air raid poster housed in a wooden gilt frame 60 100
52 A limited edition print by H K Whatmore, 69/100 ”The Hollies”, signed lower right housed in a gilt frame 30 40
58 An oil on board by Elizabeth Hunt of a garden gateway, framed 20 30
59 A watercolour of a coastal scene near Cape Town, South Africa, signed A.G.H, dated 1915 35 45
60 An oil on board by Janet Simpson of a Kent village, possibly Brenchley. Circa 1960. Signed 30 50
61 A Japanese print showing an angry giant and on-lookers 25 35
62 A pen and ink drawing of a Liverpool tug ”Kylebank”, moored in Manchester Ship Canal, signed Jae S Park ’76 25 35
63 A Victorian etching in an oval gilt mount of Napoleon on horseback, after Messoneer 25 35
66 An oil and watercolour on board of a country garden, indistinctly signed to lower right and housed in a painted frame 15 20
67 A pair of hand painted botanical studies on rice paper 40 60
69 Five hand coloured prints of tropical birds together with one of ducks all housed in gilt frames 40 60
78 A coloured print entitled ”Saddling The Favourite” together with a hand coloured engraving entitled ”Windsor Castle” (2 items) 20 30
85 An 18th century oil on canvas, portrait of a lady in the style of George Romney F.S.A. (1734-1802), housed in ornate gilt frame, unsigned 300 400
88 A framed pastel of a country building, indistinctly signed to lower right together with an oil on board of a churchyard, signed J. Skittrall, 1952 20 30
94 Three oil and watercolours of Italian waterfront scenes, each inscribed ‘Piccolo Mondo, 14/11/68’, signed ‘Clarance’, framed and glazed 30 40
97 A London Town Plan, hand coloured engraving by Joseph Meyer dated 1843, framed 100 150
111 A framed engraving after David Wilke entitled ”The Penny Wedding”, originally presented to William IV, housed in an ebonised gilt frame 30 40
112 An Arthur Rackham print entitled ‘A chrysanthemum heard her, and said pointedly, ‘Hoity-toity, what is this’, framed 15 20
113 A 19th century hand painted on vellum huntsman with hounds, unsigned, housed in a gilt frame 30 40
114 A large oil on canvas of a tree lined road with houses and hills in the background, indistinctly signed and dated to lower right, housed in a pine frame 30 50
115 Two coloured engravings entitled ”Feeding the Pigs” and ”Cow House”, one in a carved oak frame the other in a gilt frame 30 40
121 A JAK coloured newspaper cartoon ”This is your Mother Eric, give yourself up, they know you’re in the Militant Tendency” 20 30
122 A 19th century engraving of Chelsea Pensioners 20 40
125 An early 20th century ornate oval gilt frame housing a bevelled glass mirror, a framed set of three early 20th century postcards of Hastings and a print of cattle and a bridge (3 items) 35 40
130 A pair of contemporary fabric prints ‘Slate Fissures’, signed and initialled Olwen Thomas 15 20
131 A framed coloured print by Henry Matisse entitled ”Woman and Monkeys” measuring approximately 120cm x 35cm 15 25
132 A Victorian print entitled ”Perdita” (Mary Anderson) from Shakespeare’s ” A Winter’s Tale” 20 30
133 A watercolour of a village near Lansdowne, Bath unsigned, housed in a gilt frame 30 40
134 Coloured engraving after G Morland ”The Country Butcher”, housed in an ebonised gilt frame 30 40
139 A coloured mezzotint after George Moorland 30 40
140 RAF interest ”Lest Ye Forget” limited edition print 184/650, signed by Squadron Leader Paul Day, Squadron Leader Tony Iveson and artist Robert Tomlin, housed in a gilt and wooden frame 30 40
146 An oil on canvas housed in a gilt frame of a ship unloading, by G. Butler, signed to lower left, dated ’89 15 20
147 An oil on canvas of a snowy mountain scene, indistinctly signed to lower right 10 15
148 After J F Herring, mezzotint of a farmyard scene, engraved by C Paterson, housed in a birds eye maple frame 15 20
149 A pair of modern prints of still life 10 15
155 A hand coloured map of North America, framed 10 15
156 A small oil on canvas of a terrier 100 150
169 An oil on board of a stone bridge in a lakeland scene, by Betty Phelps, two other pictures by the same artist and a print (4 items) 10 20
170 A large contemporary oil on canvas of fields in crop, housed in a pine frame 20 30
175 Four novelty golfing prints by Gary Patterson 20 40
183 A limited edition print, 684/850, by Patricia Hall entitled ” The Pond, Lindfield, Sussex”, signed to lower right, a hand coloured engraving entitled ” The Quay at Ramsgate” , a Monet print entitled ”Nympheas” together with other prints 15 25
193 A box of assorted Victorian and later prints, watercolours, photographs etc. 10 15
196 Two hand coloured botanical engravings together with two Moos Stage prints of Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey 15 25
203 A collection of prints and a marquetry picture of Cranbrook windmill 20 40
210 An oil on canvas of a village street scene unsigned, oil on board of a river with trees in the foreground signed D Burnside ’75 and other pictures (1 box) 15 20
211 A signed watercolour by Arthur Blackman depicting couples walking through a forest, together with a collection of framed engravings and prints 20 30
222 A large collection of unframed prints to include The Thames at Greenwich, Scotney Castle, Vickers Wellington Bomber etc (1 box) 20 40
249 A mezzotint housed in a gilt brass frame 20 40
282 A hand coloured print entitled ” The Huntsman’s Courtship” originally painted by S E Walter 1899 housed in an ebonised frame 30 50
289 A hunting print entitled ” His Old Demesne” originally painted by Alfred Munnings, together with another of a couple outside a church with horses, originally painted by Heywood Hardy 1885 30 40
296 A pair of prints after Breaski and another pair of prints entitled ‘The home of the deer’ and ‘The cool of the evening’ (4 items) 15 20
300 A collection of pictures including a tapestry, watercolours etc (1 box) 20 40
304 Two mahogany framed prints entitled ”Feeding the Swans” and ”Feeding the Rabbits” 10 15
305 A collection of reproduction maps of Sussex entitled ‘250 years of reproductions of printed maps published between the years 1575 and 1825’ with introductory notes by R A Skelton. 28 sheets edited by Harry Mongary 40 60
357 A Pears print entitled ” Naughty Boy or Compulsory Education” by Briton Riviere RA housed in a faux green marble frame, together with another similar titled ”The Fisher Lass” 10 15
362 A box of assorted pictures and prints to include a signed etching by Arthur Spencer 25 35
368 Hunting interest hand coloured engraving entitled ”Loves Stratagem” originally painted by Heywood Hardy and engraved by J B Pratt 30 50
370 A small quantity of pictures and frames to include a watercolour entitled ”Palmer’s Farm”, signed Mick Forstal, an oil on board entitled ”Golden Acres” by N. Banks, dated 1873 and a shop registration form for the selling of sugar, dated 1917 etc. 20 30
373 A watercolour of a jockey signed Caroline Gibb 30 40
374 An oil on canvas housed in a gilt frame of Marble Arch by P. Belloni, signed to lower right 15 20
375 A modern print Arthur Secunda, signed lower right, together with a Victoria & Albert museum poster for ”Flowered Silks” 10 15
513 A collection of various pictures and prints including a 19th century pen drawing entitled ‘Norman Stairway in the Close, Canterbury Cathedral’ dated July ’91 15 20
592 A large ornate gesso black and gilt picture frame 12 18
648 Two vintage maps of England, Wales and Scotland, both on wall mounted rollers, published by The Railway Clearing House, London 40 50
653 A printed Hessian wall hanging depicting a forest scene 20 40
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