Silver – 19th May 2012

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
382 A silver sovereign case, Birmingham 1905 and a circular silver snuff box with enamelled coat of arms to the hinged lid, Birmingham 2002, combined weight 1.70 ozt (2 items) 45 55
383 Two silver napkin rings Birmingham 1962, two other silver napkin rings, combined weight approximately 2 ozt, a small Edwardian silver photograph frame and other items (11 items) 25 35
384 A silver mustard pot, Sheffield 1896, a silver vesta case, Birmingham 1912 and a late Victorian silver thimble, Birmingham 1900, gross weight approximately 3.5ozt (3 items) 40 50
385 A Victorian silver two-bottle decanter stand, London 1865 by Henry Holland, 245mm long, approximately 24 ozt 250 350
386 A silver bon bon dish, Birmingham 1900, three silver decanter labels, Birmingham 1954 and 1955, combined weight approximately 2 ozt, a miniature double silver mounted photograph frame, London 1985, a silver propelling pencil by S. Mordan and Co., and two other items 40 50
387 A set of six 20th century silver coasters, Birmingham 1960, each 88mm diameter, gross weight approximately 6.5 ozt, 75 85
388 A silver framed easel back photo frame, Birmingham 1916, another silver photo frame, Sheffield 1993 and a small marcasite set oval photo frame (3 items) 60 70
389 A 20th century miniature coach horn, Birmingham 1933 with jubilee mark, maker’s mark EB, approximately 1.46 ozt (45.4g), 30.5cm long 100 150
390 A late 19th century Continental silver snuff box, the top set with simulated sunstone 50 60
391 A George III rectangular silver snuff box, London 1813 by Edward Edwards I, with engraved decoration and gilt interior, 80mm long, approximately 2.25 ozt 200 250
392 A modern shell shaped silver box, London 1999 and a cast Dutch silver coloured metal caddy spoon (2 items) 40 60
393 A pair of late Victorian silver knife rests, London 1900, 8cm long, a silver mustard pot, pepperette and salt, and two salt spoons, various dates and makers, combined weight approximately 7 ozt 70 90
394 An Indian silver bowl with heavily chased and embossed decoration depicting hunters and pray, approximately 9 ozt 100 120
395 A George II silver salver, London 1742 by Robert Abercromby, raised on three feet with moulded rim and chased surround, the centre engraved with the crest of a Fleur-des-lys above a crown, 28cm diameter, approximately 23.5 ozt 250 300
396 Eight silver coffee spoons, Sheffield 1933, gross weight 1.5ozt, boxed 40 50
397 A small quantity of Edwardian and later silver items including a pepperette, a feeding spoon and other silver items, gross weight 1.75ozt and a napkin ring 80 120
398 Seven Victorian silver fiddle pattern dessert spoons, London 1856 by Henry John Lias and Henry John Lias four matching spoons, London 1845 by John and Henry Lias, all engraved with the crest of a fleur-des-lys above a crown, gross weight approximately 15.5 ozt 180 220
399 Five George IV Kings pattern silver table spoons, and a pair of dinner forks and a dessert fork, London 1821 and 1822, maker’s mark ‘IMS’, a pair of George III silver Kings pattern silver serving spoons, London 1817, and a pair of silver Kings pattern table forks 1828 by William Chawner, all engraved with the crest of a fleur-des-lys above a crown, gross weight approximately 38.5 ozt 420 520
400 Fifteen Victorian silver fiddle pattern dinner forks by John and Henry Lias, London 1845, 1856 and 1859, all engraved with the crest of a fleur-des-lys above a crown, gross weight approximately 35.5ozt 420 520
401 Five Victorian silver fiddle pattern table spoons, three dessert forks, and two teaspoons, London 1856, by Henry John Lias and Henry John Lias, all engraved with the crest of a fleur- des-lys above a crown, gross weight approximately 17.25ozt 220 260
402 A collection of various William IV and later silver cutlery, combined weight approximately 11 ozt 120 180
446 A cut glass atomiser and a three piece enamelled dressing table set 10 20
448 A mother of pearl and silver fruit knife and three others, silver spoons and a propelling pencil 50 60
455 12 silver handled cake knives plus silver plated sugar tongs 20 40
457 Two silver photograph frames, a collection of World coins, billiard balls, a cut throat razor, a Peak Frean biscuit tin plus other items 25 35
469 A studio glass silver topped scent bottle with stopper 30 50
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