Glassware – 16th June 2012

Lot No Description Low Estimate High Estimate
138 Assorted glassware to include decanters, fruit bowl, tumblers, liqueur glasses etc. 15 20
149 A pair of cut crystal decanters, a pair of cut crystal claret jugs 30 40
174 Victorian and later glassware to include a cut glass vase, a rose bowl, a decanter, a salad bowl and servers and other items 20 30
191 Three vintage soda siphons, each acid etched ‘W.E.Colebrooke. Rye’ and other glassware including decanters (2 boxes) 20 40
201 An early 20th century French frosted glass decanter in the form of a poodle 10 15
209 A Medina glass vase, a Caithness glass paperweight, a pink glass pig and an amethyst glass vase 30 50
217 A Whitefriars ruby glass molar vase 20 30
226 A Murano blue and green Art glass and matching bowl 15 25
229 Two Stourbridge end of day glass dumps 80 120
461 A large glass wine bottle with wicker coating 10 15
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