Lot No Description Low Estimate High Estimate
3 A Victorian folding papier mache wall bracket, a brass bound blotter, a small lacquered cabinet and two albums of cigarette cards 30 40
32 An oak cased aneroid barometer, a darning mushroom, cameras and associated equipment, a set of postal scales and weights, a cigar case, pictures and postcards (3 boxes) 30 40
40 A WW II gas mask, a set of kitchen scales, enamelled coffee and teapots, a carriage lamp and a large oval two-handled cooking pot (1 box) 20 40
64 Miscellaneous items to include two glass inkwells, a Pope of Staplehurst Codd bottle, vintage ruler, a rosewood dressing table set plus other items 20 30
75 A collection of African figures and masks, oriental stands, carved acorn finial plus other items 20 40
110 A collection of brushes, metalware, bookends, a silver plated candelabra centrepiece, assorted cutlery and cutlery box and other miscellaneous items 10 15
131 A quantity of miscellaneous items to include plated jardiniere, brass candlesticks, vases, fans plus other items (3 boxes) 20 30
158 Miscellaneous items to include vintage bottles, salt glaze candlestick, plated cutlery, stoneware bread bin etc. 15 20
159 A collection of kitchenalia to include bread knives with carved handles, kitchen weights etc together with a collection of crested ware and other ceramics (1 box) 10 15
161 A pair of white painted table lamps and shades – Untested and sold as spares, a pair of square section tapered jardiniere’s, an enamel hob kettle and two painted wooden bird ornaments 20 30
162 Miscellaneous items to include carved elephants, a Jersey pottery clock, a copper hunting horn and other items (2 boxes) 15 20
166 Miscellaneous items to include a hand painted wall clock, an oak carved barometer, brass candlesticks, horse brasses etc (2 boxes) 20 40
180 Six novelty food preparation boards in the form of a fish, a leg of lamb and a cow and four ceramic ham stands 30 40
181 A quantity of African items including carvings etc 20 30
186 A pair of black leather riding boots together with two riding crops 20 30
192 A large collection of vintage kitchenalia and other items including travel irons etc (3 boxes) 30 40
216 Miscellaneous items including a manicure set, fan and tortoiseshell hair grip (1 box) 10 15
250 LOT 250 IS A NO LOT 0 0
256 A pair of large resin lions 30 40
270 A collection of various canes, umbrellas, walking sticks and shooting sticks 20 30
286 A Jacque Albert Et Fils Alton Saxaphone 30 40
292 A Chinese wooden bird cage on a stand, a carved hardwood lily pad tray, a lacquered, inlaid hand painted photograph album and a musical jewellery box (4 items) 20 30
304 An early 20th century Thai Buddhist monk black and red lacquered food carrier 40 60
311 A painted pine moulding decorated with fruit, flowers and swags 15 20
314 A large ebonised figural group of a couple kissing 45 55
317 A hat box and other boxes and a leather document case 10 15
323 Five walking sticks and canes, two with horn handles, plus one with mounted hiking badges 20 30
328 Assorted pierced hardwood stands and a glazed clock case 15 25
336 LOTS 336 – 340 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
341 A small collection of tin boxes, assorted coinage and bank notes, a collection of buttons and other items (2 boxes) 15 20
351 A box of miscellaneous items to include compacts, lighters, tortoise shaped ink well, pen knives etc. 25 35
383 LOTS 383 – 387 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
399 A quantity of assorted prints together with four board games 10 15
402 A National Brand gramophone, a walnut cased Monarch record player together with other audio equipment 20 30
403 Two wicker baskets and a small circular footstool (3 items) 10 15
404 A block pulley, a boot scraper, white painted standard lamp, a lead melting pot and other items 25 35
405 A cased ‘Princess’ sewing machine 10 15
408 A coach built pram together with a small wicker pram 10 15
430 A modern blue brass bound trunk with key and two smaller trunks 20 30
431 A bicycle 10 20
439 A basket, a stoneware bread bin, a wooden cutlery box and another wooden box 20 30
444 A vintage pine step ladder 15 20
462 A leather bound travelling trunk 40 50
473 An artist’s adjustable easel together with a child’s Tri-Ang easel etc. 10 20
475 A pair of large cylindrical white painted lidded dry storage containers, possibly camphor wood, by Venseta, Vintners of London and makers of Barrels and Kegs 20 30
482 A large turned wooden charger and eight plates, two other turned wooden bowls, a pair of table lamps and shades – Untested and sold as spares 15 20
488 An old till 30 40
490 A pair of wooden oars and one other smaller oar 15 25
491 A pair of wooden oars 15 20
492 A pair of wooden oars 20 30
495 A collection of wicker baskets and picnic baskets 10 15
497 Two boxes of miscellaneous items to include an enamel bread bin, a mahogany toilet seat, a pine box, walking sticks etc. 20 30
500 LOTS 500 – 510 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
535 A Fender ”Bullet” electric guitar, a Yamaha bass guitar and Laney Line Backer amplifier – Untested and sold as spares 30 40
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