Toys – 16th June 2012

Lot No Description Low Estimate High Estimate
15 A Pelham puppet of a cat complete with box and instructions, a Corgi Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a Corgi Wall’s Ice Cream Ford Thames Van, a Corgi Austin Mini Van, a Corgi Unimog and a set of Dinky traffic lights 30 40
63 A collection of assorted toys to include three Matchbox die cast brewery lorries, composition jointed doll, a tin plate clockwork robot, ebony and brass dominoes plus other items 20 30
108 A collection of Hornby Dublo including trains, track, carriages and a boxed Hornby Dublo 0_6_2 tank goods train B.R. and a boxed level crossing and signals (1 box) 80 100
313 A large collection of 1970’s and 80’s Lego with original instructions (3 boxes) 20 30
413 A scratch built dolls house with rear opening panel 25 35
483 A ‘Pole’ position Scalextric set, boxed 15 20
485 A 1970’s rocking horse 10 20
486 A child’s sledge 15 25
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