Ceramics – 14th July 2012

Lot No. Description Low Estimate High Estimate
13 A Wedgwood Susie Cooper six-place tea set, in original condition, boxed 30 40
15 A set of six early 20th century Czechoslovakian porcelain plates and two Copenhagen plates 15 20
24 A quantity of 19th century and later Quimper ware to include jugs, bowls, plates, tankard etc 30 40
29 Nine pieces of Aynsley Cobalt Royale pattern porcelain comprised of side plates, coffee can, saucer and soup bowls, a Crane decorated pedestal plate, a hand painted Dresden saucer and other ceramics (1 box) 10 15
30 A collection of Susie Cooper plates and saucers together with three Tremar studio pottery decanters 20 40
40 A West German pottery vase, a Phoenix Ware bowl and other pottery (5 items) 15 20
50 A pair of Royal Worcester porcelain candlesticks, hand painted and printed with floral sprays, restored, a Noritake hand painted twin-handled vase, and other ceramics (1 box) 20 30
61 A collection of ceramics to include a Dame Laura Knight Coronation mug, a boxed Aynsley ”Cottage Garden” cake plate and knife, Royal Doulton series ware plate, a Carlton Ware berry pattern cake plate, a harvest jug plus other items 20 40
63 A collection of Portmeirion Botanic Garden pattern tea and dinner ware to include cups, saucers, plates, tea pot and other items (1 box) 40 60
73 A box of Victorian ceramics to include a turquoise and floral pattern dessert service, Wedgwood blue and gilt floral cups and saucers, Royal Doulton ”Melrose” cake plate etc. 20 40
94 A collection of Staffordshire figures to include a Wedding couple, Nelson,” Britain’s Glory”, spill vases plus other items 30 50
101 A quantity of Victorian Copeland blue and white tea and dinner ware to include muffin dish, cups, saucers, egg cups, sugar bowl etc. 20 30
113 A Royal Albert ”Moss Rose” pattern 56-piece dinner and part tea service, a Royal Stafford part tea service and a 1960’s ‘Oakwood’ pattern part dinner service (2 boxes) 50 70
121 Two boxes of assorted owl figures including collectors plates, cast iron door stop, ceramic and resin figures etc. 20 30
125 Two boxes of Victorian and later ceramics to include a floral patterned part dinner service, meat plates, Myotts soup bowls, chamber pot etc 20 30
134 A collection of blue and white ceramics to include oriental jars, Staffordshire style cats, oriental moon flask tea pot, Spode tea cup and saucer plus other items 25 35
152 Two Royal Doulton part tea sets, ”Tartan” and ”Minerva” patterns, Spode, ”Italian” pattern cups and saucers plus other blue and white ceramics 20 40
157 A box of assorted ceramics to include a collection of oriental tea bowls, an oversized Adams Series ware ”Cries of London” cup and saucer, a Mason’s floral pattern tea caddy plus other ceramics 15 25
161 Two boxes of Victorian and later ceramics to include a Copeland part dessert set, Royal Doulton Zodiac plates, Minton side plates plus other ceramics 20 40
164 Two boxes of assorted ceramics to include Royal Worcester Evesham pattern tureen, oriental tea ware, Wedgwood Jasperware plate, hand painted storage jars plus other items 20 40
166 Two boxes of assorted ceramics to include a Hornsea ‘Bronte’ pattern coffee set, Wedgwood part tea set,  Portmeirion Botanic Garden preserve pot, a West German studio pottery vase plus other ceramics 20 30
190 A large quantity of tea ware and ceramics including a Poole dolphin, Poole seals, Villeroy & Bosch, Doulton teaware and six collector’s plates 30 50
205 A collection of crested china including a Hurst Green example and other ceramic items including a pin cushion doll and Goebels figure 30 50
207 An early Poole pottery jug decorated with flowers, decorator’s mark to base 30 50
208 A Franklin mint porcelain ”Great Horned Owl” on a circular plynth 20 40
222 A part Hammersley & Co coffee set, a pair of small Staffordshire dalmation figures, a Victorian transfer decorated pot lid, a Beswick figure of a ram, a porcelain candle snuffer in the form of the head of a man and other items (1 box) 20 40
223 Large Imari charger with character marks to base 30 40
225 A hand thrown studio pottery slip glazed bowl inscribed to base J.P. possibly Jitka Palmer together with two hand blown mottled blue glass beakers with brass mounts 20 30
226 A set of three Victorian ornate porcelain vases decorated with  hand painted vignettes of classical ruins, encrusted with floral sprays, gilt detail and scroll handles and a similar trumpet shaped spray vase (4 items) 30 40
227 A pair of 20th century Chinese porcelain lidded vases (at fault) 40 50
229 A collection of ceramics to include a large early 19th century transfer decorated blue and white tankard and cream jug, two early Derby floral patterned cups and saucers, a lustre ware goblet and a Royal Doulton teacup (1 box) 30 50
230 A C H Branham pottery wash jug and bowl with incised decoration of fish with blue and cream glaze, signed and dated 1903 to base 100 150
231 A pair of bisque porcelain figures of a Georgian gentleman and his sweetheart 30 40
232 A 19th century Japanese porcelain double vase decorated in asymmetric combination of flowers, birds, interlocking panel and butterflies in ironstone red, gilt and enamels 40 60
233 A blue ground Majolica bowl with relief moulded aesthetic design 20 30
235 Two USSR porcelain rabbit figures and another USSR porcelain figure of a bird, Wade Figures and other pottery ornaments (1 box) 10 15
263 A green tin glazed earthenware bowl 20 30
267 A large Satsuma pottery vase with ovoid body decorated with scenes of Samurai warriors 30 40
271 An 18th century salt glazed Belamine flagon 100 120
279 A Hispano Monesque tin glazed vase 60 80
301 A pair of large satsuma vases with flared necks and ovoid bodies, decorated with seated deities and mountains in the background 60 80
307 A pair of Doulton Slater floral decorated vases together with a large Doulton floral vase, over painted and marked to the base 7816H and signed H 20 40
314 A 19th century Chinese export blue and white porcelain Island pattern tankard with entwined handle and another smaller Chinese porcelain tankard (2 items) 50 70
315 A pair of Noritake hand painted bone china vases decorated with mountain village and seascape scenes 20 30
316 A Coalport limited edition House of Tudor figure, a Coalport figure ‘Cheryl’ and a Spanish figure 40 60
317 A Chinese porcelain Nanking Cargo tea bowl with brown glazed exterior and a hand painted blue and white design to the interior, Christie’s label to the base 10 20
319 A Royal Doulton ”Autumn Breezes” HN 1934 20 30
320 A Royal Doulton ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and a Royal Doulton ‘Cindarella’ 40 50
321 A late 18th century hand painted hard paste porcelain figure of a young boy playing a cello with a red anchor mark to the base 30 50
322 A Royalm Doulton Siamese cat figure HN 2660 20 30
323 A Royal Doulton ‘Diana Princess of Wales’ HN5061 30 40
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