Clocks and Watches – 14th July 2012

Lot No Description Low Estimate High Estimate
38 An assortment of clock and watch parts (1 box) 10 20
51 A late 19th century French oak cased mantle clock, the face inscribed ”The Alarm Clock Co. Ltd., Paris” 30 40
80 An oak carved mantel clock by Jerome & Co, New Haven, USA, together with an Edwardian dome top mantel clock with enamel dial and Roman numerals plus one other 30 50
89 An American 1880’s Darche Electric Co of Chicago, Illinois electric alarm clock 30 40
249 An Art Deco style figural clock with back light 20 30
254 A regulator style 1920’s wall clock 30 40
286 A large architectural marble mantel clock 40 60
288 A slate and marble mantel clock 30 40
597 An early 19th century oak cased 30 hour long case clock with enamelled dial by James Shilling of Milton 200 300
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