Glassware – 14th July 2012

Lot No Description Low Estimate High Estimate
2 A collection of cranberry and other coloured glassware to include vases, bowls, wine glasses plus other items 30 40
62 A box of assorted cut crystal animals including frogs, mice, owls etc plus other items 20 30
71 A Frank Neikes (20th century German) glass fruit bowl together with two glass coasters 15 20
81 A small collection of clear and coloured glassware comprised of four sundae dishes, six amethyst flashed wine glasses, nine cranberry flashed tumblers, a pair of Victorian cranberry glass beakers and other glassware (2 boxes) 15 20
102 A good collection of glassware to include a Medina vase, a Murano Art glass vase, a Dartington crystal pedestal bowl, Webb Corbett cut crystal bowls plus other glassware (1 box) 30 40
154 Three boxes of assorted glassware to include a cranberry glass bowl, wheel etched tumblers, Whitefriars green glass lemonade jug, cut glass brandy bowls plus other glassware 20 40
160 Three boxes of assorted glassware to include fruit bowls, vases, wine glasses, cut crystal rose bowl etc 20 40
198 A Bohemia molar glass basket with original label 10 15
199 A cut crystal vase by Glen Farquarson, signed to base 20 30
200 A late 19th century cut crystal pedestal fruit bowl with butterfly decoration 20 30
203 A large Mirano style glass centre piece 20 30
324 A modern Japanese glass interior painted novelty revolving globe on stand, depicting horse racing – Boxed 30 40
373 A handmade polished steel champagne flute holder and flutes 15 20
394 A large glass wine bottle with wicker coating 10 15
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