Militaria – 14th July 2012

Lot No. Description Low Estimate High Estimate
305 A breast plate from a reproduction suit of armour 20 30
329 An Italian Laxfield Armory & Co 44 calibre Navy revolver, deactivated, with certificate and repair instructions, together with a cased Italian starting pistol 200 300
333 A collection of `13 Pakistani medals including The Republic Medal, 1956, Tamgha-i-jang medal (in service during 1965 war), Silar-i-Harb, 1965 War Star, 10 years military service medal, Walidat i Qaid-Azam medal, 1976, the Pakistan medal, 1947 and seven others 80 100
604 A green painted military wooden trunk inscribed ” The Property of The Canteen Stores” 40 60
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