Miscellaneous – 14th July 2012

Lot No Description Low Estimate High Estimate
11 A Bakelite book trough, a papier mache glove box, a carved puzzle box and a cream painted cast iron monkey soap dish (4 items) 20 40
53 An assortment of miscellaneous items including trinket boxes, ivory counters, a bronze figure of a girl reading and other items (1 box) 20 40
54 A collection of eight boxes including mauchline ware, a money box, pocket watch box, Sorrento ware,  olive wood puzzle box and a tin cash tin 40 60
82 A child’s jewellery box, a rosewood sewing box with mother of pearl inlay, interior lacking and two cutlery boxes (4 items) 30 40
104 A carved card case, a carved box, spelter figures, a wooden orb, an umbrella handle with 18ct gold collar plus other treen items 30 40
114 A bronze Chinese deity figure, a gilt spelter figure and a lamp base 30 40
141 An assortment of miscellaneous items including a set of eight porcelain floral menu holders, a fitted pierced silver lid ring box, Murano glass cocktail sticks and other items 15 20
146 An olive wood puzzle box, a red Moroccan writing case, two wooden boxes and a black lacquered card case 40 60
165 A large Indian style embossed circular brass tray together with a copper bedpan, vanity case, a circular onyx mirror plus other items 20 30
170 Two boxes of miscellaneous items to include a hand carved nativity scene, rosewood jewellery box, a silver plated teapot, Carlton Ware leaf dishes, a quantity of ceramics together with other items 15 25
187 A green Morocco leather bound writing case with gilt initials ‘J.C.G.’ and assorted jewellery and cutlery boxes 30 40
195 A box of miscellaneous items to include photograph frames, brass ware, an ivory handled brush, lacquered coasters plus other items 10 20
214 Miscellaneous items including a tortoiseshell backed brush, a small wooden money box containing assorted coins, lighters, penknives, letter openers and other items (1 box) 15 25
237 LOTS 237 – 241 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
248 A ceramic stick stand decorated with a deer and butterflies, to include various walking sticks and umbrellas 20 30
252 Two carbon fibre fishing rods (9′ and 9 1/2′ long) and associated items including flies, reels and accessories 40 50
285 A hat box and other boxes and a leather document case 10 15
295 A set of kitchen scales, a pair of opera glasses and three hanging wall mirrors 10 15
310 LOTS 310 – 313 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
330 A collection of miscellaneous items to include silver napkin rings, a micro mosaic pill box, a yellow metal propelling pencil, a floral purse with jade clasp plus other items 20 40
335 Miscellaneous items including lighters, penknives, travel clock, miniature wooden figures, thimbles, jewellery and other items and an early 20th century burr wood and ebonized parquetry tray 30 50
336 A box of miscellaneous items to include a pair of silver sugar nips, an ivory concentric ball, two horn beakers plus other items 20 30
379 A quantity of assorted prints together with four board games 10 15
383 A pair of large cylindrical white painted lidded dry storage containers, possibly camphor wood, by Venseta, Vintners of London and makers of Barrels and Kegs 10 20
384 A bicycle 10 20
396 A coach built pram together with a small wicker pram 10 15
397 A basket, a stoneware bread bin, a wooden cutlery box and another wooden box 10 20
414 A gent’s mountain bicycle 20 30
415 A vintage pine step ladder 15 20
422 A Shove Ha’Penny board, a dart board and a 1930’s mantel clock 20 30
423 Cartridge belts, a gun rack and other related items 15 25
446 A painted wrought iron wine rack, a tapestry panelled fire screen, two still life watercolours of fruit, both signed V.M.Liddell to lower right plus a Victorian etching entitled ”Going through the Verbs” 20 30
448 A Zaksenberg industrial juice squeezer 15 20
453 Three golf bags with assorted clubs, two pairs of golf shoes together with other accessories 20 30
487 A professional archery longbow together with arrows and accessories 30 50
496 A pair of white painted table lamps and shades – Untested and sold as spares, a pair of square section tapered jardiniere’s, an enamel hob kettle and two painted wooden bird ornaments 10 20
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