Miscellaneous and Combination Lots 15th September 2012

Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
1 A Japanese cloisonne vase of ovoid form,  15cm high, and another smaller Japanese cloisonne vase, 12cm high (2 items) – Part of a single owner collection 20 30
8 Two pairs of papier machè coasters, a papier machè boat-shaped basket with matching coaster and one other coaster (7 items) – Part of a single owner collection 30 40
12 A 19th century Japanese ivory okimono of a reclined man exclaiming in surprise, holding his head, 7.5cm long x 3.25cm high  and a small carved ivory panel, both at fault (2 items) – Part of a single owner collection 30 40
13 A 19th century Japanese ivory okimono of figures climbing over the mask of a demon, 8cm long x 6cm high, at fault – Part of a single owner collection 30 40
18 A black leather toiletry case by Drew and Sons of Piccadilly Circus, with fitted interior, contents lacking, 45cm wide x 16cm high x 32cm deep – Part of a single owner collection 30 40
176 The remainder of the sale which includes the Contents of a West Sussex Manor House will contain a good selection of silver, jewellery, furniture, pictures, ceramics and glass and will be uploaded onto the saleroom.com closer to the sale date 0 0
257 A 1930s ebony dressing table set to include tray, clock, brushes, boot pull etc 10 20
261 A 1950s fitted vanity case and silver topped perfume atomizer and dressing table items 30 40
296 A box of miscellaneous items to include a silver plated tea pot and cream jug, a copper crumb tray and brush, a tin plated pond yacht, a pair of brass binoculars plus other items 20 30
318 Two Hohner chromatic professional harmonicas, both in original cases, together with two pairs of cased sunglasses 40 60
320 A box of miscellaneous items to include a German tin plate typewriter, a pair of 19th century barley twist candlesticks, a leather document case, a tin map case plus other items 30 40
328 A Lark model 4001 clarinet in case 30 40
330 A wooden fighting stick with bulbous end covered in metal studs 20 30
331 A carved ebony elephant head walking stick 40 60
332 A carved African wooden mask with brass inlay 40 60
342 A brown leather ”Laufer” attaché case, a black leather attaché case, together with a brown leather document case 20 30
343 Three boxes of miscellaneous items to include a cased microscope, a silver plated coffee pot, an oak biscuit barrel, a silver plated tray, pewter hip flask plus other items (3 boxes) 30 40
344 A large collection of vintage advertising tins to include Huntley & Palmer, MacFarlane, Lang, Harrods, Kellogg’s together with three Oxo advertising posters 30 50
346 A 1950s enamel bread bin, a set of ‘Carlton’ Salter scales and a Westminster bellows camera 20 40
351 A box of miscellaneous items to include an oak brass bound Edwardian hat box, an oak coopered spirit barrel, two hand painted trays depicting race horses ”Holyrood” 1936 and ”Black Amber” 1933, a vintage ”State Express” cigarette commode shape tin plus other items 40 50
355 A large ceramic dray horse and cart, wrought iron bird cage, a lacquered glove box, a miniature fretwork dressing table plus three ceramic horses etc. 20 30
357 A pair of small cloissine lidded vases, a copper mould, an Edwardian ring neck decanter engraved with berries and leaves, a vintage Hodges stone ginger beer bottle plus other items (1 box) 20 30
359 A collection of items to include a silver plated basket, a ceramic figural group, a vintage tin plate battery operated car, African figures, brass bed warmer plus other items 15 20
360 A collection of modern and vintage cameras and accessories 20 40
363 An assortment of miscellaneous items including pictures, books, magic lantern slides, playing cards and leather box 20 30
364 Miscellaneous items including a barometer set in a circular stone surround, an oriental metal picture, a stoneware flagon from T. Phillips of West Malling, a copper kettle and a hot water heater (1 box and a flagon) 10 20
375 Miscellaneous items comprised  of a brass pot stand, textiles and glassware (1 box) 20 30
415 A 20th century Indian neillo box, the lid housing two hand painted portraits of a man and a woman, in fitted box 10 20
421 LOTS 421 – 424 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
441 A deer foot handled walking stick, a wooden curlew carved hiking stick and a carved pheasant handled hiking stick 30 50
444 An antler handled walking cane, the handle carved as a Pointer dog, another cane with carved dog handle plus another antler handled cane 40 60
447 A cased modern violin and bow with interior maker’s label 20 30
450 A coopered sherry barrel on a stand 20 30
454 A brass and glass hexagonal terrarium on pine base 20 30
455 An African hardwood carved mask with shell inlay 50 70
466 An African carved hardwood mask with brass inlay 40 60
478 A carved ebony elephant head walking cane, with ivory tusks 60 80
481 Six hand carved hazel hiking sticks (6 items) 30 50
483 Miscellaneous items to include a bronze shop bell, a brass fishing reel, assorted coins of the World dating from the 19th century plus other items 20 30
497 A collection of bone and ivory items, a tortoiseshell box, a pipe and case, two dress stud sets, a snuff box and other items (1 box) 25 35
604 A collection of items to include a proposal by Lieutenant F. A. de Vine Hunt for a Universal Projector to the War Office, dated 1942, with plans, diagrams and correspondence, a hand painted Minton’s  tile depicting Jesus, four silver salt spoons, a Black Forest carved bear inkwell, a George III silver bank token dated 1811 plus other items. 30 50


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