Garden Items – 15th September 2012

Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
410 A 19th century ornately engraved bronze sun dial, possibly German 20 30
610 A pair of cast iron campana shaped urns with lobed rim and foliate scrolling bodies, twin mask handles and fluted stepped base on a rectangular plinth, decorated with laurel wreaths, 108 cm high 250 350
613 A pair of 20th century wrought iron country estate gates. 6ft 6 ins opening 200 cm high 200 300
614 A ceramic Butler’s sink measuring approximately 47cm x 62cm x 26cm 15 20
615 A Victorian chimney pot together with a terracotta vented chimney pot 20 30
617 A ceramic Butler’s sink measuring approximately 46cm x 77cm x 26cm 15 20
620 A 20th century terracotta vented chimney pot 30 40
621 A ceramic Butler’s sink measuring approximately 46cm x 62cm x 25cm 15 20
623 A large Victorian chimney pot with flared rim 30 40
624 A large 19th century Butler’s style sink with inscriptions to end 60 80
625 A mid 20th century Jacques & Son croquet set housed in the original pine case 80 120
771 A white painted iron circular lattice garden table and four white painted folding metal chairs 100 150
772 A white painted iron low rectangular garden table and four folding white painted metal chairs 80 120
773 A 20th century garden bench, the cast iron back decorated with bamboo and humming birds, with scrolling arms and splayed supports 20 30
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