Rugs & Carpets – 15th September 2012

Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
425 A blue ground Chiraz runner 68cm x 230cm 30 40
626 A large red ground carpet decorated with floral sprays and scrolling border, approximately 344cm x 270cm – Part of the contents of a West Sussex country manor 50 70
627 Three modern machine woven rugs 10 20
628 A red ground Turkish Boukhara carpet 170cm x 240cm 40 60
629 A blue ground Chiraz rug with geometric border 137cm x 200cm 30 50
630 A beige ground modern machine woven rug 30 40
631 A red ground Turkish rug decorated with three central guls and geometric border 195cm x 140cm 40 50
632 A Chinese blue ground woollen rug  decorated with scrolling floral sprays 151cm x 88cm 30 50
633 A beige ground geometrically woven rug 25 30
634 A pair of cream ground Turkish rugs decorated with floral sprays 137cm x 98cm 30 40
635 A red ground Turkish runner decorated in a geometric pattern 223cm x 69cm 30 50
636 A blue ground Boukhara rug 130cm x 180cm 40 50
637 A large red ground Kazak pattern rug measuring approximately 230cm x 230cm 30 50
638 A large green ground carpet decorated with floral sprays, vases, and scrolling border 575cm x 298cm 80 120
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