Silver – 15th September 2012

Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
29 A Dutch silver mounted cut glass oval ash tray, 13.75cm long x 8.25cm wide – Part of a single owner collection 30 40
383 A 20th century cut glass celery vase on a silver knopped circular base – Part of the contents of a West Sussex country manor 40 50
388 A cased set of ‘The Guard’s Regiments’ silver snuff boxes, all with certificates of authenticity 100 150
490 Two glass scent bottles with silver collars and a cut glass pepperette with silver lid, other small silver items, a beaded handbag, picture frames and other miscellaneous items (1 box) 40 60
500 A silver sherry bottle label, four white metal salts, a Victorian photograph frame, four silver charms, two ladies wrist watches plus other items 20 30
511 An Edwardian silver  sarcophagus shaped tea caddy, Birmingham 1905, with hinged lid, 10cm long x 7.2cm wide x 8cm high,   6.45ozt,  200.7gms 90 110
512 A small 20th century circular silver salver, London 1935, by the Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd, with Chippendale border on three scroll feet, engraved with the crest of the Defence Services Staff College at Camberley, 20.8cm diameter, 14.405 ozt, 448.2 gms 200 220
513 A 20th century small Britannia silver circular tray London 1935, by the Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd with Chippendale border on three scroll feet, 15cm diameter,  6.225 ozt,  193.7gms 90 110
514 A set of six silver handled dinner knives, London 1892, by Francis Higgins, originally from the Camden family who lived at Bayham Abbey, each engraved with the Camden family motto, in latin which translates as ‘The judgement of our peers or the law of the land’, and other silver cutlery from the same source 80 100
515 A 20th century silver caddy spoon, Sheffield 1945, maker’s mark ‘DNH & S’ with pierced pattern to handle,  8cm long, 0.705 ozt, 22gms 25 35
516 A Victorian silver sugar bowl and spoon, London 1898 by James Wakeley & Frank Wheeler, the bowl embellished with ornate repoussè work depicting flowers and fruit, on a pierced pedestal base, the pierced spoon with matching decoration. Approx 11cm diameter x 7.5cm high, 6.165ozt 191.8gms gross 90 110
517 A Georgian silver two handled sugar bowl, London 1824, maker’s mark ‘TSTM’, embossed with floral pattern, raised on four paw feet, 15cm overall diameter, 9cm high,  12.99 ozt  404.1 gms 180 220
518 A boxed 20th century silver cruet, Sheffield 1964, the salt and pepper pots urn shaped with domed tops, approximately 10cm high, the mustard has a scroll handle on a rising circular base and hinged domed lid, approximately 6cm high, with glass liner and mustard spoon, Sheffield 1960. Total weight for four items (excluding liner) 4.465 ozt  139 gms 60 70
519 A 20th century silver bowl, London 1912, by Mappin & Webb Ltd., 28.3cm diameter, with lobed body and scroll rim, 13.5 ozt,  422 gms 140 160
520 Three silver rat-tailed pattern table spoons, originally from the Camden family who lived at Bayham Abbey, each engraved with a coronet and the initial ‘B’, London 1920, 7.45ozt, 231.8g 60 80
523 A silver mounted amber cheroot holder, a miniature purse, a silver and mother of pearl folding fruit knife and other items 60 80
576 A 20th century silver salver, Birmingham 1968, by J B Chatterley & Sons, 31.3cm diameter, with raised gadrooned border on four scroll feet  26.8 ozt  833.8 gms 260 300
577 A 20th century silver  caster, Birmingham 1911, on spreading circular foot, vase shaped with pierced domed top and baluster finial, 16.5cm high, 2.99ozt  93.1gms 30 40
578 A Georgian silver pepperette, London 1827, urn shaped on a circular rising foot with pierced, domed top and globe finial together with a Victorian silver mustard, Sheffield 1897, gadroone decorated scroll handle with hinged lid and baluster finial. Total weight for both items 4.99 ozt, 155.5gms 50 60
579 A Victorian silver pedestal sugar basket, Sheffield 1898, with pierceddesign, swing handle and glass liner, 14cm high, 11.5cm diameter, 7.685 ozt,  239.1 gms, excluding liner 80 100
580 A cased set of six 20th century silver seal-top coffee spoons, London 1945 by Thomas Bradbury and Sons, 1.54ozt, 47.8gms 25 30
581 A cased set of six 20th century silver handled pistol grip butter knives, Sheffield 1912 20 30
582 A cased set of six 20th century silver seal-topped tea spoons, London 1945 by Thomas Bradbury & Sons, 3.2ozt, 99.6gms 0 0
583 Two 20th century silver napkin rings, London 1922, of plain form, engraved ‘J’ and ‘P’, a 20th century napkin ring, Sheffield 1921, an Edwardian silver salt, Birmingham 1903, and a 20th century silver coaster, Birmingham 1916,  3.745 ozt, 116.5gms gross 55 65
584 A 20th century small silver salver, Sheffield 1935, with Jubilee mark, by James Dixon & Son, with Chippendale border on four scroll supports, 20.7cm diameter, 12.625 ozt, 392.7 gms 130 140
585 A matched silver cruet set comprised of a salt, London 1903, with glass liner, a mustard, London 1902, (finial lacking), and a pepper pot, London 1903, a salt spoon, London 1903, 4.665 ozt, 145.3 gms gross (excluding liner)and a plated mustard spoon and six 20th century silver coffee spoons, Sheffield 1926, 1.375 ozt, 42.9 gms 60 70
586 A pair of Victorian fish servers, London 1865, by George W Adams, an early 19th century caddy spoon, a Victorian mother of pearl handled silver butter knife, Birmingham 1870, an Edwardian silver and mother of pearl fruit knife, Sheffield 1904, two silver mustard spoons and a silver sifter spoon 80 120
587 A Georgian silver caddy spoon, Birmingham  1795 or 1821,, the handle with chased decoration and monogram, 0.195ozt, 6.2gms 30 40
588 A set of six Victorian silver Apostle spoons and matching silver sugar nips, Sheffield 1893, by Roberts & Belk,  3.815 ozt 118.7gms 55 65
589 A Georgian silver old English pattern ladle, London 1793, by John Wren, 33.5cm long, 4.68ozt, 145.6gms 40 60
590 A cased set of six 20th century silver coffee spoons, Birmingham 1930, 1.275 ozt  39.8g ms 15 20
591 A silver vesta case with inscription; ‘Frank, Monte Carlo, 1932, from Jill’, and four other small pieces of silver and silver plate – Part of the contents of a West Sussex country manor 25 35
592 A small late Victorian silver boat-shaped half reeded teapot, Birmingham 1894, with ebonised handle and knop, and a mathced two handled sugar bowl and cream jug, 11.71ozt, 364.1gms, gross 120 160
593 A cased set of six 20th century silver tea spoons, Birmingham 1921, with chased decoration, 1.995 ozt,  62.2 gms 20 30
594 A large Georgian silver ladle, London 1775, possibly by Thomas Chawner, with shell pattern bowl, the handle engraved with crest,  6.185 ozt,  192.4 gms 120 180
595 A George III silver scewer, London 1810, maker’s mark rubbed, 34cm long, 3.82ozt, 118.7g – Part of the contents of a West Sussex country manor 30 40
596 A square silver folding wallet, Birmingham 1918, with inscription; ‘I.M. Goshawk, Deputy Principle W.R.N.S., Cardiff 1918-19, presented by the wrens of the Bristol Channel Division’ and the W.R.N.S. crest, 8.5cm wide – Part of the contents of a West Sussex country manor 30 40
597 A late Victorian silver novelty bookmark with owl finial, one glass eye lacking, by Samson and Mordan and Co. Ltd, London 1897, 9cm long 70 90
598 A cut glass scent bottle with silver collar and lid and cut glass stopper, 13cm high – Part of the contents of a West Sussex country manor 20 30
599 A silver goblet, Sheffield 1972, 9.3ozt 289.4g, and a George III silver ‘Sherry’ decanter label, London 1808 (2 items) 80 120
600 A pair of small Edwardian silver candlesticks, Birmingham 1905, 11cm high with loaded bases – Part of the contents of a West Sussex country manor 30 40
601 A silver dressing table mirror and brush together with a silver oval photograph frame, Birmingham 1924 0 0
602 A pair of small silver Corinthian column candlesticks on stepped and loaded bases, 15.5cm high 40 60
603 A Victorian silver decanter label ‘Madeira’, Birmingham 1879, a silver topped cut glass jar, Birmingham 1913, a pair of Sheffield plated coasters with turned oak bases and a muffin dish (5 items) 20 30
605 A George III silver snuff box, London 1812, maker’s mark indistinct, possibly ‘IH’, the top embossed with a horse and carriage scene, the sides decorated with countryside scenes, 9.25cm x 4.5cm x 4.75cm, 4.4ozt, 137g 400 450
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