Ceramics -13th October 2012

Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
1 A Noritake coffee set 20 30
8 A large quantity of tea and dinnerware in ‘Floradora’ pattern by Royal Doulton, Booths and Royal Caulden (4 boxes) 70 100
10 An oriental porcelain tea set decorated with birds and foliage, together with a Japanese eggshell porcelain tea set decorated with mountain village scenes (2 boxes) 30 40
18 A majolica game tureen decorated with relief moulded ducks and rabbits, a bisque lidded jar modelled as a gentleman, an ironstone blue and white cheese dome decorated with roses, a continental pipe stand, a mason’s ‘Chinese Peony’ patterned twin handled dish plus other ceramics 40 60
28 Assorted ceramics to include a boxed blue and white Chinese bowl, a large glazed vase, decorated with birds and flowers and trees, a Noritaki vase, plates and other items (1 box) 20 40
29 Signe Kolding, 20th century Danish, Hastings based ceramicist, ex-member of the Rye Society of Artists, eight abstract pottery studies 50 60
32 A Paragon part tea set decorated with floral panels and gilt border together with a gilt patterned Queen Anne part tea set (2 boxes) 20 30
33 A box of oriental ceramics to include plates, dishes, fruit bowls etc (1 box) 20 30
41 Two Aynsley painted fruit and gilt wall plates, three Spode hand painted dessert plates decorated with birds and other 19th century handpainted comports and plates (1 box) 30 40
42 A Dame Laura Knight, King George VI coronation mug (a/f), a Brierley crystal Queen Elizabeth commemorative decanter, an early Prince of Wales pin dish plus other commemorative ware. Assorted ceramics to include a Shelley crested ware cup and saucer for Rye, a Poole posy vase, Wade mermaid vase, Toby jugs etc.   (2 boxes) 20 30
45 A Victorian Balmoral china tea set decorated with green floral swags together with two floral part tea sets (4 boxes) 20 30
53 Assorted ceramics including porcelain figurines, an ornate candlestick depicting a lady feeding birds at her feet, an Aynsley bird ‘Mourning Dove’ (a/f)  (2 boxes) 15 25
54 A quantity of Victorian Imari decorated ceramics for restoration, to include vases, teacups, teapot etc. 20 30
68 A collection of Losol ware ceramics to include teapot, fruit bowls, side bowls  together with a large Imari ironstone pedestal fruit bowl 20 30
70 Assorted ceramics to include Booths ‘Ming’ plates, bowl and tureen with lid (1 box) 10 20
77 A Royal Doulton ”Berkshire” pattern tea set together with a Royal Doulton ”Juliet” pattern part tea set plus other ceramics 30 40
78 A boxed Chinese tea set and a Japanese porcelain tea set 20 30
80 A collection of Derby ”Green Wheat” pattern ceramics (3 boxes) 50 70
87 Two boxes of assorted ceramics to include hand painted cabinet plates, a pair of 18th century style bisque figures, a floral encrusted clock, a Royal Doulton blue and white jug plus other items (2 boxes) 30 50
94 Doulton Lambeth tapered vase, a Shelley bird decorated vase, a Carlton ware jug, a Galle style vase plus other items 20 30
104 Assorted ceramics including Royal Doulton rose patterned plates and jug, Royal Alderley, Lingard, a Royal Leighton cup and saucer ”The Nipper” by Brian White and a Durham china cup and saucer ”Ride a Cock Horse” together with other items (2 boxes) 20 40
111 Two boxes of assorted ceramics including an Aynsley Orchard Gold cabinet plate, a Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern saucer, Schumann Arzberg, Germany, Poole, Victoria & Trentham, Wedgwood collectors plates etc. (2 boxes) 20 40
113 Miscellaneous ceramics including a Wedgwood lidded jasperware box and other items 10 20
119 Assorted ceramics including a part bone china tea set ‘Harrowby’, a Port Meirion Botanic Garden jug, a Czechoslovakian part tea set, Royal Albert, Blue Waters of England Staffordshire pottery miniature items etc. (3 boxes) 20 30
120 A Johnson Bros ”Indies Pattern” part dinner/tea service decorated with blue and white floral sprays (2 boxes) 20 30
122 Assorted ceramics including Portmerrion, Goebels Jay figure and a Deco glass dressing table set 20 30
131 Two Newhall lustreware dishes, two Victorian jelly moulds, a studio pottery casserole pot, jugs and cruets and a mottled green jug 20 30
145 A Victorian pottery washbowl, two chamber pots, tooth brush holder and two soap dishes 20 30
152 A Victorian pottery washbasin and jug, two chamber pots, tooth brush holder and soap dish 20 30
157 A 19th century Italian Faience pedestal, 59cm high 50 80
161 A large terracotta decorative ovoid shaped vase 20 30
175 Two Victorian wash basins, a chamber pot, toothbrush holder and a soap dish 15 20
180 A pair of Doulton Slater floral decorated vases 20 30
187 Assorted ceramics to include an Italian hand painted ceramic ice bucket, an oriental vase, an Art Deco coffee pot, an amber glass handkerchief dish plus other items 20 30
191 A Capodimonte figure and rose groups and other items 20 30
196 Two boxes of assorted ceramics to include Wade, Denby, Spode, Crested ware and Limoges (2 boxes) 35 45
201 Ceramic items including a large Franklin Mint game bird pattern bowl, a Franklin porcelain stein plus other items (1 box) 15 20
207 A 19th century German hand painted dessert service and another dessert service plus two small engravings (1 box) 25 35
210 A large quantity of Grindley & Johnson Bros. ‘Petalware’ yellow ground tea and dinner ware (2 boxes) 20 40
214 Two boxes of assorted ceramics including flower bowls and vases together with a Withernsea Eastgate pottery fauna vase, a Whatcombe vase and a Poole pottery vase (2 boxes) 15 25
216 Two boxes of Barratts of Staffordshire ‘Tanya’ tea and dinner ware including plates, bowls and a teapot together with Rye pottery coffee cans and saucers (2 boxes) 20 40
218 Two boxes of ceramics including Royal Stafford, oriental ware, Washington pottery tea ware, Royal Grafton  ‘Majestic’ dinner ware etc  (2 boxes) 20 40
219 Assorted ceramics to include Staffordshire ”Sheridan” mugs, a Wealden pottery Golden Jubilee, Northiam commemorative beaker, a George V commemorative cup etc (2 boxes) 10 20
221 Assorted ceramics including souvenir and commemorative bells, figurines and ornaments, a Mdina glass horse head paperweight, a washbowl, jug and associated bathroom items decorated with ”Homestead” pattern plus other items (2 boxes) 10 20
223 Miscellaneous ceramics to include a Taylor & Kent part tea set, a Royal Worcester June Garland meat plate, Limoges style tray, a ‘new slipper’ bed pan  etc. (2 boxes) 15 20
224 Two boxes of assorted ceramics to include a Honiton pottery coffee set, Hornsea fleur pattern coffee cans, Figjo Flint tea cups and saucers plus other items (2 boxes) 10 20
229 An 19th century Wedgwood blue jasperware cheese bell 50 70
230 A Danico of Denmark pottery ovoid shaped vase decorated with blue and brown scrolls, stamped ‘Danico’ made in Denmark, and inscribed 62,B to base 30 40
234 Signe Kolding, 20th century Danish, Hastings based ceramicist, ex-member of the Rye Society of Artists, ”The Sunny Family” hand painted ceramic vase 20 40
243 Signe Kolding, 20th century Danish, Hastings based ceramicist, ex-member of the Rye Society of Artists,ceramic bowl decorated with faces and flowers and signed to base 20 40
244 A pair of oriental lidded vases with lion handles and finial 100 150
247 Signe Kolding, 20th century Danish, Hastings based ceramicist, ex-member of the Rye Society of Artists, copper glazed contemporary sculpture of a female 15 25
248 A Wedgwood jasperware biscuit barrel having silver plated mounts 30 40
251 An early 20th century Chinese export large black basalt and pewter melted teapot, overlaid in pewter depicting dragons and character masks, stamp to base HSIN, HOCHENC, WHIEAWEI, with central character mark 20 30
252 Signe Kolding, 20th century Danish, Hastings based ceramicist, ex-member of the Rye Society of Artists, ceramic abstract study of a voluptuous female 50 70
254 a 19th centruy bisque porcelain figural group of a couple on a rocky outcrop – with a sheep. Restored. 20 30
257 A Wilton Ware mottled lustre glaze bowl with a small stork spill vase fixed to the centre 20 30
261 Signe Kolding, 20th century Danish, Hastings based ceramicist, ex-member of the Rye Society of Artists, ceramic of a couple kissing 35 55
263 A 19th century Chinese porcelain powder blue ground famille vert vase with six panels decorated with birds and flowers, 25.5cm high, with damage 10 15
266 A rare Goebels 1930s band figure decanter playing the saxaphone together with a Goebels Friar decanter 50 80
268 A small Royal Doulton character jug ‘Cardinal’ 20 30
271 A late 19th century Chinese blue and white vase of cylindrical form with flared rim. 50 60
278 A novelty teapot in the form of a cockerel, with hand painted decoration, stamped Clarice Cliff Wilkinson Ltd, England to base. 200 300
288 Two 19th century small hand painted porcelain dishes depicting a young woman in eastern dress and a young woman with short dark hair and brown eyes 35 45
429 Assorted stone and earthenware flagons and bottles together with a large glazed stoneware flagon with bung, tap and carrying handle, marked Westway’s Devon Cyder, 20/- (2 boxes plus flagon) 15 25
455 A 19th century sandstone sink 40 60
457 A rectangular Belfast sink 20 30
539 A large cream and green decorated modern four handled ceramic urn 30 40
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