Metalware – 13th October 2012

Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
31 A Georgian cast iron door lock and key 30 50
127 A box of metalware including a Geo. Salter & Co. Ltd trade spring balance, British made, dated 1917, with hanging and weigh hooks, Indian brass trays, decorated brass bowls, horse haines etc. 20 40
136 A set of 20th century copper saucepans and frying pans with mahogany handles 20 30
142 A Regency style copper and brass fire screen together with a wrought iron fire screen 20 30
150 A 19th century brass jardiniere stand, the top embossed with floral swags, on slender legs and scrolling feet 30 50
156 A copper pan on a stand with a burner plus another similar 20 30
163 An Indian brass circular table top together with an Indian brass tray, decorated with deities and angels 20 30
188 A quantity of brass ware to include an oil lamp, temple bowls etc. 20 30
192 A box of assorted metalware to include a pewter hammered tray, pewter tankards, a 19th century silver plated half pint tankard, a copper kettle together with other items (1 box) 20 30
197 A quantity of assorted metalware to include companion sets, 19th century shears, vintage irons plus other items 20 40
226 Two boxes of assorted brass and copperware to include a coal bin, warming pan, hammered tray, hand bell, candlesticks plus other items (2 boxes) 30 40
235 A spelter figure of two classical children, seated, mounted on a marble base 40 60
245 A spelter figural group of two goats on a rocky outcrop, mounted on a marble base with indistinct signature 40 60
258 A collection of  assorted cigarette cases of various ages together with a cased set of Rusnovstain knives 10 20
262 A pair of early 20th century spelter figures of a farmer and his wife, mounted on ornate scrolling bases 50 70
265 A bronze figure of a boxer dog, signed to the base and mounted on a marble plinth 40 60
283 A 19th century brass and leather three drawer telescope 20 40
359 A quantity of cobbler’s shoe lasts and a small quantity of cutlery 10 15
369 A brass coal box and a cauldron shaped steel coal bucket (2 items) 10 15
397 A painted tin trunk 10 20
409 A cast iron hopper, a galvanized bucket with attached sliding lid, a cast iron cauldron, an iron glue pot together with other metalware 20 30
413 Two zinc two-handled milk churns 40 60
415 A hanging sack balance 10 20
433 A coal bucket, bellows and other brass ware 20 40
453 Two iron flowerpot holders together with a copper jug 10 20
458 One vintage cast iron tubular radiator 30 40
459 Two vintage cast iron panelled radiators 30 40
471 A brass coal bucket, a set of fire bellows and a brass blow torch 10 20
652 A Victorian cast iron black painted umbrella stand 40 60
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