Miscellaneous – 13th October 2012

Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
20 A pair of ‘Swift’ binoculars, cased 20 30
73 A Post Office Engineering Union 1970s chalk board 15 20
79 Miscellaneous items including silver plated cutlery, clocks, pewter, vintage tins, military and commemorative buttons and badges, a leather clad hip flask etc (1 box) 10 20
89 A pair of leather ice skates, wooden shoe stretchers, a WWI soldier’s helmet, a bamboo cane and two leather footballs (1 box) 20 30
105 A collection of assorted hats, a ladies leather handbag and an Italian faux crocodile box plus other items 30 40
107 Miscellaneous items to include an African mask inlaid with mother of pearl, a pair of antlers, recorders and penny whistles, a pair of Carl Zeiss Jena binoculars inscribed Vaughan Jenkins and initialled A.G.J., together with a pair of Viper coated optic binoculars 10 x 50 Field 5 degrees, missing two lens caps, housed in a leather carrying case, plus other items (2 boxes) 20 40
129 A Bakelite Bush radio 20 30
130 Miscellaneous items to include boxed cigars, leather bound hip flask, cigar holder and cutter, vintage tripod plus other items 15 20
138 A scratch built Romany gypsy caravan, the roof opening to reveal a musical jewellery box together with a scratch built hay wagon and horse 20 30
143 One large and one small artist’s easel 40 60
154 A carved African wooden mask with brass inlay 20 30
155 An early pine butter churn 30 50
158 A large 19th century sycamore charger together with a sycamore bowl 30 50
159 An African carved hardwood mask with brass inlay 20 30
166 A hardwood iron bound wine carrier 20 30
168 A Decca ‘crescendo’ portable Gramophone 10 20
173 A West German pottery ewer housing thirteen walking sticks and a Farstrike Ferrulite 9 foot fishing rod 20 30
176 A vintage rectangular wicker basket, a ”Paklite” part leather case plus a blue metal bound trunk 30 40
181 A large stag’s antler, plus one other 30 40
190 A collection of items to include a ceramic bread bin, a Flo blue meat plate, a Limoges blue and white tray, a copper bed warmer plus other items 30 50
194 A box of miscellaneous items to include a 19th century clay pipe, cased butter knives, a brass tray, boxed ladies and gents wrist watches, copper moulds plus other items 20 30
202 Miscellaneous items to include an Edwardian inlaid mantel clock, two other clocks, vintage cameras, glass ships, floats etc 20 30
204 A box of assorted tools to include saws, planes, drills, files etc. (1 box) 20 30
212 Assorted fishing rods including a Milbro Enterprise Milbrolita F57/1, a Jarvis Walker Swansea plus others, together with a kite, a pair of crutches, two walking sticks, a silver topped cane, a walking cane, the handle made from a bullet and a wooden wash dolly 30 40
217 Miscellaneous items including three ornate gilt framed mirrors, two wooden painted fish, a decorated gourd bowl and lid, decorated brass ware, a rigid vanity case marked E.P.M., a quantity of knitting and crochet needles etc. (2 boxes) 10 20
220 An oil lamp converted to electricity, untested and sold as spares, a copper egg poacher, brass piano sconces together with assorted ceramics including Aynsley and Royal Worcester birds and a silver plated dish and button hook (1 box) 20 30
222 A quantity of cameras and associated equipment to include tripods, lenses, SLR cameras, carrying cases, a developing tank etc (1 box) 20 30
260 A cased set of hydrometers together with a cased French lactoscope 25 35
272 A brass and mahogany mortice gauge, Transvaal slides, three fountain pens and two car badges 20 30
279 A bottle of Portuguese port, 34 years plus 10 20
281 A novelty table lighter in the form of a leather riding boot 20 30
286 An ornately carved ivory sewing clamp, two carved ivory and two mother of pearl sewing winders, an ivory dressing table set plus other items 40 60
294 A rare 19th century tape measure in the form of a squirrel holding a hazelnut, a 1914 Christmas Mary tin, a Georgian clay pipe marked ”Bailey Maidstone”, two vintage whistles and a rosewood truncheon 40 60
307 A collection of lighters 10 20
316 A lockable tin, with key, housing miscellaneous items including Masonic and other medals, novelty pin cushion in the form of a bird, carved bone counters in the form of fish and other items 30 50
320 Miscellaneous items including watches, music box, bone chess pieces, medals, coins, tin plate toy tank etc (1 box) 20 30
328 LOTS 328 – 337 (10 LOTS) ARE NO LOTS 0 0
349 A Singer sewing machine 10 15
357 Three Danish beer crates 15 20
366 A candlestick, bottle rack and tray (3 items) 15 25
371 A vintage valve radio 10 15
380 Three folding fishing chairs together with a cased set of petanque boules 20 30
396 A cased Kodak cine camera and other projectors and a screen (4 items) 10 15
403 A collection of tools to include a ratchet set, a car jack, cutters etc. 15 20
428 A tailor’s dummy 10 15
432 Assorted tools including a Record clamp, chisels, plane, trimmers, a pair of dividers etc. all housed in a wooden box marked Presto – Stocks and Dies. 10 15
434 Assorted tools including screwdrivers, spanners, drill bits, a hole punch, iron glue pots, planes etc (3 boxes) 10 15
436 A vintage painted pine tool chest with trays 80 120
438 A ‘Cadet Kitchen’ folding tin unit and vintage tent with cases 10 20
441 A collection of woodworking tools 30 40
442 A copper coal scuttle, cutlery, textiles, a Mary Quant raincoat and table lamps 20 30
465 An iron bound swinging shop sign 20 30
468 Two Danish beer crates together with a pine frame mirror 15 20
472 A set of cast iron scales with a brass weighing pan, a quantity of ceramic and brass door knobs, handles and various fittings and a boxed ‘Erika’ manual typewriter 15 20
476 LOTS 476 – 533 (57 LOTS) ARE NO LOTS 0 0
535 A carved African pole and a piece of driftwood decorated with figures (2 items) 10 20
582 A large iron and leather bound trunk 80 100
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