Collectables – 10th November 2012

Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
12 A Mappin & Webb snakeskin handbag with brass clasp together with crocodile skin handbag with pocketed interior (2 items) 30 40
18 A collection of handbags together with a crocodile skin example, the head as a clasp, lace and beaded bags etc. together with two beaded decorated leather belts (1 box) 30 40
29 A leather-bound jewellery box, assorted Victorian photograph frames, cased spectacles plus other items (2 boxes) 30 50
32 A box of assorted corkscrews (1 box) 15 25
49 A cased set of antler handled carving utensils 30 40
51 A quantity of glass slides, both coloured and black and white, showing various scenes including European cities, Welsh towns and countryside, Scottish buildings etc. together with a stereoscope plus three boxed and bound sets of mounted photographic plates, printed diary entries to the rear, cataloguing travels entitled ”The Underwood Travel Library, Palestine Through the Stereoscope Vols I & II, Belgium Vol I and Switzerland Vol I (1 box) 80 120
66 An enamel City of Westminster street sign for Ponsonby Terrace, SW1 30 40
70 A collection of five leather collar boxes of various sizes 20 30
72 A good collection of early 20th century and later postcards to include a franked envelope from the American Expeditionary Force peace conference dated 1919, the Dagenham Girl Pipers, military and other postcards (1 box) 30 40
74 A hand crafted Soul’s Journey limited edition Maasai figure ‘Kalima’, 2577/9000, with brass plaque to base, complete with box (Box in office) 40 60
84 A St. Raphael ”QuinQuina” advertising clock dating from the 1930s/1940s 40 60
85 A 1950s/1960s red painted adjustable bus stop sign 30 40
86 A Trade Board Act 1909 and 1918, boots and shoe repairing price guide 10 20
93 A black doll, stamped to the neck ‘A.M. Germany 351/2/OXK’ by Armand Marseilles, with closing eyes, composite body and jointed limbs, another similar, with hair and decorated face stamped to back of neck with an anchor, L.C. and 10/o together with items of doll’s house furniture (1 box) 30 40
95 A taxidermy study of a fox’s head 60 80
96 A 1960s hand-painted pub sign for The Shah public house, Hastings, East Sussex 30 50
104 Maidstone interest, a hand painted ”Style & Winch Ltd” wines and spirits advertising sign 40 60
112 An early 20th century Bass & Co Green Seal Ale enamel advertising sign 50 60
113 An Ind Coope brewery advertising sign, Bolton on Trent 50 70
115 An album of postcards from the UK and abroad, including Mabel Lucy Attwell examples, from the 1950s and 1960s together with a variety of loose cards,a  quantity of small black and white cards depicting film starts of the era plus a copy of the Illustrated London News giving an account of the Transvaal War, 1899 to 1900 (1 box) 30 40
122 A Ty-Phoo Tea enamel advertising sign 70 80
125 A large collection of vintage tools, to include moulding planes, chisels, a brass and mahogany brace and bit plus other items (4 boxes) 50 70
139 Six Pratt ware pot lids in circular mahogany frames depicting various scenes including Walmer Castle, a rifle contest at Wimbledon, 1868 etc together with two framed and glazed oval hand-painted silhouettes of a lady in a bonnet and a gentleman in a top hat, signed ‘Ray’ (2 boxes) 80 120
169 A large quantity of Kodak cine film with various titles including Italy and Bali, glass plates depicting assorted scenes including the Suez Canal etc together with coloured glass slides of flowers and colonial situations ( 4 boxes) 50 70
182 A canvas backed map showing the Parish of Hothfield, together with lands in Great Chart, Bethersden, Pluckley, Little Church and Westwell, all in the county of Kent, surveyed for the Rt. Hon Sackville, Earl of Thanet in 1819, by James Gouge, Sittingbourne 30 50
201 A Praktica 35 ml camera with assorted lenses in an aluminium case with other associated camera equipment (1 box) 30 40
218 A David Sharp pottery owl with label to base 50 80
224 A carved cane with cast Burmese ram finial together with two crops 75 85
229 A 19th/20th century midday firing sundial cannon, designed to fire at noon as a result of the magnifying glass focusing the sun’s rays on the fuse and igniting the gunpowder.  Fixed to marble base, sundial lacking 200 250
236 A collector’s cabinet housing fossils and minerals 60 80
238 A Regency straw work box 40 60
241 A miniature Singer sewing machine 10 15
243 A collection of red Chinese resin simulated lacquered items to include two lidded pots, a snuff bottle and carved egg (4 items). 20 30
246 A Georgian sarcophagus shaped rosewood and mother of pearl inlaid tea caddy with mixing bowl 100 150
247 A bronze topped cane in the form of a dog’s head and a root stick (2 items) 70 90
252 A pair of Sylvac seated Afghan hounds 30 40
262 Two Victorian albums containing assorted photographs including Scottish examples and other photographs, framed 40 50
265 A fur coat, possibly pine martin 30 40
267 A dark brown fur coat 30 40
273 Signe Kolding, 20th century Danish, Hastings based ceramicist, ex-member of the Rye Society of Artists, terracotta double sided figure of a lady 40 50
274 A taxidermy study of a red squirrel, cased 30 50
275 A taxidermy study of a seagull, cased 30 50
284 A Persian lamb and mink fur coat. 30 50
288 A 19th century taxidermy study of a leopard’s head, mounted to a wooden shield shaped wall plaque 60 80
308 A vintage black leather travelling case by Drew & Sons, Piccadilly with original protective canvas cover, chrome locks and monogrammed Y.A.M.E., approximately 51 cms x 36 cms x 17 cms together with a black leather vanity case by Williams & Company, 48 New Bond Street with brass locks and monogrammed C.E.D. approximately 40 cms x 32 cms x 18 cms (2 items) 30 50
311 A mid 20th century crocodile skin travelling case fitted with a padded floral fabric interior and brass locks 30 50
314 A taxidermy study of three haw finches housed in a glass case 25 35
315 Two vintage tan leather briefcases both with brass locks and leather handles, one monogrammed A.D.M.T. (2 items) 20 40
317 A vintage bamboo cane fishing rod 30 40
332 A mid-20th century crocodile skin travelling case fitted with pink fabric interior and brass locks 30 50
333 A 1940s Remington portable typewriter with original case 10 20
336 A Mappin & Webb black leather vanity case with pocketed interior and brass lock, approximately 41 cms x 31 cms x 17 cms 20 40
342 Two vintage tan leather briefcases, both with brass locks and leather handles 30 40
347 A late 20th century Robin Starch enamel advertising sign 20 40
349 A taxidermy study of a teal mounted in an ebonised glass case 25 35
387 An early 20th century small polished whole tortoise shell 40 60
390 A 20th century Japanese boxwood netsuke carved in the form of a dog of foe guarding a ball, signed to base 40 60
391 An early 20th century Continental, possibly Dutch, carved ivory bust of a young girl with plaits, mounted to a square section ebonised wooden base 40 60
404 An assortment of badges and buttons including Red Cross, Air Training Corps, Royal Masonic Institute, Air Raid Patrol etc (1 box) 20 30
420 An early 20th century monocle 30 40
442 A 20th century Blackfoot native American Indian beaded bag 10 15
449 An Edwardian wicker fully fitted picnic hamper by Drew & Sons 200 300
508 A cased Singer sewing machine 10 15
561 A large iron bound coopered oak barrel stamped ‘Jerez’ 25 35
619 A Louis Vuitton rectangular leather and brass bound suitcase, the interior in white cotton, with tray and label numbered 816501 Parish Champs’El;ysees, 149 New Bond Street, London, monogrammed V.H.P. to sides, approximately 66 cms x 42 cms x 22 cms 400 600
667 A Louis Vuitton rectangular suitcase with white cotton interior with label numbered 817054 Paris 70 Champs-Elysees, 149 New Bond Street, London.  The exterior with brass locks stamped LV and monogrammed A.L., approximately 70 cms x 40 cms x 18 cms 300 500
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