Textiles – 10th November 2012

Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
98 Assorted linens and textiles including cotton aprons, a cotton lawn apron with crochet panel ”Remember Me”, service bonnets, lace edged collars, silk and lace gloves, a silk shawl, handkerchiefs, a bow tie and cummerbund, a pair of lady’s leather gloves etc (1 box) 15 25
132 Assorted textiles to include early 20th century leather boots, a military tunic, a silk bonnet plus other items (2 boxes) 25 35
188 Assorted textiles including tapestry cushions, an embroidered bell pull, crochet table cloth, a shawl with silver folded detail etc. (1 box) 20 40
199 A large pair of  lined curtains approximately 240 cms x 461 cms each (2 boxes) 20 30
202 Tapestries and textiles including a velvet lined silk brocade coat, a heavy brocade sofa tidy, wool work panels etc (1 box) 40 50
285 A plaid cape in seasonal autumn colours 25 45
286 A heavy black wool cape with hood and red satin lining 35 50
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