Clocks and Watches – 8th December 2012

Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
9 A pair of early 20th century circular brass timepieces both with enamel dials and Roman numerals together with a German brass anniversary clock 20 40
69 Two 1930s oak cased dome topped mantel clocks 15 20
156 A collection of 1930s/1940s oak and Bakelite cased mantel clocks together with carved oak barometer all for spares and repairs (2 boxes) 20 30
215 A pair of Victorian clock garnitures in the form of circular temples with figures mounted to the centre 40 60
217 A 1960s German Kundo electronic brass and glass case mantel clock 30 50
222 An Art Deco French marble clock garniture, the diamond shaped silvered dial marked Jardin, St. Pierre S/Dives, the base decorated with spelter swan, together with matching candle holders 30 40
237 A good quality English brass carriage piece by St James, the enamel dial with Roman numerals and bevelled glass viewing panels,includes key 80 100
240 A Victorian black slate mantle clock 15 20
276 Four 19th century and later slate and marble mantel clocks, three with enamel dials, Roman numerals and brass bezels 30 40
282 Two 1940s oak cased dome topped mantel clocks, both with silvered dials and Arabic numerals 20 40
286 A 20th century mahogany grandmother clock with key 20 30
288 A 19th century octagonal oak cased drop dial clock, the enamel dial with Roman numerals above a glazed panelled door revealing pendulum 40 60
318 A French bronzed cherub mantel clock 20 30
353 A 19th century inlaid walnut circular drop-dial clock, with enamel dial and Roman numerals above a glazed fret work panel revealing pendulum 40 60
405 A 1930s Amere lady’s compact incorporating a Swiss timepiece 60 80
445 A three train dome topped bracket clock 60 80
455 A collection of watch movements and parts and other clock and watch related items (1 box) 20 30
718 A mahogany cased wall clock, the silvered dial with Arabic numerals, above a date and day calendar 20 30
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