Collectables – 8th December 2012

Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
5 An enamel Player’s ”Weights” cigarettes advertising sign 100 120
15 A crocodile skin handbag with two internal compartments, one with zip fastening 20 40
17 A box of ephemera including seven complete cigarette card albums, vintage travel guides, postcards etc. 20 40
28 A quantity of glass slides, both coloured and black and white, showing various scenes including European cities, Welsh towns and countryside, Scottish buildings etc. together with a stereoscope plus three boxed and bound sets of mounted photographic plates, printed diary entries to the rear, cataloguing travels entitled ”The Underwood Travel Library, Palestine Through the Stereoscope Vols I & II, Belgium Vol I and Switzerland Vol I (2 boxes) 50 70
55 An enamel Bryant & May matches advertising sign 80 120
64 A vintage blue and white enamel W.H.Smith & Co Ltd, Whitchurch advertising sign 50 70
67 A small quantity of vintage flags (1 box) 15 20
72 A vintage enamel ”Home Chat” advertising sign 70 80
73 A blue and white enamel Colman’s Starch advertising sign 60 70
80 A vintage aluminium Lyons Tea double sided advertising sign 60 70
81 A WWII Bomb Precaution enamel instruction sign 30 50
87 A vintage hand-painted shipping sign for ”Daws” reading ”Passengers Booked by All Lines. Continental and British Railway Tickets, Furniture, Motor Cars Packed and Shipped to All Parts, American Newspapers and Magazines on Sale” on a moulded mahogany board 160 200
90 A View-Master 3-D viewer with a collection of slides 15 20
91 An early 20th century cased pair of Bausche Lomb binoculars 30 40
98 An early 20th century Falkirk Iron Co, ”Cross The Railway By The Bridge Only” warning sign 100 150
99  D.H.Mutton, Hastings, Ladies Tailor, enamel sign for 40-41 Owen Road, Hastings 80 100
102 A collection of vintage bellows cameras and accessories (1 box) 30 50
103 A bronze topped cane in the form of a dog’s head and a root stick (2 items) 70 90
104 A collection of vintage football programmes including England, Manchester United, Chelsea etc together with a 1950’s autograph book containing Kent’s first XI cricket team to include Colin Cowdrey plus other sporting and theatrical ephemera (1 box) 30 50
119 A late 19th century magic lantern together with three boxed sets of glass slides (1 box) 20 40
135 A collection of ephemera etc to include cigarette cards, annuals, a Pears Coronation Brochure, stamps, a 1919-1920 Kent County Council driving licence plus other items (1 box) 20 30
137 A 1950s doll with sleeping eyes and jointed limbs together with a collection of clothes (1 box) 30 50
138 Six albums of assorted modern day postcards (1 box) 15 25
142 A mid 20th century Golly with six Golly collector’s badges together with a pre-1950s plush blonde Teddy bear (1 box) 30 50
150 Assorted vintage tins and games including Backgammon, picture puzzles, pill pots, a match strike, Player’s Navy Cut cigarette tin, snuff tin, etc. (1 box) 25 35
158 A Pentax Asahi 35mm camera, a Canon camera together with a collection of lenses 30 50
167 A collection of six indentures dating from the 19th century to include the Settlement of the Marriage of the Rev T D Parkes and Miss Elizabeth Higgins, together with a collection of maps and travel books 20 30
173 A collection of vintage biscuit and tobacco advertising tins including Huntley & Palmer, Nescafe, Wills plus others (1 box) 20 30
175 A collection of various cameras, lenses and accessories to include a Canon AE1, a Fuji digital 12 pixel camera, vintage box camera, tripod and other items (1 box) 40 50
181 A 1960’s/1970s wicker picnic hamper complete with flasks, plates, cutlery, tins etc 20 30
188 A set of eight Wedgwood scenes of London collector’s plates all by John Finnie N.D.D., all with certificates (1 box) 20 30
207 A large burr walnut table top cigar humidor 60 80
214 An album and early 20th century postcards together with a collection of postcard booklets 30 50
223 Three early 20th century hop picker’s ale tankards from The Railway Inn, Yalding, comprised of two pints and one quart, each stamped G.R. 30 40
239 A small stamp album containing stamps of the World dating from the 19th century to include Penny Reds and two Penny Blue plus other examples and a quantity of loose stamps (1 box) 30 50
243 A 19th century brass four drawer telescope, engraved V. Silvani, Brighton, together with a wood carver’s mallet 40 60
244 A small collection of Player’s and Ardath tobacco cigarette cards, together with a collection of horse racing enamel and card enclosure passes etc. (1 box) 20 30
246 A collector’s cabinet housing fossils and minerals 30 60
256 A 1940’s/1950’s Bush walnut cased Radiogram together with extra speaker (2 items) 15 25
257 A collection of vintage Allcocks fishing tackle packets and spools, housed in pine frame 20 40
261 A 19th century rosewood tea caddy of rectangular form with brass and mother of peal inlay 20 40
263 An oak smoker’s cabinet with shelf and pipe placement to the interior and a single drawer  containing smoker’s equipment including a leather cigar case holding two cigars, lighters, tobacco pouch , a Velos Ash Barrel and a silver plate and mother of pearl cigar trimmer etc. 30 50
264 A shepherd’s crook and an antler handled thumb stick  (2 items) 30 40
277 A Lancasters ”The Rubralux” warning oil lamp with red and amber lenses together with a smaller warning lamp with red lens both, possibly for the railways (2 items) 20 30
281 An L.M.S. Railway petroleum lamp together with a Southern Region railway lamp by Lamp Manufacturing Railway Supplies Ltd  (2 Items) 30 50
284 A two-handled crocodile skin handbag with zip fastening, marked Swift, with tassle grip 20 40
285 A two-handled snakeskin handbag, the zip fastening marked Swift 20 40
300 A Louis Vutton leather bound suitcase with label to interior reading Paris, France, manufactured by The French Co, USA under special licence’. Sold by Saks of 5th Avenue 200 300
303 A Fortnum & Mason’s champagne case 40 60
310 A vintage pine barrel shaped butter churn 30 50
323 A 1970s grey dial telephone fitted with a modern BT cable. Untested and sold as spares 20 30
324 A cast iron and wood book rest in the unusual shape of a garden bench 20 30
330 A Standard Remington manual typewriter with plastic cover together with a boxed Emgee typist’s cleaning outfit containing oil, brushes etc. 15 25
331 A brown leather hatbox with brass locks to sides  and front, lined with ivory silk, with two internal pockets 15 25
344 A large framed and glazed map of the United Kingdom entitled ‘A Modern Pilgrim’s map of the British Isles or more precisely The Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Irish Free State’, designed by C E Riddiford 30 50
346 A 20th century bust of Nefititi 30 40
352 A mid 20th century red painted railway level crossing warning lamp with bull’s eye lens 30 40
359 A 1950s Lister cream separator on a wooden base 30 40
361 A vintage railway lamp ”The Adlake” with an amber bull’s eye lens, by the Lamp Manufacturing Railway Supplies Ltd., Dorking 30 40
362 Two 1940s/1950s Guinness advertising trays 20 30
364 A 19th century pine mouse trap and a 19th century mole trap together with three gin traps (1 box) 30 40
369 A brown leather Gladstone bag 20 30
375 A framed and glazed disc and plaque inscribed ‘Presented to HMV to recognise sales in the UK of more than 1,300,00 copies of the Maverick Album ‘Ray of Light’, June 2000, by the artiste Madonna – Research and advise vendor 15 25
378 A framed and glazed disc and plaque inscribed ‘Presented by HMV to recognise sales in the UK of more than 1,000,000 copies of the BMG/Cheeky Records album ‘No Angel’, July 2001 by the artiste Dido – Research and advise vendor 15 25
388 Two Goebels Hummell porcelain figures, one of a boy on an apple tree, the other a girl on a fence with a basket 20 30
389 A large Goebel figure group of two flamingos 60 80
392 A pair of Negretti & Zambra ivory and brass opera glasses 15 25
393 An early 20th century small polished whole tortoiseshell 20 40
394 A treen pocket watch stand 40 60
400 A Stanley Gibbons stamp album containing a collection of 19th century and later stamps to include three Penny Reds together with a quantity of First Day covers 40 60
401 A good collection of assorted Wade animals 20 30
402 A John Perry blue whale resin group of a mother and calf 10 15
406 A Mauchline ware crochet case with crochet hooks, transfer decorated with the interior of Bayham Abbey and cleft in High Rocks, Tunbridge Wells 30 40
409 A boxed Conway Stewart mottled green fountain pen, a boxed Mentmore ‘Autoflow’ fountain pen, two Parker fountain pens plus two others (6 items) 40 60
427 Miscellaneous items including hat pins, lace trim, a metal cigarette case, hair slides, boxed hair clippers, silk handkerchiefs etc (1 box) 20 30
431 An early 20th century monocle 30 40
456 An ebonised walking cane with silver collar, London 1919, a silver topped cane, a root stick and a child’s cane (4 items) 30 40
457 A rosewood walking stick with silver collar and knop 20 30
477 A cased Singer sewing machine 10 15
483 Three vintage petrol cans dating from the 1930s for Shell, BP and Pratts 30 50
503 A vintage 1960s cone shaped fire extinguisher 20 40
510 A 1940s glass table top butter churn with embossed marking to body, together with an early 20th century pine boxed shaped table top butter churn 30 50
511 A Norwegian Patent Rotary Foghorn, missing the handle, mounted in a pine case together with one other (2 items) 40 60
512 A vintage Bradford’s patent pine table top butter churn with iron handle 30 40
514 A 1940s pine egg carrier ”The Ventilator” together with six vintage cardboard egg and dairy boxes 20 30
517 A 19th century grain measure stamped UK, four milk/butter churns plus a set of graduated milk measures etc 30 50
531 A 19th century oak wool winder, ”The Aero” seed sower, a ram’s yoke, plus other agricultural items 30 50
532 A pair of brass running boards from an American tube train, by the Union Construction Co Ltd 30 50
536 A Singer sewing machine 10 15
562 A 1950s pine slatted sledge with red metal runner 30 40
567 A B.R. Western points crossing lever together with an L.N.E. track fixing 30 40
586 A lady’s knee-length mid-brown mink fur coat with satin lining, side pockets, hook and eye fastening and turned back cuffs 50 70
605 Four vintage fishing rods together with a Mitchell Multiplier reel 20 30
606 A collection of 10 Reuters caricatures  to include Ian Fleming, Ghandi etc (1 folder) 30 40
608 Maps of the hop growing parishes of England issued by Arthur Morris & Co, dated 1912 20 40
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