Mirrors – 8th December 2012

Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
146 A 1930s bevel edged mirror, the plate hand painted with a gun dog and mallard, housed in a cushioned frame 15 25
262 A 1930s green marble effect triple aspect mirror and matching wall mirror 30 40
287 A 1930s octagonal bevelled edge mirror with ship decoration 20 30
289 A circular gilt frame mirror with ball and ribbon decoration and a convex plate 20 30
293 An ornate large white wall mirror together with a white triple dressing table mirror (2 items) 20 30
294 A large 20th century rectangular dressing mirror housed in an ornate gilt frame 40 60
296 A 20th century rectangular mirror with bevelled edge plate and ornate gilt frame with urn and ribbon decoration 20 30
301 A 1930s oak toilet mirror, the oval plate with barley twist supports, on splayed feet 20 30
325 A triple oak framed dressing table mirror 10 15
327 A circular table top swing mirror with bevelled edge plate and gilt decoration in an ornate white metal surround and stand 20 30
340 A 19th century mahogany chequer strung rectangular toilet mirror together with a small mahogany wall mirror with bevel edged plate, serpentine shelves and scrolling supports (2 items) 15 25
348 A small Victorian painted over mantel mirror 10 20
357 A gilt framed modern full length dressing wall mirror 15 20
377 A 20th century circular gilt frame mirror with bevelled edge plate 10 20
439 A small jadeite handled hand mirror with silver plated mounts and cloisonnè enamelled back 20 30
458 A 19th century carved mahogany over mantel mirror, the shaped top above a central bevelled mirror, flanked by cup and cover supports, mirrors and shelves 30 50
537 A rectangular gilt frame dressing mirror plus one other (2 items) 15 20
540 A rectangular dressing mirror housed in an oak frame 10 20
611 A 20th century oval mirror in an ornate gilt frame 15 20
631 A mid-20th century oak framed oval bevel edged mirror with carved pediment and shaped supports 20 30
635 A pine Ducal cheval mirror 20 30
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