Catalogue – 26th January 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
1 A 1950s ”Wolf” safety gas lamp together with a pair of brass ship’s lamps (1 box) 20 30
2 A collection of pewter mugs together with a pair of silver plated candelabra and a silver plated cruet 20 40
3 Dora Skinner, oil on board of oast houses beside a tree-lined pond, signed to lower left with label to verso and housed in a pine frame 15 25
4 A hand coloured engraving entitled ”Ramsgate” depicting fishing boats on rough harbour seas, drawn by E.W.Cooke and engraved by W. Finden, housed in a gilt frame 10 20
5 A framed oliograph of the Pope and his attendants, details to verso 10 20
6 A local interest engraving depicting a plan of the town and port of Hastings, published in 1824 by W G Moss, Kennington 20 30
7 A still life watercolour of orchids, unsigned and housed in a gilt frame 10 20
8 A collection of brass lion’s mask door furniture, vintage kitchen scales and a marble barometer together with a quantity of brass and iron weights (1 box) 20 30
9 A part Royal Doulton coffee set and other items (1 box) 10 15
10 A silver plated set of cutlery for six place settings together with a cased set of fish knives and forks, a silver plated rose bowl plus other items (1 box) 15 20
11 A good collection of assorted stamps of the World including, albums, First Day covers and loose stamps (1 box) 30 50
12 A set of four lustre hung table lamps (1 box) 40 60
13 A circular gilt framed bevel edged mirror 40 60
14 A large continental oil on canvas of a street scene, indistinctly signed to lower right and housed in a gilt frame 10 15
15 An assortment of clock and watch parts, watch maker’s equipment and mantel clocks (1 box) 20 30
16 A collection of 30 to 40 vintage car rally plaques and pennants (1 box) 100 200
17 An assortment of die cast toys, some boxed (2 boxes) 20 30
18 Assorted kitchen and home ware to include a vintage Thermos flask with glass liner and cork bung, a boxed Tala icing set, Spong & Co mincers, brass pump-action spray etc (2 boxes) 20 30
19 A collection of copper kettles, funnels etc (1 box) 40 60
20 Jacki Sime ‘Sunset over the Sea’, a framed photograph signed to lower right and housed in a  gilt frame 15 25
21 W.F Woodington, two watercolours, one of a village with lake and mountains to background, the other a mountain lake scene with river and bridge to foreground, both housed in oak frames and signed to lower right. 30 40
22 A 20th century paint on glass with lead outline of a village scene, housed in a gilt frame, signed Alex to lower right 30 40
23 A 20th century oliograph of a young lady with basket by the sea, dated 1915, label to verso, housed in a gilt frame 20 30
24 Patti Wright,  ”Strand-on-the-Green”, oil on board, signed to lower left and housed in a gilt and painted frame 10 20
25 A Davenport cabinet plate, Spode oriental bowls, a Meissen bowl together with a collection of wall plates (2 boxes) 30 50
26 A pair of lady’s black leather vintage ice skates 10 15
27 A lustre hung ceiling bag light 20 30
28 An album of early 20th century postcards together with a collection of postcard booklets (1 box) 20 30
29 A Coalport ”Dragon” pattern coffee set comprised of a coffee pot, five coffee cans and saucers and a milk jug (1 box) 10 20
30 Valerie Prance, ”Late lambs”, oil on board, signed to lower left with label to verso, housed in a pine frame 10 20
31 An unsigned oil on canvas showing farm folk by a tranquil river with sheep and countryside to the background, and trees to the foreground 15 25
32 A limited edition print entitled ‘Hook Line’ initialled ‘SJS’, dated ’93 and numbered 2/50 housed in an unusual chain frame 15 20
33 An oil on board of figures walking through fields in crop, monogrammed JS to lower left and housed in a painted wooden frame 15 20
34 A collection of assorted die-cast vehicles to include Matchbox, Corgi, Lledo etc 30 40
35 A quantity of early 19th century Daniels porcelain tea ware, Vienna, Chinese and other ceramics (1 box) 20 30
36 Three gilt brass two-light wall sconces 60 80
37 Miscellaneous glass and ceramics including two cranberry glass dishes, two hand-made glass bowls with handles and eleven-point base, a Copeland Spode bowl and a Thomas of Germany tea cup and matching canape plate (1 box) 10 20
38 E.M. Anstead, watercolour of a blue tit in a hazel  tree, signed to lower right and housed in a wood and gilt frame 10 20
39 A pair of early 20th century prints entitled ‘September Eve’ and ‘A June Morning’, both from original paintings by Elwin Edwards, both housed in ebonised frames 20 30
40 A Mary Sherman oil on canvas, possibly The Giant’s Causeway, signed to lower right and unframed 210 20
41 A limited edition print entitled ‘Squatter Huts’ 101/500, signed to lower right 15 20
42 A large copper saucepan, wash dolly and other copper and brass items (1 box) 50 60
43 Five hardwood African carvings of elephants, two carved horn bird figures and a hardwood carving of a rhinoceros (8 items – 2 boxes) 20 30
44 Assorted ephemera to include a photograph of golfer Tony Jacklin, a Rolvenden Cricket Club Centenary Match programme, 1963, signed by former England player Len Hutton and former West Indies cricketer, Rohan Kanhai together with a Yoko Ono ‘Midsummer New York’ poster, Woodworker magazines from 1942, two unframed prints and bulletins from The Society of Ornamental Turners (1 box) 30 40
45 A large quantity of Wedgwood ”Ice Rose” pattern dinner and tea ware (3 boxes) 20 40
46 Two sets of oriental hand-painted and transfer decorated brass bound graduated dishes together with a gilt decorated oriental coffee set and cups, porcelain candle holders, Limoges pot etc (2 boxes) 15 30
47 A reproduction London Transport poster ”The Hop Gardens of Kent”, originally issued in 1922 by Dorothy Dix, housed in a pine frame 15 20
48 Racing car interest, Juan Hamel Fangio, limited edition print 231/500, signed to lower right and housed in a  pine frame 20 30
49 A watercolour and pen of St Martin du Carigou, Pyrenees, indistinctly signed to lower right and dated December 1983, housed in a wood and gilt frame 10 20
50 A watercolour on board of a seated cardinal, unsigned, housed in an ornate frame 20 30
51 Patti Wright, ”Henley-on-Thames”, oil on board, signed to lower right and housed in a gilt frame 20 30
52 Alan Durman, 20th century print depicting Hastings, possibly from an original railway poster 20 30
53 A 1970s framed poster for ”The New Yorker” magazine, dated 1979 to lower right 20 40
54 Elizabeth Smith, local artist, oil on board, still life of flowers, monogrammed to lower left and labelled to verso, housed in a mahogany frame 10 20
55 M. Booth, oil on canvas, still life of tulips and forsythia, signed to lower left with label to verso, housed in a gilt and painted frame 10 20
56 Assorted metal and plated ware to include a boxed Ronson Penciliter, cigarette cases, souvenir teaspoons and other items together with two soda syphons (1 box) 10 15
57 Assorted ceramics including oriental ware, Devon Motto Ware, boxed Sandland Ware, studio pottery, Royal Albert plus other items (2 boxes) 20 30
58 Assorted glassware to include decanters, an oil lamp, vases, tumblers, candle holders and other items (4 boxes) 20 30
59 B. Booth, ”Sunshine and Shadows”, oil on board, woodland scene, monogrammed to lower right with label to verso, housed in a gilt frame 10 20
60 Oil on board, ”Rye from Codborough Farm”, unsigned, label to verso, housed in a white painted frame 20 30
61 A vintage enamel ”Griffin, Woodcock & Co” mineral waters advertising sign 30 40
62 A mid-20th century enamel bomb precaution sign 80 120
63 A vintage Adkins Nut Brown Tobacco enamel advertising sign 70 80
64 A watercolour, ”The Old George Hotel, Ruislip”, by R H Andrew Jones 40 60
65 Beryl Booth, still life of roses and fruit, oil on board, monogrammed to lower right, label to verso, housed in a painted frame 15 20
66 A collection of Louis Wain book plates and prints (1 box) 30 40
67 Miscellaneous items including maps, scarves, games etc. ( 1 box) 10 20
68 Assorted ceramics including crested ware, Royal Worcester, Booths, Wedgwood etc (2 boxes) 20 30
69 An enamel double-sided Town Services bus stop sign 30 40
70 A Kent Peg Tiling sign 20 30
71 A print on board entitled ”Dawn Chase” depicting a ship in sail on rough seas, by Montague Dawson 10 20
72 A large collection of assorted glassware including large cut glass fruit bowls, a blue glass punch set, bowls, decanters and drinking glasses (2 boxes) 50 80
73 A retro Ericsson upright dial telephone 15 25
74 An early Bakelite wall-mounted telephone 40 60
75 A Japanese Kimono 30 40
76 An enamel ”Section 2” sign together with a Danger Warning sign 20 30
77 A Four Throws Post Office sign 30 50
78 A large continental oil on canvas of a river scene, indistinctly signed to lower right 20 30
79 Miscellaneous items of treen to include candlesticks, decorated boxes, bookends, a tray, plates and other items (1 box) 20 30
80 A good collection of Royal Doulton ”Bodiam Castle” series ware to include two dinner plates, tray, vase and milk jug (1 box) 60 100
81 Assorted 20th  century ceramic dolls for decorating and dressing together with one finished example with wig, bonnet and striped cotton dress (1 box) 30 40
82 A good assortment of stamps and postcard albums together with cigarette, brewery and tea cards, loose stamps and various First Day covers (2 boxes) 20 40
83 A lustre hung four-tier ceiling light 40 60
84 A capstan shaped pewter inkwell, a set of kitchen scales with brass dish and other metalware together with a white painted oil lamp (2 boxes) 30 40
85 W M Clement Smith, ”Old Oasts”, oil on board, signed to lower left with label to verso, housed in a pine frame 20 40
86 A watercolour of an early bi-plane flying above a river and fields, unsigned and housed in a pine frame 15 25
87 A vintage aluminium Boar’s Head Tobacco advertising sign 70 90
88 Hastings and Brighton interest, a vintage Fryco Aerated Water blue enamel advertising sign 80 120
89 Winifred Marie L. Austen (1876-1964), ”Lapwings”, etching of lapwings over a ploughed field, monogrammed and signed in pencil to lower right and housed in a gilt frame 30 50
90 An oil study of yellow and purple irises, indistinctly signed, possibly N. Beeby, housed in a gilt frame with anti-reflective glazing 15 25
91 Various ceramics to include a Poole pottery coffee pot, cups and saucers, Royal Crown ”Colclough” design plates, cups and saucers and a Sylvac toast rack, together with a ceramic Art Deco mask of a woman’s face (3 boxes) 30 50
92 A quantity of doll’s house furniture (2 boxes) 30 40
93 A pair of Oriental embroideries on silk of birds amongst flowers, framed and glazed 10 20
94 A Waverley Cigarettes enamel advertising sign 80 100
95 An enamel double-sided Lyons Tea advertising sign 65 85
96 A watercolour of a cottage in the woods, indistinctly signed to lower left and housed in a gilt frame 10 20
97 Christopher B Dee, ”Britannia Rules” colour print of the Canberra returning home, signed ”Best Wishes from Christopher B Dee, ’81” to lower right and housed in a mahogany frame 10 20
98 An assortment of tools including electric sanders (untested and sold as spares), boxed gauge, vice, engineer’s drawing equipment, vintage ice scales and other items (4 boxes) 30 40
99 A large 1950s British made plastic doll with sleeping eyes and jointed limbs together with a silk christening gown plus other clothes 20 30
100 Assorted ceramics to include Alfred Meakin ”Hedgerow” tea and dinner ware, T Green & Co Cornish ware, Royal Vale, Carlton Ware dishes, two Ridgeway ”Jolly Jinks” cups and a Poole Pottery biscuit barrel, lid missing (3 boxes) 30 50
101 An early 20th century  print entitled ”His First Christmas” from the original painting by Arthur J Elsley 20 30
102 Mary Sherman ‘The Pavilion, Penns-in-the-rocks’, oil on board, monogrammed to lower right and housed in a wood and gilt frame 10 20
103 F Haigh, watercolour, still life of fruit and basket, signed to lower right and housed in a black and gilt frame 20 30
104 G. Hooker, oil on board of a lake with pine trees and mountains to the background, signed to lower right and housed in a gilt frame 10 20
105 Royal Worcester pot pourri vase, Dernta vase, Doulton character jug and other ceramics (1 box) 20 30
106 A lustre hung ceiling bag light 40 60
107 Miscellaneous items including early 20th century British and foreign postcards, a British Rail Travel Wallet, stamp albums, First Day covers, books, diaries etc (1 box) 20 40
108 Valerie Prance ”Scottish Trout Stream”, oil on board, signed and dated to lower right with label to verso, housed in a painted frame 15 25
109 An early 20th century coloured engraving of a lake with statues and wooded area to background, possibly Versailles, indistinctly signed to lower right and numbered 42 to lower left, housed in an oak frame 10 20
110 Two framed religious prints, one depicting St John the Baptist and St Blaise, the other The Annunciation, both housed in gilt frames 15 25
111 E. Hopkins, oils on canvas, one depicting a cottage by a pond with mountains to the background, the other showing the ruins of a castle with lake and trees to the foreground and mountains to the background, both signed and unframed (a/f) (2 items) 20 30
112 Valerie Prance, ”The Oak”, oil on board, dated 1964 and signed to lower left with label to verso, housed in a painted frame 15 25
113 An assortment of clocks and watches to include two oak-cased mantel clocks, retro alarm clocks by Polaris and Uhrex plus cased travel alarm clocks and other items (1 box) 20 30
114 A good collection of stamps housed in a leather-bound Stanley Gibbons album together with loose stamps, First Day covers and commemorative items (2 boxes) 20 40
115 Green glass hand-blown fisherman’s floats, blue glassware and a cut glass decanter  and assorted ceramics including a Victorian fairing (3 boxes) 20 30
116 A hardwood carving of an oriental deity 10 20
117 An Edwardian mahogany mantel clock having a German Westminster movement 25 35
118 Assorted metalware including pewter tankards, a copper wash dolly head, dishes, lighters and cutlery together with items of treen and an ebonised dressing table set with hand-held mirror (1 box) 30 40
119 A continental watercolour, town river scene with bridge and figures and boat to embankment, signed Dinan and indistinctly dated to lower right, housed in a moulded gilt frame. 20 40
120 Motor bike interest ”The Slide Ruler”, limited edition print 51/500 by Jim Blanchard. Noriyuki Haga ”Backs In” the 500cc Red Bull Yamaha to the hairpin bend in the 2001 Japanese GP at Suzuki, signed and housed in mahogany frame 20 30
121 An oil on canvas of a thatched cottage and trees beside a lake, indistinctly signed to lower right and housed in a white painted frame 10 20
122 Miscellaneous items including Bush and Dancette transistor radios, Olympus, Canon and Konica cameras, a Union Jack flag, Lucie Attwell Book of Verse together with associated postcards (1 box) 15 25
123 A collection of vintage chisels by various makers to include Prestons & Sons, Bedford, Sorby etc 25 35
124 Assorted ceramics to include a quantity of Tams Ware ‘Mayflower’ dinner plates, tureen, sauce boat, meat platter and side plates together with other items (2 boxes) 20 30
125 Assorted ceramics to include a Carter Stabler & Adams Poole Pottery vase, Wedgwood jasperware together with other Victorian and later porcelain (3 boxes) 20 40
126 U.Hammond, oil on canvas of a beach scene with mountain to the background, signed and dated to lower right and housed in a painted frame 10 15
127 An oriental silk work picture depicting peacocks, character marks to top left, housed in a faux bamboo frame 15 25
128 A six place silver plated cutlery set together with other cutlery (1 box) 20 30
129 A collection of children’s book and annuals dating from 1932 onwards (2 boxes) 10 20
130 A Royal Albert boxed ceramic rose bowl together with two hand-painted Bovey Pottery, Dartmoor ware plates (1 box) 10 20
131 A modern oil on canvas of an American sprinter 15 25
132 Darrell Lawrence, ”Solar Swirl”, a coloured print, signed to lower left and housed in a silver frame 20 40
133 Miscellaneous items including a circular marble-set barometer, a leather belt with brass buckle commemorating the artiste Hank Williams, assorted coins, penknives, sporting magazines and other items (2 boxes) 10 20
134 A large quantity of Colclough ‘Ivy Leaf’ tea ware including cups, saucers and plates (1 box) 20 30
135 Assorted glassware including decanters, fruit bowls, salts, brass-topped cruet sets and two Victorian glass vases (2 boxes) 20 30
136 Miscellaneous items including copper ware, an Art Deco figural lamp plus other items (1 box) 10 20
137 Advertising and collectable items to include a Lurpak ”Douglas” butter dish and egg cups, a Clover ”Beauty and the Beast” butter dish, a Clover ”Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” toast rack, all boxed, together with Tetley and Shepherd Neame items plus a National Westminster Bank pig money box and several bagged Beanie toys (2 boxes) 30 50
138 Assorted glassware to include decanters, vases, kitchen ware and tumblers together with a green fruit bowl and plates and other coloured items (3 boxes) 15 25
139 Five stoneware flagons and jars including one marked Lawrence and Son, Maidstone and another marked Pearsons, Chesterfield (2 boxes) 10 20
140 Miscellaneous items including a boxed set of ivorine handled fish knives and forks, wooden candlesticks, a lacquered musical box, a root walking stick plus other items (1 box) 10 15
141 A large quantity of 1960s Companion Book Club volumes in good condition (2 boxes) 10 15
142 A stoneware olive jar 10 20
143 Assorted ceramics to include planters, pots,meat platters, Limoges plates, fruit ornament, Royal Winton, oriental items etc (3 boxes) 15 20
144 Miscellaneous items to include several elephant figures, carved trinket boxes, textiles, umbrellas and walking canes and a leather covered baton (3 boxes) 20 30
145 A rod hold-all containing nine various fishing rods including carp and leger together with various reels including coarse and sea, plus various accessories (Hold-all and 1 box) 50 100
146 A quantity of assorted glassware, ceramics and other items including decanters, glass dressing table set, silver plated rose bowl, tea cards and metalware etc (3 boxes) 10 20
147 A 1970s round white table lamp in two sections. Untested and sold as spares 15 25
148 Miscellaneous items to include a Roberts radio, inlaid jewellery box, a copper kettle,. vintage collars and a silver plated cup plus other items (2 boxes) 30 40
149 Assorted ceramics including a Victorian part tea set decorated with violets, a 19th century lidded comport and other items (1 box) 10 20
150 A collection of vintage biscuit and tobacco advertising tins including Huntley & Palmer, Nescafe, Wills plus others (1 box) 10 20
151 A box of assorted copper ware to include vases, a kettle, saucepans etc (1 box) 20 30
152 Miscellaneous ceramics to include a Royal Worcester June Garland meat plate, Limoges style tray, a ‘new slipper’ bed pan  etc. (1 box) 10 15
153 Three 1950s kitchen storage tins together with five vintage advertising tins plus other items (1 box) 20 40
154 A Denby Minstrel pattern dinner service (1 box) 20 30
155 A collection of prints, engravings and watercolours to include Brighton interest, limited edition prints, a signed oriental bird study, fish studies, an African watercolour plus other items (1 box) 20 40
156 Assorted metalware including a black wrought iron freestanding five-branch candelabra, brass dishes, candle snuffer, AA car badge, scales base and weights etc (1 box) 10 20
157 A collection of assorted ceramics and glassware to include a part bone china tea set, glass celery vase, carved African mask plus other items (3 boxes) 10 20
158 Miscellaneous items to include two 1960s telephones, preserved orchid in case, pewter tankards, spelter figures together with other pieces (1 box) 30 40
159 A 19th century watercolour entitled ”View near Beresford Hall, Derbyshire”, signed to verso ”By Duncan, Vice President, New Society of Painters in watercolours” and dated 3 August 1851, a watercolour showing the Mouth of the Avon, with houses and trees to the background and a woman and lobster pots to the fore, initialled A.B.D and indistinctly signed to lower left, a watercolour and pastel showing trees, boats and houses beyond a river with a tree to the fore, signed A.H.Coltart to lower right plus other prints and frames (1 box) 30 40
160 A large quantity of Denby dinnerware and coffee ware including casserole, coffee pot etc. ( 3 boxes) 30 50
161 Assorted ceramics including Royal Doulton and other examples (3 boxes) 10 20
162 A collection of jewellery boxes and various rag dolls (2 boxes) 10 20
163 A pair of Golden Lily curtains from the William Morris collection, together with a collection of linen and lace, plus two tapestry cushions (1 box) 10 20
164 Assorted metalware including silver plated items, cobbler’s last, a replica pistol and other items (1 box) 10 15
165 A pair of George VI and Queen Elizabeth commemorative beakers, a collection of Wedgwood ceramics, signed studio and pottery vases, terracotta cauldron, blue glazed beer stein plus other items (1 box) 20 30
166 A collection of assorted oils, watercolours and prints to include portraits, landscapes, still life etc (2 boxes) 30 40
167 A quantity of items to include a collection of novelty egg cups, a boxed Royal Worcester pie funnel, five Collieries collector’s plates, ceramic penguins, vintage R Whites stoneware bottle plus other items (2 boxes) 10 20
168 Assorted ceramics including a large transfer-decorated and hand-painted ginger jar by Bisto of England, a Davenport tureen (lid missing), a Kaiser of West Germany flower vase, painted flower pots and other items (3 boxes) 30 40
169 A collection of assorted items to include a bone china part tea set, studio pottery coffee set, glassware etc (1 box) 10 15
170 A collection of pictures and prints to include a Victorian sampler, an oriental silk work panel, hand-coloured engraving plus other items (2 boxes) 20 30
171 Assorted marquetry tools, equipment and wood samples to include files, wax and a boxed ”Binnacle” art set entitled ‘Mallard in Flight’, as found (1 box) 20 30
172 A pair of 1950s double gourd glass lattice-work light shades together with three 1950s pink glass shades and three others (1 box) 30 50
173 Assorted ceramics including Portland Potteries plates, Wedgwood, Hadleys etc (4 boxes) 20 40
174 Miscellaneous items to include a brass telescope and compass, Wade Whimsies, glass animals, brass chamber stick plus other items (1 box) 20 30
175 A Signe Kolding sculpture of a voluptuous recumbent woman 20 40
176 An etching by Robert Walker Macbeth (1848 – 1910) of travelling musicians seated in a country churchyard, signed lower left, published 1903, 36cm x 46cm, unframed 10 15
177 A quantity of silver plate, brass and pewter including dishes, tankards, teapot etc (1 box) 10 20
178 Assorted glassware to include apothecary’s bottles, decanters, vintage drink and produce jars and bottles etc. (1 box) 10 20
179 A collection of watercolours, oils and prints to include shipping interest, a 19th century engraving of Hastings, a signed photograph of ”That Tree” at Exmouth Golf Course, two limited edition prints plus other items (1 box) 20 30
180 A small stained wooden tool box housing an assortment of tools and a collection of planes, wooden spirit level and other items 30 40
181 A pair of gilt brass twin-light wall sconces with cherub decoration 80 120
182 A hand-painted Gray’s Pottery wall plate in the style of Charlotte Reade, decorated with stylized flowers and leaves 30 50
183 A 19th century desk stand having two cut glass inkwells and a cut-glass obelisk 30 40
184 A hand-painted Minton dessert plate 20 30
185 Two Block & Co Eichwald blue ground vases both decorated with roses 20 40
186 A tall Majolica vase having applied dragon decoration 30 40
187 A cut-glass box having a hinged lid and a blue glass hookah base 30 50
188 A green Monart style glass vase with lustre finish 20 30
189 Two Goebels Hummell porcelain figures, one of a boy on an apple tree, the other a girl on a fence with a basket 10 20
190 A German porcelain figure of a young ballerina, with underglaze blue mark to base 10 20
191 A pottery figure of a resting cow, by Dillon Rudge (20th century British), using his characteristic raku glaze, the base inscribed ‘ 3 July 2003 lying cow’, 27 cm long x 9 cm high 25 45
192 A large pottery figure of a prowling Siamese cat by Dillon Rudge (20th century British), using his characteristic raku glaze, 18 cm high x 45 cm long 30 50
193 An unusual bronze tripod ornament and a painted cast iron doorstop in the form of W G Grace (2 items) 30 40
194 A large Poole Delphis vase 20 30
195 A Maling Lustre Ware bowl decorated with cranes and foliage, a Poole pottery free form shape bowl together with an oriental cloisonne table lamp decorated with swallows and blossom (3 items) 40 60
196 A small Royal Doulton character jug ‘Cardinal’ 10 15
197 A 19th century Black Forest inkwell in the form of a pear on a vine leaf and Mauchline ware box (2 items) 20 30
198 A Parian figure of The Duke of Wellington, published by Samuel Alcock & Co., June 18 1852, together with a Parian figure of a street trader (2 items) 60 70
199 A Messenger oil lamp having rise and fall burner and a vaseline glass shade 45 55
200 A Lladro figure of a female golfer together with five Nao porcelain figures 120 180
201 A large blue bubble glass bowl and a smaller similar (2 items) 40 60
202 A large Mason’s Pink Vista soup tureen 40 60
203 A large brass hand bell stamped Fiddian 20 30
204 A mid-19th century treacle glazed two-handled loving cup 20 30
205 A pair of Victorian clock garnitures in the form of circular temples with figures mounted to the centre 20 40
206 A Masonic Chambers mahogany cased bell and hammer 50 60
207 A large Royal Doulton character jug and two small character jugs (3 items) 30 50
208 A late 19th century mirrored glass ”Wines” pub advertising sign 80 100
209 A brass desk stand with central inkwell 30 40
210 A 1930s silver plate and oak salad bowl and servers 30 40
211 A square ebony cased mantel clock with mahogany inlay, mounted in a rectangular support with column decoration, the black and brass face showing Roman numerals 20 30
212 A 19th century rosewood marquetry writing slope fitted with inkwells, pen holder and stamp box 40 60
213 A 19th century brass bound mahogany writing slope 40 60
214 A 20th century cased Medium Landing compass Number 0294A, a spirit level and two watch movements 40 50
215 An Indonesian carving of Geruda birds 20 40
216 An Art Nouveau copper jardiniere with flared pinched rim and tulip decoration on a tapering body, stamped SWS to base 30 50
217 A pottery figure of a Siamese cat standing on tip toe with it’s tail in the air, by Dillon Rudge (20th century British),, using his characteristic raku glaze, 25 cm long x 35 cm high 25 45
218 A 1960s German Kundo electronic brass and glass cased mantel clock 15 25
219 A brown plush Steiff growling Teddy bear with jointed limbs and glass eyes, label to left ear No. 000850 50 80
220 A collection of Guinness memorabilia items including Carlton Ware examples (2 boxes) 60 80
221 LOTS 221 – 225 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
226 A Phisson Guillaume photographic print, Candida-Astra, Nioulargue sailing ships racing in the Louis Vuitton Tradition Trophy 20 40
227 A large pine wall mirror 15 20
228 A Victorian black slate mantel clock 30 40
229 A Signe Kolding flat back ceramic figure of a nude woman, signed to base 40 60
230 One rosewood and two banded inlaid boxes 50 60
231 A 1930s octagonal bevelled edge mirror with ship decoration 10 20
232 A circular convex gilt framed mirror and one other gilt framed mirror 20 30
233 A large doll’s house 50 80
234 A 19th century deed box, the narrow body with domed top, fitted with brass lock, with original labels and seals 15 25
235 A Victorian copper bed warming pan 10 15
236 A large 20th century rectangular dressing mirror housed in an ornate gilt frame 40 60
237 Two pairs of bespoke hand-made, fully lined and hemmed cotton curtains with broad Regency stripes of sage, cream and gold, one pair measuring approximately 400cm wide x 190cm drop, the other approximately 411cm wide x 160cm drop.(2 boxes) 30 50
238 A collection of five 19th/20th century Cotman unframed prints plus other watercolours and prints 10 20
239 A 1930s oak stick stand, a circular metal stick stand, both together with a collection of various sticks and canes 20 30
240 A scratch built 1930s doll’s house with furniture 30 50
241 A brass coal box 20 30
242 A shepherd’s crook and an antler handled thumb stick  (2 items) 20 30
243 A large Burmantofts faience jardiniere 25 35
244 A large copper 40 60
245 A collection of seventeen large French polychrome lithographs depicting scenes from the New Testament, all unframed 15 25
246 A 20th century Thai marsh teak carved panel depicting a fishing village scene with coconut trees to the background 30 50
247 A brass preserve pan 30 40
248 A small wedge-shaped display cabinet 10 20
249 A Signe Kolding ceramic figure of a reclining female 40 60
250 A copper coal scuttle 30 40
251 A large 19th century flame figured mahogany writing slope 40 60
252 An early 20th century wash basin, jug, soap dish and tooth brush holder, decorated with pink roses 20 30
253 A large antique Eastern inlaid copper tray 30 50
254 Two oils on board, both seascapes of rough seas breaking over cliffs and shore, one with gulls and boat to background, both indistinctly signed to lower right and unframed 15 25
255 A large 19th century writing slope 40 60
256 A 20th century mahogany humidor, the sectioned interior fitted with thermometer and cigar cutters 30 50
257 A pair of ”Russ” brown plush Teddy bears together with vintage blonde plush recumbent dog 20 30
258 A vintage Murphy’s valve radio 10 20
259 A child’s cased violin, a cased  20th century Stentor student violin and a child’s student violin with case (3 items) 15 25
260 A wooden bound canvas covered trunk with leather handles 10 15
261 A model of an organ grinder and a monkey 15 20
262 A large framed and glazed map of the United Kingdom entitled ‘A Modern Pilgrim’s map of the British Isles or more precisely The Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Irish Free State’, designed by C E Riddiford 20 30
263 A brown leather hatbox with brass locks to sides  and front, lined with ivory silk, with two internal pockets 10 15
264 A pair of carved cream painted table lamps plus two others. Untested and sold as spares 10 20
265 A 19th century gilt and ebonised gesso picture frame aperture, approximately 93 cms x 72.5 cms 20 30
266 A small Victorian painted over mantel mirror 10 20
267 A 20th century oval mirror in an ornate gilt frame 15 20
268 A life size plaster model of a collie dog 10 20
269 A vintage leather case, the interior divided into six compartments, monogrammed B.A.C., with brass locks and two keys, approximately 51.5cm x 36cm x 19cm; keys with office 20 40
270 An ornate large white wall mirror together with a white triple dressing table mirror (2 items) 20 30
271 A fur trimmed small dome topped trunk . 15 25
272  A reproduction map of East Sussex 20 30
273 A mid-20th century abstract oil on canvas depicting a face, unsigned and unframed 30 50
274 A 20th century resin figure of a jockey and horse at full gallop 30 40
275 A mid-20th century mantel clock, the brass and enamel dial with Roman numerals, monogrammed J.U.E, housed in an oak case 20 30
276 A 20th century circular gilt framed mirror with bevelled edge plate 10 20
277 Seven 19th century coloured engravings, all religious studies, to include ”The Screen in the Church of Aerscot”, ”Pulpit in St Gudule, Brussels”, ”The Tomb of De Merodes Family” etc 15 25
278 Assorted pictures and prints including an oil on canvas of a thatched cottage, maps, bird and botanical studies etc (2 boxes) 15 20
279 A modern oil on canvas of a lady taking tea 10 20
280 A white painted dome top over-mantel mirror 20 40
281 A large abstract oil on canvas, attributed to Bizzo, unsigned and unframed 20 40
282 A brass Davy lamp by E Thomas & Williams Ltd., stamped Makers Aberdare, with glass funnel set into a rigid brass body with column supports, with a suspension hook 20 30
283 A pair of reproduction lion head bookends mounted on scrolling plinth bases 20 30
284 A pair of modern bronze greyhounds 80 100
285 A Standard Remington manual typewriter with plastic cover together with a boxed Emgee typist’s cleaning outfit containing oil, brushes etc. 10 15
286 A late 19th century hand painted Vienna porcelain charger decorated with peonies, roses, tulips and anemones,  the pink ground board with floral sprays. approx 31 cm diameter 50 60
287 A good collection of assorted Wade animals 15 20
288 A Stanley Gibbons stamp album containing a collection of 19th century and later stamps to include three Penny Reds together with a quantity of First Day covers 20 30
289 A simulated tortoiseshell 1930s ladies purse with interior compartments and mirror and replacement chain 20 30
290 A late 19th century Indian enamel decorated model of a bird group and palm tree, mounted on a circular rocky base, the underside engraved with an elephant and palms, encircled by scrolling foliage 100 150
291 A brass trench art table lighter formerly a flexible grease gun 20 40
292 An ‘Eversharp’ silver propelling pencil and two silver plated pens (3 items) 20 30
293 A collection of costume jewellery and ladies watches, a pair of silver plated pepperettes, a pair of micro-mosaic earrings, military buttons and other items (2 boxes) 15 20
294 A quantity of Military and other buttons, badges and pins including fabric examples and two brass button cleaning slides 20 40
295 A gold-plated and simulated pearl Trifari floral spray brooch and a small collection of costume jewellery 15 20
296 A modern 9ct gold flat link chain, 63.5 cm long, 11.3g, two 9ct gold signet rings, 9.8g, a 22ct gold wedding band,. 2.5g  and a small quantity of costume jewellery 220 280
297 An Edwardian gold and sapphire set circular openwork pendant with flower head detail, stamped ’15ct’, 2.7g, suspended from a fine gold chain with barrel clasp stamped ‘9ct’, 1.2g, a 19th century Continental hollow gold openwork pendant set with half pearls, 2.1g, a French double-ended silver mounted glass scent bottle, a small quantity of gold jewellery 1.4g, and other items (1 box) 60 80
298 A collection of assorted British and world coins including George III silver shillings, an East India Company, 1808 coin, an enamelled Battle of Britain commemorative £5 coin, a small number of bank notes, a Britain’s First Decimal coin set and other coins 20 40
299 A late Victorian silver pepperette, Birmingham 1898 by George Unite with embossed shell, scroll and floral decoration and a smaller silver pepperettte, combined weight 1.9 ozt, 59.1g 50 60
300 A gentleman’s Omega automatic gold-plated wrist watch with baton numerals, date aperture and leather strap 50 80
301 A 9ct gold seven stone half eternity ring, set with cubic zirconia, 2.2g 20 30
302 A 9ct gold Victorian style ruby and diamond marquise cluster ring with fleur de lys shoulders, 3.3g, boxed 50 70
303 A ladies Continental silver cased key wind pocket watch with white enamel dial, hand-painted with floral swags, a gentleman’s Continental silver cased key wind pocket watch with ten jewel movement and enamel face, two other pocket watches and an early 20th century ladies purse, woven with tiny metallic beads and lined with chamois leather and a silver plated ladies fob chain (6 items) 25 35
304 Miscellaneous items including a silver presentation horseshoe, boxed, a small oval box, the lid set with a single sapphire, stamped .925, a WWII medal, costume jewellery, watches, coins and bank notes plus other items (1 box) 30 50
305 A Continental 0.800 standard silver cased keyless pocket watch, the white enamel dial with subsidiary seconds dial, with silver fob chain, other pocket watches, jewellery and miscellaneous items including a pair of polished steel buckles with matching buttons, a collection of buttons, and gold and silver items (3 boxes) 40 60
306 An Australian Kookaburra .;999 silver 10 oz coin, in presentation case 140 160
307 A George V 1930 sovereign in removable 9ct gold mount, 17.8g 300 350
308 A graduated set of three glass  wheel-engraved dressing table jars with silver plated lids with gadrooned scroll and floral decoration 30 50
309 A 9ct gold cased Longines wrist watch 100 150
310 An Australian Kookaburra .999 silver 30 dollar 1 kilo coin, cased 450 550
311 An Australian Kookaburra .999 silver 10oz coin, in presentation case 140 160
312 A pair of 15ct gold cuff links, 7.9g, and three gold teeth 3.8g 170 190
313 A silver plated tray with shaped rim and chased decoration with scroll feet, a pair of Adams-style salts with blue glass liners and a pair of small gravy boats 30 40
314 A quantity of Victorian and early 20th century ebony and ivory, bone and tortoiseshell items including a pair of tortoiseshell glove stretchers with carved decoration in the form of a Chinese dragon highlighted in gilt, and other glove stretchers, an ivory pen stand, carved ivory scarab cuff links, a small intricately carved tusk and other items (1 box) 100 150
315 A small square silver picture frame, Birmingham 1903, a 17 jewel Grant Watch & Co. gentleman’s wrist watch and other watches, a Stratton enamelled and silver butterfly necklace and earring suite and other items, housed in a wooden jewellery box 25 35
316 A collection of costume jewellery, all 20th century, including silver items and items stamped ‘.925’, and other items (2 boxes) 25 45
317 An Edwardian gilt-tooled leather vanity jewellery box, made by W & J Milne, 126 Prince’s Street, Edinburgh, the interior of the lid fitted with a mirror, housing a fitted tray with compartmented base, lid lacking leather finish together with a quantity of costume jewellery (3 boxes) 30 40
318 Assorted watches, coins, a cast iron mask of a lion and other items (1 box) 20 30
319 Modern costume jewellery including earrings, bracelets, beads and other items (1 box) 20 30
320 A pair of Opticron high resolution wide field 10 x 412 binoculars, with case 20 30
321 An African rosewood figural carved walking cane 30 40
322 A portfolio of architectural drawings from a student’s degree course c.1920 by M Crosbie-Hill, including Gateway of Almshouses at Sevenoaks and Almshouses, Sevenoaks, Kent and possibly featuring building material details of the artist’s family home, South Park, Sevenoaks, Kent. 20 30
323 LOTS 323 – 330 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
331 A 20th century painted metal garden table and chairs, the circular lattice work top on scrolling supports and outswept feet together with four matching lattice work folding chairs 120 140
332 Three two-branch gilt metal wall sconces, another similar and assorted lamp shades (2 boxes) 10 20
333 A 20th century white painted metal garden table, the rectangular slatted top on straight supports and cross stretcher 50 70
334 A quantity of assorted 20th century glassware including coloured examples (1 box) 10 15
335 A 20th century painted metal garden table, the rectangular slatted top on straight supports and cross stretcher together with four metal lattice work folding chairs 120 140
336 A 20th century walnut tallboy, the rectangular moulded top over two cupboard doors, above three long drawers with brass swing handles, raised on a plinth base 10 20
337 A large 19th century wood and Hessian bound carriage trunk approximately 27cmH x 115cmW x 67cm 20 40
338 A modern two door cupboard with ornate metal hinges 20 30
339 A cased Jones sewing machine 10 15
340 Assorted wooden display cases and drawers, one part glazed, including a Mappin & Webb oak cutlery box complete with insert trays (5 items) 10 20
341 A circular oak tavern table 10 20
342 A Lloyd Loom style painted linen basket 10 20
343 A white painted 1930s chest of five drawers 10 20
344 An early 20th century mahogany cot with bamboo supports and turned finials 15 25
345 A Singer sewing machine 10 15
346 A blue upholstered office chair 10 20
347 Three Edwardian oak dining chairs, the carved back above a leather over-stuffed seat, on turned fluted supports (3 items) 10 20
348 A small oak three-shelf freestanding bookcase 10 20
349 A 20th century metal white painted garden table, the rectangular slatted top on straight supports and cross stretcher 30 50
350 A 1930s/1940s child’s metamorphic high chair with leatherette seat and transfer printed table depicting children playing various games and activities 15 25
351 A rectangular dressing mirror housed in an oak frame 10 20
352 A late 19th century wrought iron day bed, the carved back ends with scrolling supports and matching sides, with fitted castors 20 40
353 A set of six aluminium faux rattan garden chairs with blue upholstered fitted cushions (6 items) 10 20
354 A rectangular gilt frame dressing mirror plus one other (2 items) 10 20
355 A pair of brass running boards from an American tube train, by the Union Construction Co Ltd 15 25
356 A pair of 1940s oak dining chairs with carved rails and beige drop-in seats on turned cup and cover supports, together with another pair similar (4 items) 10 20
357 A rush-seated ladder back chair, an oak wheel back chair, a folding chair together with a painted towel rail and clothes airer (5 items) 20 30
358 A cased Singer sewing machine together with a Vickers sewing machine (2 items) 10 20
359 A small glazed bookcase cabinet and an oak student’s bureau (2 items) 20 30
360 A two-stroke petrol driven 950 Rotary Kango with chisels, points, hammer, tungsten hole cutters. Untested and sold as spares 10 20
361 A two drawer filing cabinet 10 20
362 A pair of blue painted side chairs together with a country pine dining chair 15 25
363 A lead lit glazed panel 15 20
364 A black-painted metal head board 15 25
365 A 12 volt cordless drill, together with two boxes and two tool boxes of vintage and modern tools 20 30
366 Four 1930s oak dining chairs, the shaped back rail and carved splat above drop-in seats, on square supports 20 30
367 A 19th century mahogany side table on turned supports, lacking drawer 15 20
368 A 19th century painted pine trunk 30 50
369 A carved dressing table and matching chair 30 50
370 An early 20th century painted pine trunk 20 30
371 An Edwardian bedroom chair, the inlaid top rail and splat above a cushioned button back seat, on cabriole supports together with a Victorian mahogany balloon back chair, plus one other ( 3 items) 10 20
372 An Edwardian walnut inlaid display cabinet 10 20
373 A pine television cabinet fitted with a glazed cupboard and single drawer 20 30
374 An iron-framed rattan modern coffee table 10 20
375 An ornately decorated vintage cased Jones sewing machine 15 20
376 A large collection of modern plastic toys including Simpsons examples 10 20
377 A modern white painted chest of four long drawers 15 25
378 A black-painted wrought iron circular glass top conservatory table together with four matching chairs with padded seats 30 50
379 A white painted stick-back armchair and one other 10 15
380 A modern pine farmhouse kitchen table 20 40
381 A light elm circular drop leaf table 10 15
382 A walnut reproduction television cabinet 10 15
383 A collection of assorted tools and other items 20 40
384 A Lloyd Loom linen basket and dressing table stool 10 15
385 A children’s twin school desk 30 50
386 A modern pine chest of four long drawers, fitted with bun handles and castors 15 25
387 An aluminium three-section ladder 10 20
388 A 20th century iron fire basket 15 25
389 A pair of large cast iron fire dogs and fire irons 30 40
390 A cast iron Victorian fire surround 20 40
391 A tile top 1960s coffee table and an oak pot cupboard 10 20
392 A 20th century oak occasional table, the carved top and frieze on turned supports 20 30
393 A cast iron Victorian fire surround 20 40
394 An assortment of woodworking and other hand tools together with various garden tools 15 20
395 A carved ornate Singer sewing machine 10 15
396 A Lloyd Loom style chair and matching linen basket 10 15
397 A nest of three tables with gilt leather inserts and glass tops 10 15
398 A decorative Jones sewing machine housed in a walnut case 10 20
399 A collection of vintage board games to include Cluedo, Frustration, Buckaroo plus others 20 30
400 A collection of vintage petrol cans, oil cans, a Salter spring balance, dowling machine, bottle jack plus other items 20 30
401 A painted pine tool box housing a collection of tools 15 25
402 A pair of gold-painted Lloyd Loom style chairs 15 20
403 A 19th century cast iron fire grate decorated with floral swags 20 30
404 A quantity of assorted garden tools, a Flymo strimmer, two step ladders, a wheel-barrow and a seed spreader 30 40
405 A Champion 46 cm petrol driven lawn mower with grass box 30 50
406 A large vintage tennis court brush 10 20
407 A B.R. Western points crossing lever together with an L.N.E. track fixing 15 25
408 A reconstituted stone fountain modelled as a cherub riding a lion 10 20
409 Six large terracotta style planters 15 20
410 Two large circular salt-glazed planters 25 45
411 An oval-shaped terracotta planter 10 15
412 A collection of eight terracotta planters and flowerpots 20 30
413 Three circular graduated green glazed planters 40 60
414 Six blue glazed ceramic planters 30 50
415 A graduated set of three green glazed planters 20 30
416 A pair of rectangular terracotta planters decorated with leaves 15 25
417 A green painted easy-lift wheelbarrow with pneumatic tyre 20 30
418 A green painted easy-lift wheelbarrow with pneumatic tyre 20 30
419 A green painted easy-lift wheelbarrow with pneumatic tyre 20 30
420 A green painted easy-lift wheelbarrow with pneumatic tyre 20 30
421 A Danara De Luxe petrol driven rotovator 25 35
422 A pair of painted wicker conservatory armchairs 10 20
423 LOTS 423 – 425 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
426 A large pink ground carpet decorated with floral sprays and urns, approximately 580cm x 300cm 20 40
427 A blue ground Chinese woollen rug, approximately 200 cm x 137 cm 10 20
428 A modern machine woven oval beige ground rug, approximately 200 cm x 200 cm 10 15
429 A large machine woven blue ground rug with multiple borders and Persian style floral design, approximately 350 cm x 250 cm 30 40
430 A pink ground woollen carpet decorated with urns and floral swags, approximately 227 cm x 170 cm 10 20
431 A pink ground woollen carpet decorated with floral sprays, approximately 197 cm x 140 cm 10 20
432 A blue ground Chinese rug approximately 188 cm x 91 cm 10 20
433 A woven woollen Kilim mat with geometric design in reds, brown, cream, black and navy,  approximately 242 cm x 152 cm 30 40
434 A Turkamann style runner approximately 334 cm x 91 cm 30 40
435 A modern machine woven black ground runner with Persian style floral design, approximately 176 cm x 91 cm 15 20
436 A large green ground carpet decorated with floral sprays, approximately 580 cm x 300 cm 20 40
437 A 1930s oak open armchair with drop-in seat and barley twist supports 15 25
438 A small re-upholstered 1930s low armchair 10 20
439 A Regency mahogany open armchair, reduced 20 30
440 An oak framed open armchair 10 20
441 A set of six Victorian dining chairs on turned supports 60 100
442 A woolwork panel glazed tray with brass handles 10 20
443 Lucy Dawson ”Hoppy”, pencil and watercolour of a Welsh Corgi, signed to lower right and housed in a mahogany and gilt frame 10 20
444 An oil on canvas of a flower study showing autumn leaves and fruit by Mrs Isabella Lauder Thomson, labels en verso, glazed and housed in an ornate gilt frame 20 30
445 A set of six oak Carolean style hump backed dining chairs with over stuffed seats, upholstered in striped fabric 20 50
446 A Victorian button-back low armchair 40 60
447 A pair of oak framed open armchairs 10 20
448 A collection of pictures and prints to include Louis Wain and Cecil Aldin examples, a panoramic coloured photographic print of Tunbridge Wells from Mount Ephraim, an inscribed photograph of a sailing ship plus other items (1 box) 30 40
449 A floral upholstered three-seat Knoll drop-end sofa 30 50
450 A pair of 20th century brown leather tub-shaped armchairs on tapering supports 60 100
451 An Edwardian inlaid two seater sofa 100 150
452 A white Lloyd Loom low chair 15 25
453 A pair of leather reception swivel chairs 60 80
454 A set of four Victorian balloon back chairs with shaped top rails and carved backs above over-stuffed seats on baluster turned supports 20 30
455 A pair of French style cane back open armchairs 80 100
456 A small pine two-door wardrobe with base drawer 100 150
457 A 1970s bentwood ply stool with magazine rack (2 items) 20 30
458 A freestanding oak bookshelf, a demi-lune pine wall shelf and two modern mahogany stained ornate shelf units (4 items) 10 20
459 A 19th century walnut bookcase top fitted with two glazed panelled doors with brass swing handles and escutcheons, on shaped supports 20 40
460 A 20th century pine dresser, the top fitted with two panel-glazed cupboards, a single shelf and three drawers, the dog kennel base with three short drawers above two panelled cupboards,  raised on bracket supports 60 80
461 A light oak two-door wardrobe 50 80
462 A white and gilt bedroom suite (14 pieces) 100 200
463 An early 20th century walnut wall shelf with fleur de lys pierced decoration 10 20
464 A 20th century heavily carved mahogany easel 50 70
465 An oak hall stand and assorted sticks 10 20
466 An oak Arts & Crafts sideboard, the rectangular moulded top above three carved drawers with scrolling handles, over three carved panelled cupboard doors, raised on squat supports 40 60
467 An Edwardian mirror back dressing chest fitted with two short, over two long drawers, raised on bun feet 30 40
468 A mahogany pole screen with embroidered and glazed panel depicting an arrangement of flowers and grasses 20 40
469 A pine dining table on x-frame supports 20 30
470 A 20th century painted mahogany serpentine dressing table fitted with triple aspect mirror, four short and one long drawer, on cabriole supports together with a matching stool 20 30
471 An ornate 20th century mahogany four poster bed, carved with Asiatic pheasants and fleur des lys, the fluted columns with gilt ceramic cup finials, reputedly having previously belonged to Simon Fuller (The Spice Girls first manager) 400 500
472 A French 20th century five-branch gilt, brass and glass chandelier 150 250
473 A small stained pine tool chest 10 20
474 An oak box stool with carved panel front and lift up lid 20 30
475 A stripped pine cupboard comprised of single cupboard door beside two short and one long drawer 30 50
476 A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table, the rectangular top with rounded corners, on square chamfered supports, 72 cm h x 120 cm w x 92 cm d 10 20
477 A Victorian carved mahogany nursing chair 20 40
478 A Gordon Russell light oak knee-hole desk fitted with single cupboard and three short drawers, possibly dating from the 1950s 100 150
479 A 20th century beech rocking chair, the shaped lathe back and scrolling arms above a solid seat, on turned supports and stretcher 25 45
480 A medium tan sheepskin thigh length coat by House of Fraser 20 30
481 A dark fur three-quarter length coat 50 70
482 A lady’s knee-length mid-brown mink fur coat with satin lining, side pockets, hook and eye fastening and turned back cuffs 30 40
483 A light tan sheepskin thigh length coat styled by Richard Draper 20 30
484 A gentleman’s navy blue overcoat with satin lining, pockets and rear vent 25 35
485 Three pairs of gentleman’s formal trousers together with two blue waistcoats by Laurence Highman, East London 10 20
486 A cotton christening gown together with a white hand-knitted matinee jacket 15 25
487 A gentleman’s navy blue double-breasted cotton Gaberdine raincoat by Marks & Spencer, with check lining, pockets, rear vent and belt 25 35
488 A gentleman’s vintage English soft black leather jacket by Philmar Clad, Nottingham, 42” chest with checked woollen lining, zip front, internal and external pockets 30 50
489 A gentleman’s navy blue wool and cashmere overcoat by Laurence Highman of East London, 40” chest 25 35
490 A gentleman’s new navy blue two-piece suit by Brook Taverner, waist 36”, 42” chest 20 30
491 A gentleman’s airforce blue two-piece wool and polyester suit by Homes 20 30
492 A gentleman’s new black two-piece suit by Brook Taverner, waist 36”, chest 42” together with a plastic zip-fronted protective travel case 20 30
493 A gentleman’s new navy blue two-piece suit by Brook Taverner, waist 36”, chest 42” together with a plastic zip-fronted protective travel case 20 30
494 A gentleman’s new black two-piece suit by Brook Taverner, waist 36”, chest 42” together with a plastic zip-fronted protective travel case. 20 30
495 A gentleman’s new black two-piece suit by Brook Taverner, waist 36”, chest 42” together with a plastic zip-fronted protective travel case 20 30
496 A set of four leatherette and chrome 1960s style open armchairs 30 50
497 A vintage painted bench, the shaped back rail decorated with hand-painted flowers and scrolling leaves, above a rectangular seat, raised on chamfered pole supports 40 60
498 An early 20th century pine cupboard fitted with two frieze drawers above two panelled cupboard doors enclosing a single shelf, raised on a plinth base 60 100
499 An Edwardian chequer strung piano stool with leather upholstered seat 10 20
500 An oak draw leaf table 40 60
501 A nest of three 1960s occasional tables 20 30
502 A reproduction kidney-shaped desk 10 20
503 Three carved walnut occasional tables on cabriole supports 15 20
504 A 20th century yew twin-pedestal desk with tooled leather insert and three frieze drawers, each pedestal fitted with a series of drawers, raised on bracket feet 30 50
505 A pine kitchen table on turned supports 150 200
506 A set of six oak Ercol dining chairs 100 150
507 A pair of 1950s oak stools with blue leatherette upholstered seats 10 20
508 A Victorian mahogany Pembroke table on turned supports and with a fitted single drawer 50 60
509 A small child’s stick back chair with shell seat 30 40
510 A circular mahogany pedestal reproduction table 10 15
511 A 19th century mahogany pot cupboard, the carved rail and serpentine top above a bevelled edge mirrored panel and single carved cupboard, enclosing a single shelf 20 30
512 An oak glazed freestanding bookcase unit 20 30
513 A 20th century oak side chest, the rectangular top with bread board ends, above four drawers with drop handles, on square supports 40 60
514 A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers with turned handles 80 120
515 A pair of Ercol style elm stick-back dining chairs 10 20
516 A 1930s oval gate leg table, the moulded top above baluster supports and stretchers 10 20
517 A 1960s/1970s multi-coloured tile topped table 20 30
518 A mid-20th century pine washstand , the rectangular top with three quarter gallery and shaped frieze on turned supports and under-tier 50 70
519 A small mahogany style sofa table fitted with tooled green leather inserts and single frieze drawer, supported on a pedestal base 15 25
520 A turned ebonised jardiniere stand 10 20
521 A light oak chest of four long drawers raised on bracket supports 20 30
522 A Victorian mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers 80 120
523 A modern mahogany sofa table with tooled green leather insert 20 30
524 A bow-front mahogany 19th century chest of drawers 100 150
525 An early 19th century oak corner cupboard, the moulded frame around a cross-banded cupboard door enclosing two shelves, 97 cm H x 70 cm W x 30 cm D 20 30
526 A white painted Victorian chest of four drawers 30 40
527 An oriental circular brass table on a bobbin turned support 15 25
528 A rectangular section 19th century  mahogany wine cooler converted to a log box 70 100
529 A modern ‘Stag’ mahogany chest of three short and two long drawers 15 25
530 A mid-20th century mahogany two-tier tea trolley 15 25
531 A 20th century pine wash stand, the moulded top with three quarter gallery above a single frieze drawer on tapering turned supports 30 50
532 A 1930s reproduction oak blanket box with carved detail to the front 50 80
533 A 19th century walnut bow-front chest of two short above three graduated drawers, with brass ring drop handles, raised on bracket supports 80 120
534 A late 18th/early 19th century oak corner cupboard, the carved cornice above a single door carved with serpents, birds and flowers, with brass H-shaped hinges and escutcheon, enclosing two shaped shelves and drawers, possibly Welsh 60 100
535 A 19th century flame figured mahogany bow-front chest fitted with two short above three long graduated cock-beaded drawers, raised on bracket supports 80 120
536 A large carved oak Art Nouveau sideboard 10 20
537 A nest of three mahogany side tables, the moulded tops on square tapering supports 20 30
538 A revolving early 19th century mahogany piano stool 50 80
539 An ”Ipswich” oak side cupboard with carved panelled door on baluster turned supports 50 80
540 A circular oak occasional table on turned supports 15 20
541 An Edwardian mahogany occasional table, the pie crust top with moulded edge, on slender cabriole supports and under-tier 10 20
542 A 19th century mahogany wind-out table, the rectangular moulded top with extra leaves above a plain frieze on cabriole supports 30 50
543 Six Edwardian mahogany dining chairs, the carved back above a padded seat, on ring turned legs 20 30
544 An oak chest of three drawers with Art Nouveau handles 20 40
545 An Edwardian nursing chair with carved back 10 20
546 A solid pine bedside chest, the square moulded top above three panelled drawers with brass swan neck handles, raised on bracket feet 20 30
547 A 20th century pine display cabinet with moulded rectangular top above a single glazed door enclosing two shelves, on a plinth base 30 50
548 An Edwardian inlaid card table fitted with two frieze drawers, with single under-tier 150 200
549 A brass-bound mahogany twin-pedestal campaign desk 100 200
550 A mid-20th century Singer cast iron and mahogany adjustable stool 60 70
551 An Edwardian mahogany dressing table, the moulded top with mirror and two small drawers above two frieze drawers, on turned supports 30 40
552 A George III oak glazed corner cupboard 100 150
553 A pair of 20th century oak side chairs, the upholstered rail with carved finials above a padded seat, on square carved supports and shaped stretchers 30 40
554 A William IV mahogany Pembroke table, the top with rounded corners above a plain frieze, on moulded chamfered supports,  72 cm H x 120 cm W x 92 cm D 10 20
555 A 19th century mahogany inlaid kidney-shaped dressing table, the moulded top above two frieze drawers, on fluted carved supports and cross stretcher, with later feet 30 50
556 A green painted miniature chest of eight drawers 10 20
557 An Art Nouveau mahogany corner chair on turned supports 20 30
558 A pair of children’s elm chairs 40 60
559 A 20th century oak games table, the rectangular top inlaid with chess and cribbage boards, above a single frieze drawer, on square tapering supports 40 50
560 A 19th century mahogany dressing chest, the rectangular moulded top with shaped three-quarter gallery, above two short and two long drawers with turned bun handles and mother of pearl inlay, raised on turned supports 80 120
561 An Edwardian walnut chest of two short and three long drawers with brass swing handles, raised on a plinth base 50 100
562 A 20th century faux tortoiseshell coffee table, the rectangular top with brass-bound corners, on square section supports 15 25
563 An early 20th century folding table, the moulded circular top on tapering turned supports 15 25
564 A late 19th century mahogany bow-front chest of two short and one long drawer fitted with brass swing handles, raised on sabre shaped legs 50 70
565 A 1960s three-piece bedroom suite comprised of a double wardrobe, dressing table and tall-boy 10 20
566 An oak 1920s cupboard 10 20
567 A 1930s oak single wardrobe, the carved frieze above a bevel edge mirrored door, on shaped bracket supports 20 30
568 A small 20th century oak open bookcase fitted with three shelves 15 25
569 A Victorian walnut chest, the rectangular top with rounded corners, above two short and three graduated drawers, on a plinth base 40 60
570 A 20th century yew  bureau bookcase, the moulded cornice above a pair of astragal glazed doors enclosing two adjustable shelves, the base with sloping fall enclosing pigeon holes, drawers and tooled leather insert, above two short and three graduated long drawers, on bracket supports 30 50
571 A 20th century pine dresser, the glazed cupboard top above two short drawers and double panelled cupboard base 50 100
572 An elm seated kitchen chair on turned supports 10 15
573 A white painted chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, raised on a plinth base 20 30
574 An Old Charm oak dome topped dresser 50 100
575 An Edwardian mahogany single mirror door wardrobe 20 40
576 A 1960s/1970s chrome and glass six-branch electrolier 20 40
577 A 20th century brass ten-branch electrolier 40 60
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