Clocks and Watches – 26th January 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
15 An assortment of clock and watch parts, watch maker’s equipment and mantel clocks (1 box) 20 30
113 An assortment of clocks and watches to include two oak-cased mantel clocks, retro alarm clocks by Polaris and Uhrex plus cased travel alarm clocks and other items (1 box) 20 30
117 An Edwardian mahogany mantel clock having a German Westminster movement 25 35
205 A pair of Victorian clock garnitures in the form of circular temples with figures mounted to the centre 20 40
211 A square ebony cased mantel clock with mahogany inlay, mounted in a rectangular support with column decoration, the black and brass face showing Roman numerals 20 30
218 A 1960s German Kundo electronic brass and glass cased mantel clock 15 25
228 A Victorian black slate mantel clock 30 40
275 A mid-20th century mantel clock, the brass and enamel dial with Roman numerals, monogrammed J.U.E, housed in an oak case 20 30
300 A gentleman’s Omega automatic gold-plated wrist watch with baton numerals, date aperture and leather strap 50 80
305 A Continental 0.800 standard silver cased keyless pocket watch, the white enamel dial with subsidiary seconds dial, with silver fob chain, other pocket watches, jewellery and miscellaneous items including a pair of polished steel buckles with matching buttons, a collection of buttons, and gold and silver items (3 boxes) 40 60
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