Clocks & Watches – 23rd February 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
12 An assortment of clocks and watches (1 box) 10 15
28 A mid-20th century oak cased mantel clock, the brass dial with Arabic numerals, flanked by barley twist columns 10 20
47 An inlaid Edwardian mahogany mantel clock 20 30
55 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany dome-top mantel clock, the enamel dial with Arabic numerals, raised on brass bun feet 30 40
56 A French brass square timepiece, the enamel dial with Roman numerals, mounted on bun feet 20 30
144 A Black Forest 20th century cuckoo clock 40 60
296 A Victorian black slate mantel clock 20 30
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