Miscellaneous – 23rd March 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
79 Miscellaneous items to include three model ships, an inlaid lacquered box, a lacquered tray decorated with butterflies, maps, vintage tins, a military swagger stick, child’s vintage cotton clothing plus other items (2 boxes) 20 30
90 A gilt brass dressing table set comprised of mirrors, brushes, trinket boxes etc, a cased gilt brass dressing table set plus other dressing table accessories (1 box) 15 25
98 A Minolta 110 zoom 35 mm camera, a Coronet Twelve 20 box camera, a Houghton-Butcher bellows camera together with an Olympus Superzoom 70 35 mm camera (1 box) 20 30
100 A collection of miscellaneous items to include a 19th century relief moulded harvest jug, silver plated teapot, a Ridgways 1960s/70s bone china coffee sets plus other items (1 box) 20 30
119 Four polished sectional marble bowls 30 40
129 Assorted ceramics and glass, a silver-plated four-piece cruet and African carvings 25 35
137 A collection of enamel kitchenalia, turned candlesticks plus other items (1 box) 20 30
143 Miscellaneous items to include a small decorative axe with ornate brass head and turned oak handle, brass candlesticks, a circular oak cased barometer, a silver plated water jug, prints etc (1 box) 20 30
163 A coopered oak bucket with bentwood handle (a/f) 30 40
164 Miscellaneous items including silver plated goblets and trays, a ceramic lamp and shade, untested and sold as spares, marble coasters, Victorian binoculars, a jardiniere, a velvet covered footstool etc (1 box) 15 25
165 A collection of theatrical face masks and accessories including a cast brass example (1 box). 15 25
176 A box of miscellaneous items including a hanging ceiling oil lamp style light and other items 30 40
179 Assorted metalware, brass door furniture, including locks, door plates, knobs, handles etc together with light switches, a pair of taps with ceramic insert ‘Bolding, London’, extending shaving mirror etc (1 box). 40 60
269 A Bang & Olufsen television and stand, CD radio and DVD player.  Untested and sold as spares 100 150
276 A wool work panel glazed tray with brass handles 10 20
287 A vintage teak spirit level 10 15
313 Miscellaneous items to include vintage local ordnance survey maps, two rosewood set squares, a chestnut roaster etc. 15 20
317 A pair of 1950s plaster gold painted cherub wall brackets 60 80
329 A quantity of good quality unused watercolour paper and accessories 10 20
348 A pair of plaster sleeping fairy figures together with a cast iron letter rack 15 20
384 LOT 384 IS A NO LOT 0 0
385 A box of miscellaneous items to include two ceramic figural drinks pourers,  plated bon-bon dishes with blue glass liners, two trinket boxes, pen knives. sewing box, a collection of vintage stamps plus other items (1 box) 20 30
387 An Edwardian ivory backed part dressing table set and other ivory items including ivory handled steel knives. 25 35
390 A small cloisonné lidded jar, a figural bronzed plaque and a carved amber Oriental figure (3 items) 10 20
391 A small bronzed Buddha head mounted on a stand 10 20
397 A small quantity of silver plated cutlery and paste set studs etc (1 box) 10 15
412 A small plain meerschaum pipe, cased, a brass ‘The Metropolitan’ whistle, an ivory-handled Malacca cane and a small collection of 19th century and later coins 20 30
415 LOT 415 IS A NO LOT 0 0
426 Miscellaneous items to include a gilt dressing table set, wall sconce, artists watercolours, postcards, costume jewellery, coins plus other items. 20 30
455 A collection of vintage and modern golf clubs and bags 10 20
460 A vintage coopered oak iron-bound butter churn 15 25
465 A childs’ mountain bike. 10 20
467 A childs’ mountain bike. 10 20
474 A yellow fibre glass one-man canoe 20 30
482 A childs’ rocking horse. 10 20
494 A leather suitcase and three others 20 30
512 A pair of Solomon skis, approximately 74 inches long, with bag 20 30
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