Catalogue – 20th April 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
1 A Mdina knobbly glass vase, three Mdina paperweights plus an amethyst-flash glass vase (1 box) 30 40
2 A collection of Royal Doulton ceramics to include a ‘Bread at Pleasure, Drink by Measure’ stoneware jug, a Harvest Ware teapot and stand plus sugar bowl, a Series ware decanter and a tobacco jar and ashtray (1 box) 40 60
3 A Lladro porcelain figure of a young girl, a Copenhagen vase decorated with a sailing ship together with a collection of other ceramics and metalware (1 box) 30 40
4 M. Booth, oil on canvas, still life of tulips and forsythia, signed to lower left with label to verso, housed in a gilt and painted frame 10 20
5 Patti Wright, ”Henley-on-Thames”, oil on board, signed to lower right and housed in a gilt frame 15 25
6 A pair of large modernist photos in aluminium frames. 15 25
7 Francis Edward James (1849-1920),  ‘Fuschias’,  watercolour, signed to lower left, label to verso and housed in a gilt frame 30 50
8 A 20th century pastel landscape of fields, river and trees to background. Indistinctly signed to lower right with label to verso, housed in an oak frame. 15 25
9 A modern weight-driven wall clock bearing the inscription ‘Tempus Fugit’ with pear-shaped weight (1 box) 15 25
10 A collection of 1950s/1960s photographic postcards and postcard booklets (1 box) 30 40
11 A large quantity of 1930s Art Deco Bristol Poutney & Co Ltd dinnerware including platters, plates, tureens etc (2 boxes) 30 40
12 Miscellaneous ephemera to include Dame Anna Negal signed photographic print, an original copy of The Times newspaper dated Wednesday November 23rd 1904, a Royal commemorative copy of the Weekly Illustrated dated Saturday February 13th 1937, plus other items (1 box) 15 25
13 A collection of carved elephants, a marquetry cigarette box, a novelty photograph album in the form of a chest plus a quantity of ceramic tiles (1 box) 15 20
14 Two watercolours, one of a Scottish mountain lake scene with buildings to the foreground, the other a summer hillside scene with river to the foreground, possibly Exmoor, both unsigned and housed in gilt frames 10 20
15 Two framed 19th century samplers, one by Elizabeth Ranson, Ipswich, June 12th 1835, the other by E.A.Wright, June 14th, 1839 (2 items) 40 60
16 A 20th century watercolour, Scottish loch scene with mountains to the background and figures to the shore, unsigned and housed in a gilt frame 20 30
17 Henry George Walker (Exh 1921 – 31), ‘Cottages by Cleeve Pier’, coloured etching, signed lower right, title en verso, framed and glazed 10 20
18 Assorted ceramics to include Swinnertons ‘Luxor Velum’ pattern Tuscan pottery, Coalport, Maddock coffee pot, cups and saucers, Royal Worcester plus others (3 boxes) 15 25
19 A collection of silver-plate including cutlery, collector’s spoons, cups, teapot, trays etc plus other items (1 box) 30 40
20 A collection of Doulton and Royal Doulton comprised of a pair of Royal Doulton blue glazed tapering vases, a pair of Doulton vases decorated with flowers, a single blue and green glazed vase, a bottle-shaped vase together with two 19th century floral decorated jugs (1 box) 40 60
21 G. A. Slater, ‘Near the Docks in Marseilles’, pencil on card, signed and dated ’39, framed 15 25
22 A 20th century print of a watercolour entitled ‘St. Paul’s Bay, Malta’, unsigned, framed and glazed 20 30
23 An early 20th century engraving of a portrait of a bespectacled gentleman, signed F. Huth to lower right, indistinctly signed to lower left and housed in an ebonised and gilt frame 20 30
24 A 19th century colour engraving from the ‘Cries of London series entitled ‘Strawberries, Scarlet Strawberries’, from a painting by F Wheatley, R.A., engraved by Vendramm, housed in an ornate ebonised frame 10 20
25 A late 19th century engraving, ‘The Liverpool Grand National Steeple Chase’, originally painted by J Sturgess and engraved by E.G.Hester, housed in a white painted frame 30 50
26 H. Sparling, Rye High Street, watercolour, signed to lower left with label to verso 20 40
27 H. Sparling, Rye Harbour, watercolour, signed to lower left, label to verso 20 40
28 A boxed set of 12 fruit knives and forks with ornate decoration,  a boxed set of fish knives and forks, a boxed set of six butter knives plus a set of fish knives and forks (1 box) 30 40
29 A pair of early 20th century Watson-Baker Bing Prism MkII binoculars, a pair of 1930s Kershaw Bakelite opera glasses, a pair of enamel and brass opera glasses, a pair of Sunagor cased binoculars, a pair of Kershaw ‘Sportsman’ binoculars together with three modern cameras (1 box) 30 50
30 A quantity of Mason’s ‘Denmark’ pattern dinnerware to include tureens, bowls and side plates(1 box) 20 30
31 A set of five graduated copper saucepans together with a copper chamber stick, a copper kettle and an iron anvil (1 box) 30 40
32 A Satsuma pottery shaped bowl and stand decorated with deities and dragons, a cloisonne lidded ginger jar, a cloisonne lidded pot decorated with dragons and birds plus other Oriental items (1 box) 30 40
33 A 1950s chemistry stand and accessories (1 box) 15 20
34 Seven assorted lathe chisels with beech handles (1 box) 20 30
35 G. Hooker, oil on board of a lake with pine trees and mountains to the background, signed to lower right and housed in a gilt frame 10 20
36 A pastel of a King Charles Spaniel watching a bumble bee, signed to lower right, possibly by Cecil Elgar, housed in a gilt and painted frame 30 50
37 An oil on canvas of sunflowers and a watercolour of irises (2 items) 15 25
38 J Armstrong Neame (Exh. 1920 – 35), barges on the river Thames, etching, signed lower right and dated 1920, framed and glazed 15 20
39 An early 20th century novelty coloured print of laughing dogs, signed in pencil to lower right and housed in an oak frame 15 25
40 Oliver Trowell, oil on canvas, brick-built bungalow with shrubs and trees to driveway and starlings to foreground, signed to lower left and housed in an ornate gilt frame 20 30
41 A large quantity of silver plate, other metalware and glassware including stoppers (2 boxes) 60 80
42 An original film script for the movie ‘Turner & Hooch’ 10 15
43 A poker chip table-top dispenser 10 15
44 Two pairs of binoculars, cased 15 25
45 Three leather and canvas-bound volumes of ‘Hand Atlas of Human Anatomy’ by Werner Spalteholz and others, covering bones, joints, ligaments, brain, nerves, muscles, blood vessels etc, dated 1900, 1901 and 1903 (1 box) 30 40
46 An Edwardian ivory backed part dressing table set and other ivory items including ivory handled steel knives (1 box) 15 25
47 A green Morocco bound jewellery box with two fitted removable trays and original key 15 25
48 A Royal Doulton ‘Counterpoint’ pattern porcelain dinner service for six-place settings, pattern number H5025 (2 boxes) 40 60
49 A needlework panel of a courting couple on a bridge with swans, housed in an ornate gilt frame 20 30
50 Golfing interest, a Punch magazine plate entitled ‘P’raps you’d better go on ahead’, dated October 31 1928 10 20
51 W.A. Porter, oil on board of oak trees, signed to lower right and housed in a gilt frame 15 20
52 A pair of rectangular bevelled edge mirrors housed in wooden gilt frames 15 25
53 A 20th century oil on canvas, still life of yellow and pink roses, indistinctly signed to lower right and housed in an ornate gilt frame 10 20
54 Oliver Trowell, watercolour, farm buildings by the downs, signed to lower left and housed in a gilt frame 30 40
55 A limited edition print numbered 19/90, contemporary landscape, indistinctly signed to lower right and dated 06, housed in a  gilt frame 15 20
56 Two 19th century framed samplers, one by ‘Ann Emerson, her work in the year 1853’, the other indistinctly signed 30 50
57 Oliver Trowell, oil on canvas, a weather-boarded bungalow and garden with sunflowers, shrubs and tennis court to foreground, signed to lower left and housed in a painted and gilt frame 20 30
58 A large quantity of green and white ceramic dinnerware including side plates, dinner plates and tureen, maker’s mark to base (2 boxes) 20 30
59 A Chinese brush pot, a soapstone spill vase with mouse decoration, a carved hardstone sceptre plus a soap stone sage (1 box) 45 55
60 A hand-painted lemonade jug and glasses (1 box) 15 25
61 A collection of cut-glass lustres including part of a bag light (1 box) 10 15
62 A quantity of assorted Victorian and later ceramics to include Empire ware, Royal Crown Derby, Royal Albert plus others (1 box) 10 20
63 A colour print of Lord’s cricket ground, indistinctly signed to lower right and housed in a gilt and mahogany frame 10 20
64 A late 19th century oil on canvas, possibly Scottish hillside with bridge and river flowing to the sea, unsigned and housed in a gilt frame 15 25
65 Two dry point etchings each signed in pencil, entitled ‘Venice’ and ‘Evening Flow’ (2 items) 15 25
66 A modern rectangular wall mirror with simulated mahogany and gilt frame 10 15
67 A modern 20th century large machine-woven tapestry depicting figures, suspended from a brass pole 50 60
68 J. Well, oil on canvas, depicting cattle grazing at the water’s edge 30 50
69 Christine Bernhardt-Kirby (1914-2008), oil on board ‘Creature Comforts’, under the guidance of Jonas Plosky (1940-2011) 50 70
70 A collection of early postcards, tea cards, cigarette cards, maps, Christmas cards etc together with three assorted boxes (2 boxes) 20 30
71 A folio of assorted watercolours dating from the mid-20th century, most signed K. Wills, on varying subjects (1 box) 20 40
72 A Wedgwood ‘Woodbury’ pattern part dinner service (1 box) 15 25
73 Two early 20th century etchings of farmhouses, indistinctly signed in pencil to mount and two watercolours of Valle Crucis Abbey, Llangollen (4 items) 20 30
74 A print of a Lancaster aeroplane crossing the east coast together with two car prints (3 items) 30 40
75 Assorted Bakelite and plastic dial telephones, a ‘Dansette Gem’ transistor radio, a ‘Philco Tropic’ radio plus three cameras. All untested and sold as spares. (1 box) 40 50
76 An ebony dressing table set comprised of a tray, candlesticks, atomizer, glove stretchers etc together with a graduated set of ebony elephants (1 box) 40 60
77 Assorted children’s books to include Grimm’s Fairy Tales, The Oxford Annual for Scouts plus two copies of Rupert the Bear Adventure Series Nos 5 and 7 (2 boxes) 30 40
78 Assorted brass and metalware to include a 1950s cake tin, an Indian brass twin-handled tray, a heavy brass bowl, a pewter tankard, bells,a  letter rack plus other items ( 1 box) 20 30
79 A still life watercolour of orchids, unsigned and housed in a gilt frame 10 20
80 A vintage ‘Navy, Army, Air Force N.A.A.F.I’ enamel advertising sign 120 150
81 A vintage ‘Agent for Berrie & Dyer & Co’ enamel double-sided advertising sign 80 100
82 Karl Schmidbauer (1921-1998), oil on canvas of mountainous view entitled ‘The Secluded Cabin’, signed, unframed and bearing a label to the reverse 30 50
83 Assorted modern books to include Army & Navy Stores Ltd, General Price List, Mrs. Beeton’s Every Day Cooking, The Wind in the Willows etc (1 box) 20 30
84 A Goebel Hummel clown doll ‘Carnival’, with porcelain head, hands and feet and fabric torso, with original labels 20 30
85 A 19th century Continental oil on board of a seated gentleman and a child, together with six French hand-coloured prints of various traders 30 50
86 Six Victorian glazed fire surround tiles with floral design (1 box) 10 15
87 A Kodak folding Brownie bellows camera, a pair of Prinzlux Spacemaster binoculars and travelling sweet tin (1 box) 15 25
88 A collection of vintage cameras to include The Folding Ensign camera, a Kodak Brownie camera, a Ranger Ensign bellows camera plus other items (1 box) 50 80
89 A cased brass parallel slide rule by U.W.W. of Birmingham, a 1970s dial telephone plus a Sweet Zone mandolin (1 box) 20 30
90 A collection of Victorian and later dinner plates to include Wedgwood, George Jones, Soho pottery etc together with a Japanese eggshell porcelain coffee set (2 boxes) 20 30
91 Assorted Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’ pattern tea ware (2 boxes) 80 120
92 Miscellaneous items including a 19th century framed sampler, vintage tins, toys, a deed box, a truncheon, two plaster-mounted mirrors, a decoupage bowl and plate, a jig-saw and other items (2 boxes) 20 30
93 A 20th century oil painting of a Singapore street scene, housed in a gilt frame 20 30
94 W.P.Burtt, signed watercolour of a garden 15 20
95 E. Wilkins, watercolour, seascape of sailing boats, signed to lower left and housed in a beech frame 20 30
96 A vintage warning cast-iron road sign showing children playing with a ball 60 80
97 A vintage ‘Will’s Gold Flake’ enamel sign 120 150
98 Rev. S. Shaw, ‘View of Elford from the south-east’, watercolour, signed and dated 1797 to lower left, housed in a wooden frame 80 100
99 Felix Kelly, ‘Old Cater Ryder Building at 1 King William’s Street, London EC4’, limited edition print of 125 commissioned from the original in 1971, signed in pen to lower right and housed in a wood and gilt frame 120 150
100 A 1930s 12-place porcelain tea set together with a quantity of Victorian and later ceramics (3 boxes) 10 20
101 A quantity of boxed Wedgwood ceramics to include plates, vases, dishes, candle holders etc together with two boxed Coalport commemorative sweet dishes and a Royal Doulton-style vase (1 box) 20 30
102 Rowing at sundown, oil on canvas, with a tree-lined background, monogrammed PAK to lower right and housed in a gilt frame. 15 25
103 A 19th century hand-coloured engraving of a pair of bulls, indistinctly signed to lower left and housed in a wooden frame 10 20
104 A Falkirk Iron Co ‘Cross the Railway by the Bridge Only’ vintage enamel sign 100 120
105 Heinrich Windelschmidt, watercolour of Madonna and child, signed, mounted and framed 30 50
106 A 19th century engraving of a Continental street scene by A.E.Hubert, dated 1876, housed in an ebonized and gilt frame 10 20
107 A 20th century red and black print of a young shepherd and sheep, signed Wandby in the plate 20 30
108 An etching of a Persian cat, signed D. Sandhem, 17/25 30 40
109 A Japanese print depicting peasant figures with horse and bull, with chop stamp and Japanese text 25 35
110 Assorted glassware to include cranberry wine glasses (2 boxes) 20 30
111 A large quantity of Scalextrix track together with assorted racing cars, including an early Bentley MM/C64 and a Lotus, together with track-side figures, fencing etc plus Mecanno pieces, controllers and other items (2 boxes) 60 100
112 Assorted brassware including a miner’s lamp, copperware and pewter (1 box) 20 30
113 A 19th century hand-coloured engraving inscribed ‘Dutch Sam’, fought over 100 battles, last battle in 1814′ 30 40
114 Eileen Constance Greenwood (1915-2008), signed limited edition etching ‘The Antiques Shop’, numbered 35/150 25 35
115 Max Bill, poster advertising exhibition at the Marlborough Fine Art Gallery, London 1974 30 50
116 A colour engraving, ‘Bendigo’, W. Thompson Champion of England’, originally engraved by Chas. Hunt 30 40
117 Emma Leschallas, pair of watercolours, one entitled ‘Fat Pig’, both signed and dated to lower left and right, 1992, housed in gilt frames 20 40
118 A 19th century hand-coloured engraving inscribed ‘Deaf Burke’, early 18th century pugilist born December 1809, housed in a maple frame 30 40
119 A large 20th century Chinese porcelain hand-painted vase decorated with figural scenes and floral vignettes, a pair of 20th century Chinese goldfish bowl jardinieres and one other (4 items) 20 40
120 Miscellaneous items to include a Port Meirion bowl and wash jug, another similar, a quantity of silver-plated cutlery, some boxed, together with glass items, other silver plate, an ivory-backed brush and cotton place mats (3 boxes) 20 30
121 A collection of leather-bound antique books including ‘Cornelius Nepos’s Lives of the Excellent Commanders’, by John Clarke, 1748, and other volumes and four volumes of cartoons from Punch (1 box) 120 180
122 20th century acrylic/watercolour, study of figures moving pictures in an art gallery, signed ‘Boyd’, framed 80 100
123 A limited edition print entitled ‘Squatter Huts’ 101/500, signed to lower right 10 20
124 Darrell Lawrence, ”Solar Swirl”, a coloured print, signed to lower left and housed in a silver frame 10 20
125 A late Victorian coloured engraving of a horse and jockey entitled ‘Robert the Devil, Winner of the Grand Prize, Paris 1880’ 15 20
126 Lee Young (1914 – 1988), oil on canvas of a sea Captain with pipe, signed to lower left and housed in an ornate gilt frame 40 50
127 W. T. Bracewell, (Act. c.1820-1850), watercolour of a seated young lady with flowers, signed to lower left and dated 1847, housed in a gilt frame 30 40
128 A collection of 15 ceramic dog ornaments including a Szeiler figure of a bloodhound and a USSR pottery figure of a tiger cub (2 boxes) 20 40
129 Three Pratt Ware pot lids entitled ‘Uncle Toby’, ‘The Best Card’ and ‘The Late Prince Consort’ (1 box) 40 60
130 A Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’ pattern tea set comprised of 47 pieces including tea pot, dinner plates, napkins etc (`1 box) 50 80
131 Beryl Booth, still life of roses and fruit, oil on board, monogrammed to lower right, label to verso, housed in a painted frame 10 15
132 Lorna Vahey, ‘I Won’t Dance, Don’t Ask Me’, oil on board view of a figure on a bench, signed, dated and housed in an ornate painted frame, label to the reverse 30 50
133 A collection of assorted 20th century postcards (1 box) 20 30
134 A 19th century rosewood writing slope with interior tooled velvet insert and two glass ink bottles with brass tops, complete with key 50 60
135 A cased pair of Zenith 10 x 50 field binoculars 20 40
136 Two boxes of assorted 20th century figures, trinket boxes, coasters etc (2 boxes) 10 20
137 V. Talbot, oil on canvas, dock yard scene, signed and dated ’77 to lower right and housed in a white painted frame 10 20
138 A print of a reclining nude inscribed to margin Sir William Russell Flint 10 15
139 R. King, oil on canvas, rural scene depicting a thatched cottage, a village church and a river 50 60
140 Indian watercolour, bride and husband on camel with following attendants 50 60
141 A collection of 20th century first day covers (1 box) 20 30
142 A graduated pair of green glazed jugs moulded in relief with flowers and hand-painted decoration and a six-place tea set (1 box) 30 50
143 An Edwardian inlaid mantel clock and a 1930s mantel clock (2 items) 40 60
144 Assorted glassware including cut-glass decanters, vases and flower basket (1 box) 20 30
145 A collection of miscellaneous Victorian and later ceramics to include two child’s mugs, an Aynsley trinket box plus other items (1 box) 15 25
146 A collection of Victorian book plates featuring birds, eggs, flowers, fish etc, some mounted, together with a box of ephemera including cigarette cards (1 box) 20 30
147 Various watercolours including a Victorian example showing a cluster of houses beside a lake with mountains to the background, signed and dated 1857, another of Bakehouse Close, Edinburgh, signed plus one other (3 items) 15 20
148 W.C.Lee, watercolour, Oriental village scene with pagoda to centre, signed to lower left and housed in a wood and gilt frame 10 20
149 Wallace R Hester (19th/20th century British) pair of engravings of Uppingham, both signed in pencil to lower left and housed in ebonised gilt frames 10 20
150 An assortment of silver-plated items including three trays, entree dishes, candlesticks etc (2 boxes) 30 40
151 A mid-20th century ebonised dressing table set comprised of a clock, an atomizer, candlesticks, brushes etc (1 box) 20 30
152 Assorted ceramics to include a Shelley Art Deco vase, a 1930s Folley ‘Crocus’ pattern part tea set, a pair of Gouda-style vases, two Royal Doulton ‘Bunnykins’ children’s bowl plus other items (3 boxes) 30 40
153 A pair of 1880s Dickins canvases with lithoprint images. 15 25
154 A Phisson Guillaume photographic print, Candida-Astra, Nioulargue sailing ships racing in the Louis Vuitton Tradition Trophy 10 20
155 Elizabeth Smith, local artist, oil on board, still life of flowers, monogrammed to lower left and labelled to verso, housed in a mahogany frame 10 20
156 A 20th century Polish school, oil on board, nude study 60 70
157 A copper bucket, three copper kettles plus a copper plaque embossed with a rampant lion (1 box) 30 40
158 Babette Cole, ‘Hair in Funny Places’, signed book poster with inscription to lower left together with an unsigned Babette Cole poster (2 items) 20 40
159 Two Victorian sentimental prints of babies 10 15
160 A wooden-cased Siemens & Halske machine for measuring electricity, a brass-cased mantel clock (a/f) and other clocks (1 box) 25 35
161 A modern brass three-arm chandelier with multi-facet lustres and two glass-effect round beaded shades. All Untested and sold as spares 20 30
162 Assorted ceramics to include Maxwell Williams ‘Colori’ coffee cans and saucers, Wedgwood ‘Avebury’ pattern vase and two large vases of ovoid form  (1 box) 15 20
163 A collection of assorted ceramics to include a Royal Crown Derby blue and white coffee cup and saucer, a Wade commemorative tankard, Coalport avocado dishes plus other ceramics (1 box) 20 30
164 A coin collector’s box containing ten trays  and other miscellaneous items including silver plate (1 box) 25 35
165 Assorted ceramics and glassware to include a quantity of Denby ware, an Aynsley porcelain posy ornament, shot glasses and other items (1 box) 10 20
166 A set of steel fire irons with brass handles 20 30
167 Miscellaneous items to include a vintage Kodak bellows camera, Royal Worcester collector’s plate, novelty huntsman teapot, silver-plated food warmer, Limoges cup and saucer etc (1 box) 20 40
168 Assorted ceramics and glass to include a cut-glass crystal rose bowl and decanter, a Wedgwood coffee pot, an art glass vase, a Victorian blue and white tureen plus other items (2 boxes) 20 30
169 A collection of canes and walking sticks to include African and Oriental examples together with a wrought iron stick stand 30 40
170 Assorted ceramics to include two boxed Aynsley commemorative tankards, a boxed Royal Doulton commemorative plate, a Staffordshire poodle, a Grindley ‘Cream Petal’ pattern tea-for-two, a Portmeirion ‘Botanic Garden’ pattern vase plus other items (2 boxes) 30 40
171 A modern Rococo-style brass-cased mantel clock and another modern wall clock with brass and wooden mounts together with a small display cabinet (3 items) 15 25
172 Assorted ceramics and glass including Wedgwood Booths etc together with a decanter (2 boxes) 20 30
173 Two ceramic chicken egg holders, a chicken wall pocket, a ceramic mallard duck plus other items (1 box) 10 20
174 A large volume of 19th century London Illustrated News magazine and assorted books (1 box) 15 25
175 Two boxes of assorted ceramics and glass to include vases, cow creamer, paperweights plus other items (2 boxes) 15 25
176 Miscellaneous items to include an oak brass-bound tray, two Georgian pewter measures, studio pottery bowls, a silver-plated salver plus three paintings (1 box) 30 40
177 Various 1950s/1960s children’s books and annuals together with games from the same era including Kent Edition Monopoly (2 boxes) 20 30
178 Assorted miscellaneous glass, ceramics and metalware including an Indian tray and other items (3 boxes) 10 15
179 A 1930s dome-top mantel clock, a brass-cased carriage clock, a Wedgwood jasperware mantel clock and barometers, a ceiling light with glass shade (1 box) 30 40
180 A collection of assorted 19th and 20th century brass and copper ware to include kettles, candlesticks, jardiniere plus other items (1 box) 20 40
181 A quantity of assorted ceramics, silver plate and other items to include a pair of Walker & Hall silver-plated spill vases, ceramic figures, trinket boxes, storage jars etc (2 boxes) 20 30
182 A mid-20th century plaster nativity set to include Jesus, Mary, the three Wise Men etc (1 box) 15 25
183 Assorted metalware including brass and silver plate, a large pair of brass water birds, candlesticks, a silver-plated tea set and other items plus two double-hemisphere foiled fire guards (1 box) 10 20
184 Assorted glassware, hand-thrown pottery, other ceramic items, coinage, metal pill boxes including an oval silver example with blue inlaid lid with shell decoration (2 boxes) 20 30
185 A collection of assorted ornaments, a blue and white transfer-decorated part dinner service and other ceramics (2 boxes) 10 20
186 A Black Forest carved novelty bedside lamp, a silver-plated teapot, an oriental doll, two oil lamps plus other items. All lamps untested and sold as spares (1 box) 20 40
187 A collection of assorted cut crystal wine glasses plus other glassware (2 boxes) 15 20
188 Assorted ceramics to include two Copeland Spode ‘Spode’s Trophies’ pattern tureens, soup dishes and platters, Minton ‘Vanessa’ pattern tea ware, Hammersley & Co tea ware etc (2 boxes) 20 40
189 An ebonized carved figure of an eagle perched on a rock plus four other tribal carvings (1 box) 30 40
190 Miscellaneous items to include a boxed Spong mincer, stoneware and glass bottles, glass and ceramic jelly moulds, scales and pan, a Timex pocket watch, boxed cigarette holder, silver plate plus other items (2 boxes) 20 30
191 A watercolour of a fishing boat by John Owen, signed and dated ’93 together with other prints 15 25
192 Assorted oils,watercolours, prints, maps etc to include two Ronald Searle character prints (1 box) 20 40
193 A collection of assorted ceramics and glassware to include part tea sets, hock glasses, a graduated set of Art Deco jugs plus other items (2 boxes) 20 30
194 Assorted textiles and a small machine-woven silk rug (1 box) 10 20
195 A collection of Oriental items including a pewter-mounted teapot, a terracotta teapot, a figure of a nodding gentleman and other items together with two Staffordshire pastel burners and other ceramics (1 box) 25 35
196 A reproduction 17th/18th century recruitment poster for the Frigate ‘The Flying Pallas’, as Captained by Lord Cochrane 10 20
197 A collection of blue and cream glazed ‘Classic Blue’ Denby pottery dinnerware and a glass bowl and plate, decorated with crocuses (1 box) 10 20
198 Two boxes of assorted cut crystal glass plus other glassware (2 boxes) 30 40
199 Assorted glass and ceramics to include a Gainsborough part tea set, Poole, wine glasses, figures etc (2 boxes) 20 30
200 A box of assorted pictures and prints to include Julie Douglas limited edition print 409/500 of Geese, a coloured engraving of Winchelsea Church, a Peter Scott ‘Flash by Two Tree’ print plus other items 15 25
201 A collection of assorted prints, watercolours, picture frames and photographic prints 10 20
202 Miscellaneous items to include binoculars, silver-plated tray, brass scales, Stratton chess set plus other items (1 box) 30 40
203 Miscellaneous items to include a box of red lacquered coasters with dragonfly detail, assorted pictures and prints including two oil on board landscapes by Joan Payne (1 box) 10 20
204 An ornate early 20th century mirror with bevelled plate and pierced, stamped scrolling foliate silvered copper frame 30 40
205 A large Victorian black slate mantel clock and garniture 70 80
206 Miscellaneous items to include metalware and ceramics, porcelain fish and bird figurines and other items (2 boxes) 10 15
207 A pair of cast bronzed greyhounds, one of a bitch and one of a dog 80 100
208 A 20th century French spelter figure of a female archer on a rocky base 40 50
209 An Oriental brass cauldron fitted with a pair of brass ring handles 20 30
210 Two unframed watercolours, one entitled ‘Old Oak by River Brent, near Ealing’ signed R.J.G Reed, dated 1890, label to verso, the other entitled ‘River Brent, Perivale, Middlesex’ dated 1890, by the same artist 30 40
211 A Chad Valley plush Teddy bear, a 19th century sailor doll, a rag doll, a Masonic Teddy bear plus one other Teddy (5 items) 40 60
212 A mid-20th century Oriental brass-bound jewellery box fitted with pierced jadite panels 20 40
213 A pair of French spelter female figures riding eagles together with a male figure (a/f) 20 40
214 A pair of Victorian hand-painted porcelain vases decorated with flowers and birds 50 60
215 A pair of Staffordshire spaniels, a Staffordshire flat-back and a Royal Doulton ‘The Lumberjack’ character jug, No D6613 (4 items) 15 25
216 An album of early British and foreign postcards including Mabel Lucie Attwell examples (1 album) 30 50
217 An Art Nouveau pewter oval dish with glass liner 30 50
218 An easel-backed bevelled mirror with gilt brass plate at base with figural decorations together with a brass Corinthian column table lamp base. Untested and sold as spares 20 30
219 A French Art Deco patterned glass table lamp on metal base. Untested and sold as spares 30 40
220 A pair of 20th century blue flash glass table lustres 40 50
221 A small babola framed mirror 15 20
222 A bronzed figure of a greyhound on a plinth and another of a gun dog (2 items) 20 30
223 A 19th century bronze dish with embossed maiden, an Indian incense burner with peacock decoration plus a bronze plaque inscribed Auguste Rodin, Sculptor (1 box) 25 35
224 A Masai gourd vessel with beaded decoration 25 30
225 A ‘San’ Japanese tin plate electronic 1960s smoking bear 25 45
226 A large blue and white Oriental charger 20 30
227 A 1940s/1950s ‘Sparklets’ soda syphon in lattice-work metal cover 20 30
228 An Art Nouveau blue ground pottery table lamp with Clarice Cliff mark to the base. Untested and sold as spares 60 80
229 A large hardwood carving of an Oriental deity 25 30
230 Seven bisque porcelain Wedgwood figurines 60 100
231 An Indian carved writing slope in need of restoration 20 40
232 A ceramic sitting duck by David Sharp, Rye Pottery 30 40
233 A collection of crested china to include Goss, Arcadian and other makers (1 box) 15 25
234 A Minton Silenus (Greek God of drunkenness and wine-making) relief moulded green stoneware jug, the base stamped ‘No 19’, within a cartouche, c. 1835 (chip to rim by handle) 15 25
235 A 19th century porcelain vase decorated with ram’s head handles, pipes, masks and instruments 30 50
236 A pair of bronzed heads of greyhounds, possibly bookends 40 60
237 A Sorrento-ware cigarette box 25 35
238 A bronzed figure of a gun dog and another on plinth of a pointer carrying a pheasant (2 items) 20 30
239 Samson porcelain cabinet plate, decorated in Worcester style 15 25
240 A pair of Staffordshire-style greyhounds 20 30
241 Assorted USSR Pottery animal figures to include foxes, lions, panda etc (1 box) 70 100
242 A pair of 19th century Staffordshire poodles 20 30
243 A walnut table top stationery box, the two hinged sloping doors opening to reveal an arrangement of graduated compartments, pen tray, ink well etc. In need of minor restoration 40 60
244 A collection of cigarette cards, a tea card album, an unused miniature volume of ‘The Princess’ by Alfred Lord Tennyson, with inscription dated 1908 and a mahjong set (1 box) 30 40
245 A papier mache lacquered table-top letter rack decorated with Oriental figures 30 50
246 A 1950s Arabian head dress, boxed 10 20
247 A pair of silver back dressing table brushes together with three silver-plated dressing table brushes (1 box) 20 30
248 Three French spelter female figures  (a/f) 20 30
249 A pair of gilt plaster cherub wall brackets 40 50
250 Two Goebels figurines of angels 20 30
251 A Beswick figure of an owl and another of a boxer dog (2 items) 30 40
252 A plaster bust of Napoleon 20 40
253 A pair of cloisonne vases (with damage) 30 50
254 A Simpson, Hall, Miller & Co silver-plated tray with mask corners 60 80
255 A Spode plate commemorating the 2500th anniversary of the founding of the Persian Empire, entitled ”The Imperial Plate of Persia”, with presentation box 10 20
256 LOTS 256 – 259 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
260 Assorted ceramics including two Beswick ‘Turquoise Cathay’ dressing table bowls with lids, two Wade Tortoises and various animal and bird ornaments (1 box) 25 35
261 An Oriental-style blue and white floral decorated ceramic table lamp and shade mounted on a wooden plinth. Untested and sold as spares 20 40
262 Assorted 20th century hardback and paperback books including titles by Brian Jacques and Terry Brooks together with garden and local interest examples plus ‘Oak Furniture, The British Tradition’ by Victor Chinnery (2 boxes) 10 20
263 A 20th century Oriental-style ceramic table lamp and shade decorated with fuchsias, mounted on a wooden plinth. Untested and sold as spares 30 40
264 A mid-20th century oak-framed wall mirror with carved decoration 20 30
265 A print of figures in a boat in an oak frame plus two others (3 items) 10 15
266 An Edwardian mahogany framed toilet mirror 30 40
267 A carved alabaster campana vase 10 20
268 A pair of spelter figures entitled ‘Le Pouvoir’ and ‘La Forge’ 15 25
269 A Japanese Kimono 10 20
270 A black painted six-branch ceiling light. Untested and sold as spares 15 25
271 A pair of Royal Doulton stoneware pedestals 40 60
272 A collection of assorted brass door furniture to include door pulls and handles, bells etc (1 box) 40 50
273 A brass fire guard and fire irons including tripod. 15 25
274 A 19th century inlaid rosewood writing slope, the interior fitted with three small drawers, pen tray, inkwell holder and tooled velvet slope 40 50
275 A vintage fencing sword 20 30
276 A .22 caliber Elgamo Spanish air rifle with sight together with cartridge belts 50 60
277 A cast iron decorative cow door bell 30 40
278 A pair of Trafford plaques after Gainsborough 15 25
279 A ‘Columbia’ portable gramophone player with wind-up handle 40 60
280 A suitcase, vanity case and hat box (3 items) 20 30
281 Assorted ceramics and glassware to include tea cups, saucers, teapot etc together with two glass water jugs, a cream Wedgwood hot water jug and other items (1 box) 15 20
282 A brass oil lamp with glass funnel and milk glass shade 10 20
283 A 1930s oak-framed over-mantel mirror 20 30
284 A late 19th century oval framed wall mirror with rope twist border, decorated with ferns and roses 30 40
285 An early 20th century carved mahogany six-branch ceiling light. Untested and sold as spares 20 30
286 A pair of 1970s oil on boards of still life with flowers 10 15
287 An oil on canvas of two men sculling, signed P A Kent to lower right, housed in a gilt frame. 15 25
288 A 1930s/1940s oak cased wall clock, the silvered dial with Arabic numerals, marked Camerer Cuss & Co, New Oxford Street 40 60
289 A Bang & Olufsen television and stand, CD radio and DVD player.  Untested and sold as spares 20 50
290 Assorted 20th century hardback novels to include several titles by Terry Pratchett plus The Lord of the Rings by J.R.Tolkein (2 boxes) 10 20
291 A late 19th century hand-written expenses ledger for Sir Ralph de Beston and Sir Simon de Baldriston, glazed and housed in a gilt frame 30 50
292 A collection of various artists’ proofs of country pubs, possibly for a travel brochure, together with a print of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London 20 40
293 A collection of unframed watercolours 20 30
294 A carrier pigeon wicker travelling basket 15 20
295 A clock in the form of a classical reclining figure (a/f) 25 35
296 A late Victorian cauldron-shaped coal bin with embossed monarch decoration, lion mask handles and claw and ball feet 20 30
297 A vintage teak spirit level 10 15
298 A pair of wrought iron three-branch candle holders, a smaller three-branch candle holder plus a large wrought iron candle holder (4 items) 20 30
299 J.B.Parslew, watercolour of leaves together with an oil on board of a water scene, A. Morley limited edition print 46/200, a Charles Rennie MacKintosh print and a watercolour of tulips and butterflies (5 items) 30 40
300 A rosewood double book tray, the sides with fret carved floral decoration, some damage 50 60
301 A modern French decorative figural clock 80 100
302 A 19th century walnut dressing table mirror, the dome-top plate on scrolling pierced supports, the shaped base with storage compartment, raised on bun feet 60 80
303 Assorted 20th century hardback novels including several editions of ‘Duncton Wood’ by William Horwood etc (2 boxes) 10 20
304 A set of early 20th century ‘Vandomes’ postal scales together with a collection of weights 30 40
305 Two 20th century footstools both with Regency-style striped upholstery and both with squat cabriole supports 20 40
306 Two early leather suitcases, the larger with luggage labels including The Savoy hotel 30 50
307 A mid-20th century oak-cased canteen of cutlery by James Ryals & Co 20 30
308 A large modern scratch-built doll’s house 40 60
309 A pair of burgundy ground table lamps decorated with Asiatic pheasants, with single shade. Untested and sold as spares 20 30
310 A gilt terracotta pedestal jardiniere decorated with classical figures 15 25
311 Two copper preserve pans with iron handles together with cobblers’ lasts (4 items) 20 30
312 A 19th century mahogany regulator mantel clock, the enamel and brass dial marked J. Unghans, flanked by column supports and raised on a plinth base 40 60
313 A pair of wooden gilt turned table lamps in the form of candlesticks. Untested and sold as spares 20 30
314 A doll’s bed with lace covers 30 40
315 A pair of early 20th century Satsuma pottery table lamps decorated with battling warriors. Untested and sold as spares 30 40
316 A 19th century mahogany child’s balloon-back side chair with carved mid-rail and over-stuffed seat, raised on turned reeded supports 30 40
317 A painted wrought iron scrolling flowerpot holder together with a painted metal dragonfly 10 20
318 A set of baby scales by the Treasure Cot Co. Ltd. 15 25
319 Four mid-20th century prints of British birds, housed in oak frames 10 20
320 An Edwardian hanging wall mirror with inlaid mahogany frame, arched bevelled plate and shelf beneath 20 40
321 An oval mahogany inlaid tray 20 30
322 An Oriental-style blue and white floral decorated table lamp and shade mounted on a  wooden plinth. Untested and sold as spares 30 40
323 A 19th century copper kettle 20 30
324 A 1920s ‘Sparklets’ Ltd soda syphon, housed in a wire mesh case 2665 40 60
325 A painted cast-iron sheep door-stop and a black painted cat door-stop 20 30
326 A pair of brass candlestick table lamps and shades. Untested and sold as spares 30 40
327 An early 19th century walnut swing mirror, the oval plate on scrolling supports, the inlaid bow-front base fitted with three small drawers with ivorine handles, raised on bracket feet 40 50
328 A mahogany cutlery canteen box with lift-up lid housing a single drawer 10 15
329 An Oriental-style blue glazed jardiniere 15 25
330 A 1950s portable record player with 16, 33 45 and 78 rpm settings 25 35
331 A set of five lithographs showing town scenes, possibly Wakefield 10 20
332 Four assorted prints including one depicting a mounted huntsman with hounds, a Vanity Fair print by Vincent Brooks, Day & Son Ltd entitled ‘A King’s Jockey’, a Victorian cricket match plus one photographic print of a house, all framed and glazed (4 items) 10 15
333 An early 20th century brass telescopic standard lamp, the three-light top on an adjustable column with acanthus leaf decorations, raised on a tripod base. Untested and sold as spares 30 50
334 A triple panel dressing table mirror in an ornate gilt wood frame 30 40
335 A 1960s/1970s mahogany Henri Winterman’s shop display cabinet on stand 50 70
336 A copper coal scuttle, trowels and walking stick 30 40
337 A 1930s/1940s mahogany three-tier folding cake stand 20 30
338 A Tiffany & Co style lily-shaped table lamp with frosted pink and white glass shades. Untested and sold as spares 20 30
339 Two rust-coloured geometrically woven curtains 20 40
340 Assorted ceramics including an Ironstone jug, a Brisbane washbowl and a water jug decorated with flowers and birds (3 items) 25 35
341 A box of assorted oils, prints and engravings on various subjects 20 30
342 A 19th century carved and fret work mahogany fire screen with bead and wool work panel depicting roses 10 20
343 A carved African figural double CD rack 10 20
344 Two brass coal scuttles together with a brass companion set 20 30
345 A 19th century brass oval log bin, the crest embossed front and back with lion mask handles, raised on lion paw feet 40 60
346 A hanging pine wall shelf 40 60
347 A mid-20th century copper framed oval mirror with bevel-edged plate 20 30
348 A late 19th/early 20th century painted oak Art Nouveau free-standing bookcase, the shaped and pierced back above three shelves, raised on square supports 15 25
349 A lead lit glazed panel 10 20
350 A late 19th century wall clock, the enamel and brass dial with Roman numerals, marked Unghans, flanked by column supports 80 100
351 Eileen McKeown watercolour still life of champagne and fruit signed and dated to lower left 2005 and housed in a gilt frame together with 6 other pictures and prints. 15 25
352 A Technika flat screen television together with a Sony DVD player. Untested and sold as spares (2 items) 20 30
353 Five early 20th century stained-glass panels (a/f) 30 40
354 An Art Deco ‘Sunburst’ fire screen together with a rectangular copper log bin (2 items) 20 30
355 A 1970s large fabric picture of Russian Cossacks 10 15
356 A ‘Pye’ 1950s radio together with a modern Bush radio, both untested and sold as spares 25 35
357 A 20th century cast-iron ‘Mr Punch’ figural doorstop together with a wrought iron fire guard (2 items) 20 30
358 A pair of 1950s plaster gold painted cherub wall brackets 50 70
359 A Tangent wall-mounted GPO fire alarm bell 20 40
360 A modern contemporary chrome five-branch ceiling light with plate glass shade. Untested and sold as spares 30 50
361 A 1970s Gloco wooden sledge 25 30
362 A novelty cast iron wall-mounted door bell with Collie Dog hand painted terminal 25 35
363 A novelty hand painted cast-iron door knocker in the form of a horses’s head 25 35
364 A 20th century dressing mirror, the rectangular bevel edged plate housed in a moulded gilt frame 20 30
365 Two photographs of brown bears fishing at Brooks Falls, a signed print of Brighton and three other prints (6 items). 10 15
366 Two large wicker baskets together with a quantity of linen table settings 10 20
367 A Goebels pottery figure of The Virgin Mary 10 20
368 A 1930s Goebels style pottery figure of a the head and hands of a woman praying, possibly the Virgin Mary 20 30
369 Three Royal Doulton pottery novelty flasks in the form of a buzzard, an eagle and a Merlin, one containing whisky 70 100
370 A Victorian pottery teapot with mottled blue ground and hand-painted decoration 10 15
371 A Royal Doulton figurine ‘First Love’ from the Images collection, numbered HN 2747 20 30
372 A Lladro porcelain figure of a clown 50 60
373 Assorted miscellaneous items including a miniature cloisonne vase, an onyx ashtray mounted with a cold-painted spelter figure of a grouse, a cased set of dress studs, an ornate brass door handle and other items (1 box) 20 30
374 Assorted miscellaneous items including costume jewellery 10 20
375 A collection of miscellaneous items to include pen knives, vintage lighters, compacts, coinage, ivory cigarette holder plus other items 30 40
376 Miscellaneous items to include an ivory cased purse, papier mache boxes, silver peace medal, British and international coinage, Georgian tokens, fans, pen knives etc 40 60
377 Assorted ladies and gentlemen’s wrist watches including boxed examples 20 30
378 A collection of compacts, a boxed commemorative Queen Elizabeth II Coronation figure of the Queen on horseback, assorted enamelled badges and other items 30 40
379 A collection of assorted 19th and 20th century British coins 30 40
380 A set of six brass Dickins figures pipe tampers 50 80
381 Two small Oriental bronzed spelter seated figure groups 60 80
382 A quantity of mainly 20th century costume jewellery housed in two jewellery boxes including paste set items, earrings, brooches and a boxed faux pearl and paste necklace 30 40
383 An early 20th century green leather jewellery box, an Oriental lacquered lidded box, hand-painted with figures and one other box, all containing beaded necklaces and other costume jewellery 30 40
384 An early 20th century brass cased carriage clock with white enamel dial and blue Arabic numerals with receipt for last service 100 200
385 A quantity of vintage costume jewellery including 1930s beads, a Calibri gold-plated lighter, a gent’s Sekonda wrist watch and other items 40 50
386 Assorted mainly 20th century British coins and cased sets together with a stamp album 30 50
387 A collection of 19th and 20th century British and World coins 30 50
388 A collection of military buttons 15 25
389 A novelty compact in the form of a piano and miscellaneous costume jewellery 30 40
390 A string of irregular sun stone beads, a string of green microcline agate beads and two other strings of beads 20 30
391 Assorted 19th and 20th century jewellery and costume jewellery including a paste set bird brooch stamped ‘Trifani’, silver items, polished steel buckles, enamelled brooches etc 40 60
392 Assorted costume jewellery to include brooches, necklaces, pendants and earrings plus lady’s and gentleman’s watches and a WW1 medal inscribed 7001 PNR. W.B.Drummond (1 box) 20 30
393 A quantity of modern cultured and fresh water pearl knotted strands and other cultured and simulated pearl necklaces etc (1 box) 15 25
394 A modern 9ct gold ruby half eternity ring and a pair of 9ct gold ruby and diamond spray cluster earrings, 3.9g, boxed 60 80
395 A silver-mounted tiger’s eye brooch, an agate brooch, other silver jewellery, an amber pendant and an enamelled half-crown pendant 40 60
396 A pair of modern silver earrings and ring suite and a 9ct gold opal and garnet cluster ring 20 40
397 Four Edwardian and later silver vesta cases and other items 45 55
398 A small modern silver photograph frame, boxed, a silver napkin ring and one other 30 50
399 Assorted silver jewellery, a silver cigarette box, earrings, costume jewellery etc 40 60
400 A pair of silver-backed handled brushes, Birm 1905 and one other silver-backed brush, all three decorated with Reynold’s angles 30 40
401 A small collection of various silver and other items including a silver-backed hand mirror, a silver-mounted pottery cream jug, a silver-topped rectangular glass box, a miniature silver two-handled vase and two napkin rings (6 items) 40 60
402 A silver plated golfing trophy bearing the inscription ‘Daily Telegraph Junior Golf Competition 1981 Winner’, on ebonised socle base 15 25
403 A cake knife with silver handle, Sheffield 1902 20 30
404 Assorted silver items including a cigarette case, bracelets etc, combined weight 9.5ozt, 295g 100 150
405 Two 1980s silver-collared scent bottles together with a silver-back mirror and similar backed brush 60 100
406 A cased early 20th century monocle, a set of apothecary’s scales and other items 60 100
407 LOT 407 IS A NO LOT 0 0
408 A collection of Chinese brass tokens 30 40
409 A child’s painted and printed wooden dressing table set decorated with Peter Rabbit scenes, an Edwardian silver-rimmed vase, a McIntyre teapot and a porcelain pill box 30 50
410 A silver William V fiddle pattern sauce ladle, London 1832, 2ozt, 63g, four Art Nouveau French silver fruit knives and a small quantity of silver plate 25 35
411 LOTS 411 – 413 ARE NO LOTS 0 0
414 A 1930s green painted dressing table, the top with mirror back and three-quarter gallery, over two long drawers with brass drop handles, raised on turned supports 20 30
415 A white painted 20th century wrought iron garden table and chairs 40 60
416 A pair of 20th century white painted garden benches 100 120
417 A 20th century oak tea trolley, the carved galleried top and under-tier on turned baluster supports and castors 10 20
418 A blue painted Lloyd Loom linen basket 10 20
419 A 1930s sideboard 10 15
420 A pair of small bent wood children’s chairs plus one other and a child’s desk (4 items) 20 30
421 A gas-fuelled patio/space heater. Untested and sold as spares 30 40
422 A Bosch electric lawn scarifier. Untested and sold as spares 20 30
423 A quantity of enamel items including tray, jug etc plus two petrol cans and a watering can 20 30
424 A wine rack, a Tole ware jardiniere and two stoneware jars (4 items) 10 20
425 A large cast-iron two-handled pot, buckets, sieve etc together with a pair of wrought iron fire dogs 20 30
426 A blue painted folding garden table 10 20
427 A pair of cast-iron fire dogs and a fire basket 10 20
428 A pair of large stoneware jardinieres decorated with Chinese dragons 40 60
429 A modern luggage stand 10 20
430 A modern computer table 10 20
431 A Parkside 1800w table saw. Untested and sold as spares 20 30
432 A J.D.Woodward ‘The Diamond’ heavy-duty fret saw. Untested and sold as spares 20 30
433 A Power Devil Router together with router table and bits. Untested and sold as spares 30 40
434 A Florabest 2,500w garden chipper. Untested and sold as spares 30 50
435 A collection of garden tools together with a seed spreader and pillar drill 20 30
436 A Parkside 1500w grinder together with a drill bit sharpener. Untested and sold as spares 15 20
437 A cased set of carpenter’s chisels, a boxed hole saw, a hole punch, a cased set of mini drill accessories and a boxed socket set 20 30
438 A zinc toolbox and assorted tools together with a single wheel 30 40
439 A pair of wicker laundry baskets 20 40
440 A pair of pyramid-shaped black painted garden frames for climbing plants, a novelty wheelbarrow, garden ornament and other garden items 20 30
441 A pair of slate fire side surrounds 20 30
442 A painted pine fire surround 15 25
443 A 20th century cast-iron bath 10 20
444 A painted pine fire surround 15 25
445 A Singer sewing machine on a decorative cast-iron scrolling base 20 30
446 A mahogany fire surround with panelled top 15 25
447 A pair of pine Church corner pews 50 100
448 A pair of pine Church pews 50 100
449 A pair of Ercol elm armchairs 10 20
450 A modern white painted chest of four long drawers 10 20
451 A ‘Vickers’ metal two-drawer filing cabinet 10 20
452 A 20th century white painted metal garden table, the rectangular slatted top on straight supports and cross stretcher together with four metal lattice work folding chairs 80 100
453 An oval extending dining table 10 20
454 A circular painted garden table with lattice top above scrolling supports and out swept feet (a/f) 20 30
455 A pair of gold-painted Lloyd Loom-style chairs 10 20
456 A turned oak standard lamp together with a shaped brass table lamp. Untested and sold as spares 10 20
457 A set of four elm Ercol-style hoop back dining chairs 10 20
458 A modern glass and brushed steel two-tier television stand 10 20
459 A 1960s Pedigree child’s blue and white painted toy pram complete with canopy 10 20
460 An oak TV stand fitted with DVD and Sky storage compartment and single drawer 15 25
461 An early 20th century mahogany cot with bamboo supports and turned finials 10 20
462 A D-end low copper top table 10 20
463 Two modern metal framed caned garden chairs. 10 20
464 An inlaid mahogany glass-front cabinet 10 20
465 A child’s wooden cart 20 30
466 A childs’ mountain bike. 10 20
467 A nest of three tables with gilt leather inserts and glass tops 10 15
468 A pair of yellow upholstered dining chairs 10 15
469 A rectangular slab of marble 10 15
470 A DK Sports punch bag 20 30
471 A ‘Jones’ Family C.S. Queen Alexander manual sewing machine with case and key 10 20
472 A 1960s/1970s oak-effect kitchen table 15 25
473 A light oak bookcase 10 20
474 A large metal-bound travelling trunk 15 25
475 A towel rail, a small modern coffee table, two folding stools and a mahogany inlaid tripod wine table (5 items) 20 30
476 A 20th century cast-metal green painted garden bench, the scrolling end supports joined by teak slats 30 50
477 A mid-20th century rectangular butler’s sink 10 20
478 A circular pedestal pub dining table 40 60
479 A circular pedestal pub dining table 40 60
480 A 1930s/1940s oak occasional table with shaped top, raised on barley-twist supports 10 20
481 A Tri-Ang nursery fitted wardrobe together with vintage doll’s clothes plus a pine-framed doll’s cot 30 40
482 A vintage Shell Oil five gallon barrel together with a large Valor five-galloon oil drum (2 items) 40 60
483 A pair of oak leatherette upholstered dining chairs 10 15
484 A pair of inlaid Edwardian walnut side chairs, the shaped top rail over a pair of mid-rails above upholstered seats, raised on tapering supports 15 20
485 A set nine of wheelback chairs 20 40
486 A 20th century rectangular occasional table, the cross-banded top with reeded edge, on baluster supports and turned cross-stretcher, on splayed feet 10 20
487 A ‘Rev Robe’ packing case with sateen lining and original luggage labels together with a small brown and white reinforced card attache case, with label (2 items) 20 30
488 A modern pine two-shelf bookcase raised on bun feet 20 30
489 Two spinning rods and reels 15 20
490 A 1930s bamboo occasional table 10 20
491 A Lloyd Loom ‘Lusty’ linen basket with floral upholstered lid 10 15
492 A wicker bread baton basket 15 20
493 A circular pine kitchen table together with two country farmhouse pine chairs 30 50
494 A large blue trunk with sun and moon decoration together with a large wicker laundry hamper (2 items) 20 30
495 A mahogany sleigh bed (one side missing) 20 40
496 A pair of cartwheels 70 90
497 A coopered oak iron-bound barrel 30 50
498 A small pair of cartwheels 70 90
499 A large 19th century butler’s sink 20 30
500 A single leather upholstered dining chair, a low leather upholstered cross-frame stool, a brass-topped table and a fire screen (4 items) 20 30
501 A collection of planters and jardinieres 20 30
502 A large vintage tennis court brush 10 20
503 A wooden rabbit hutch raised on legs with plastic all-weather cover 20 30
504 A modern square section mahogany occasional table and a white painted conservatory chair (2 items) 10 15
505 A 19th century cast-iron fire surround and basket with swag drape decoration 20 30
506 A set of agricultural scales 40 60
507 Two galvanized buckets, a galvanized bath and a galvanized pot 20 30
508 Two pairs of large terracotta flower pots (4 items) 20 30
509 A terracotta chimney pot and a terracotta rhubarb forcer together with two terracotta and two glazed planters (6 items) 20 30
510 A large blue ground floral decorated carpet 40 60
511 A modern cream ground Oriental-style carpet decorated with floral sprays 20 30
512 A modern blue ground carpet decorated with central scrolling cartouche and floral border approx 166 cm x 120 cm 20 30
513 A woollen red ground rug, with wear 10 20
514 A modern burgundy and cream ground carpet decorated with flowers and scrolls, approximately 170 cm x 125 cm 20 30
515 A large machine woven red ground rug 40 60
516 A large yellow and green ground woollen carpet 30 40
517 A beech rocking chair with ladder-back and scrolling arms above a rush seat, on turned supports 20 30
518 A green ground floral patterned carpet with central cartouche panel 40 50
519 A pair of 19th century mahogany framed open armchairs, the upholstered serpentine back above an over-stuffed seat with acanthus carved arms, raised on fluted tapering supports 20 30
520 A pair of oak framed open armchairs 10 20
521 A single tub-shaped leatherette armchair 10 20
522 An early 20th century sage green upholstered small tub-shaped armchair 30 40
523 An early 20th century mahogany steamer chair, the shaped top rail and slated back over a tapestry seat and scrolling arms 20 40
524 Four tub-shaped armchairs and one other (5 items) 10 20
525 A 1950s cream painted stick-back rocking chair 20 40
526 An elm open armchair with slatted back and scrolling arms over a solid seat, on turned supports and cross-stretcher 30 40
527 Four blue leather executive office chairs on contemporary bentwood frames 20 30
528 A Victorian low armchair with pink upholstery 30 50
529 A large blue upholstered button-seated pouffee 15 20
530 A 1940s/1950s horsehair two-seat sofa 10 20
531 A Victorian tub-shaped chair 30 40
532 A pair of 19th century tub-shaped armchairs with scroll backs, upholstered in green and orange fabric 80 120
533 A box of assorted decorative cushions (1 box) 30 40
534 A pair of Laura Ashley bronzed table lamps, a pair of white painted wooden table lamps, a brass column-style table lamp plus a quantity of shades. Untested and sold as spares 30 40
535 Stanley Davis, pencil sketch of a young lady, signed to lower left and dated 1915, with inscription to verso, unframed 20 30
536 An engraving of the Duchess of Devonshire an Lady Georgina Cavendish together with a watercolour of a country lane, unsigned, a print after Rembrandt and two other prints (5 items, 1 box) 20 30
537 Assorted ceramics to include an Art Deco Radford crocus-decorated jug a quantity of Meakin’s ‘Country Life’ pattern tea ware (2 boxes) 30 40
538 Assorted textiles including a floral pattern full-length door curtain (1 box) 10 15
539 An Ercol footstool 10 15
540 A late 19th/early 20th century inlaid walnut table, the rectangular top above turned double supports and cross-stretcher, raised on turned feet 10 20
541 A small pine two-door wall cupboard 20 30
542 A white painted chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, raised on a plinth base 10 20
543 A 1940s oak gentleman’s compactum, the moulded cornice above two panelled doors with applied Greek key decoration, enclosing a series of shelves, drawers, hanging space and  mirror, raised on bracket feet 20 30
544 A gentleman’s vintage English soft black leather jacket by Philmar Clad, Nottingham, 42” chest with checked woollen lining, zip front, internal and external pockets together with a gentleman’s air force blue two piece suit (2 items) 10 15
545 A late 19th century mahogany cabinet bookcase, the base section having a single frieze drawer above a pair of cupboard doors on plinth base, the top section with a pair of glazed doors 50 80
546 A 20th century six-branch chandelier with chamfered teardrop clusters, missing lustres with office. Untested and sold as spares 40 60
547 A late 19th/early 20th century pine cupboard, the moulded cornice above a single panel door enclosing three shelves, raised on bracket feet 150 200
548 A 20th century grey-painted cabinet, the rectangular moulded top above three pigeon holes over a bank of 11 drawers, raised on a plinth base 50 70
549 A modern pine glazed four-door cabinet 50 100
550 A cotton christening gown together with a white hand-knitted matinee jacket 10 20
551 A late 19th/early 20th century mahogany Art Nouveau sideboard, the shaped broken arch pediment over a triple bevelled edge mirror back, the base fitted with two short drawers above two panelled cupboard doors, both with scrolling tulip-embossed handles and hinges, raised on bracket feet 60 100
552 A Victorian revolving piano stool (as found). 20 30
553 A 1920s stylized court cupboard, the moulded cornice above a pair of arched sliding doors with carved lozenge panels divided by applied barley-twist supports, the inverted break-front base fitted with three short drawers above four arched panelled cupboard doors, each with applied mouldings, raised on paw feet 40 60
554 A 20th century oak dresser, the two-shelf rack above a rectangular base fitted with two short drawers, above two carved panelled doors 30 50
555 A pair of 20th century three-tier what not stands on turned supports 20 30
556 An early 20th century pitch pine dresser base, the rectangular top above a bank of six short drawers, flanked by two panelled doors enclosing shelves, raised on a plinth base 120 150
557 A 20th century Georgian-style mahogany corner three-tier wash-stand, the galleried top above a central tier fitted with single drawer, raised on slender supports 40 60
558 A 20th century mahogany twin-pedestal dining table with extra leaf 10 20
559 A Jaycee oak telephone seat, the tapestry upholstered chair flanked by two carved cupboard doors, raised on turned supports and cross-stretchers 15 20
560 A 1960s perspex rectangular coffee table 30 40
561 A set of four 20th century oak dining chairs, the padded back and over-stuffed seats raised on ring-turned supports and cross-stretchers 30 40
562 A painted pine circular occasional table with bamboo supports 20 40
563 A 20th century fall-front bureau housing three graduated drawers 20 30
564 A single drawer mahogany side table 25 35
565 Four early 20th century dining chairs, the shaped back rail above a leather back, a seat raised on turned supports and cross-stretcher 20 30
566 A modern stained pine circular pedestal table, 48” diameter 10 20
567 A 20th century oak tea trolley, the rectangular galleried top with turned finials, above a lead lit glazed cupboard door enclosing a single shelf, flanked by two tiers and raised on chamfered supports and castors 20 30
568 A small pine blanket box 20 30
569 A 19th century mahogany barley twist torchere stand on pedestal base 70 80
570 A mahogany bow-front cupboard with single drawer 15 25
571 A 19th century mahogany side table, the rectangular top with rounded corners, the frieze inlaid with Greek Key and scrolling decoration, raised on turned tapering supports 60 80
572 A 1930s Art Deco torchere stand 50 70
573 An Art Nouveau poker-work table decorated with poppies, raised on slender tapering supports (a/f) 20 30
574 A revolving piano stool 15 25
575 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany pot cupboard 30 40
576 A late 19th century walnut chest with moulded square top and brass hinges 30 50
577 A 1930s oak chest of three drawers 10 15
578 A modern stained pine trestle table and six chairs including two carvers 30 50
579 A pair of solid pine bedside chests 40 60
580 A 20th century oak collector’s table, the rectangular top with bevelled glass viewing panel over a velvet lined display drawer, above two short drawers, raised on square block feet 20 40
581 An Edwardian walnut jardiniere stand with moulded square top and shaped apron, raised on slender supports 15 20
582 A late 18th century mahogany wash stand, the square hinged top revealing two trays, above a single beaded door, raised on slender tapering legs and under-tier 60 80
583 A harlequin set of four Georgian-style dining chairs with matching seats 40 60
584 A white painted side unit 30 40
585 A circular 1930s low occasional table and a circular footstool (2 items) 10 20
586 A late 19th century mahogany chest, the rectangular moulded top above three long graduated drawers, with brass ring handles and raised on bracket feet 80 120
587 A 20th century walnut side table, the shaped top with shell-carved frieze, on slender cabriole supports, united by a fret-work carved cross-stretcher, with cup and cover finial 20 40
588 A carved tub-shaped chair made from a single tree stump, carved with acanthus leaves 80 100
589 A 1930s light oak draw-leaf table on quarter-cut supports and cross-stretcher, together with four matching oak dining chairs with tapestry upholstered seats 30 50
590 A small two-door pine cupboard with waxed finish 40 50
591 An Edwardian rectangular piano stool 10 20
592 An early 19th century mahogany drop-leaf table, the rectangular top with rounded corners, raised on pole and pad supports 50 70
593 A set of eight 1940s oak dining chairs to include two carvers, the shaped rail over a slatted back with turned supports, above drop-in seats, raised on baluster turned supports 30 50
594 A set of six French oak ladder back dining chairs with rush seats 80 120
595 A twin-pedestal reproduction desk 60 100
596 Two mahogany wine tables on tripod bases 10 20
597 A 19th century pine sarcophagus-shaped pine chest 50 60
598 A mid-20th century oak trestle end table, the rectangular four-plank top raised on scrolling pierced supports and cross-stretcher 100 150
599 An Oriental lacquered cabinet decorated with lotus blossoms and birds, fitted with a single drawer above a pair of cupboard doors and raised on bracket feet 50 70
600 Four pine country farmhouse kitchen chairs, the bowed top rail above a spindle and splat back, above a solid seat, raised on turned supports and cross-stretchers 30 40
601 A mahogany D-end dining table on a pedestal base 10 20
602 A 20th century small fall-front bureau housing three drawers 20 30
603 An Edwardian octagonal occasional table with under-tier 30 40
604 A carved two-piece African wooden low chair 40 60
605 A 19th century pine two-door cupboard 80 120
606 A 20th century limed oak occasional table, the square moulded top and under-tier with plain frieze, raised on slender square supports 20 30
607 An Edwardian walnut bedside cabinet 30 40
608 A 20th century solid pine chest, the rectangular moulded top above two short and two long drawers, raised on a plinth base 70 100
609 A 20th century light oak open bookcase, the rectangular top with beaded frieze, above four adjustable shelves 15 20
610 A pair of solid pine bedside chests 50 70
611 A Victorian flame mahogany two door cupboard 30 40
612 A small rectangular occasional table 10 20
613 A 20th century pine desk with four short drawers, on turned supports 20 30
614 A pair of 20th century pine bedside cupboards, the rectangular tops above single moulded drawers and panelled cupboards, raised on plinth bases 30 50
616 A 20th century wrought iron shelf unit, the scrolling frame fitted with four graduated shelves with glass panels 30 50
617 A pine two-door cupboard 30 40
618 A reproduction mahogany sofa table fitted with two short drawers, on ring turned supports and out-swept feet and castors 20 30
619 A 20th century stained pine chest, the serpentine front above four short and four long drawers, raised on bun feet 30 50
620 A late 19th/early 20th century cast-iron and mahogany adjustable school desk 40 60
621 A 19th century oak cupboard, the rectangular top with bread board ends, above a pair of panelled doors with bun handles, raised on block feet 80 120
622 A pair of rustic oak side tables with under-tiers 40 60
623 A Victorian mahogany cupboard, the rectangular moulded top above a single panel door enclosing two shelves, raised on a plinth base 40 60
624 A 19th century walnut dressing table stool with carved apron and cabriole supports 40 60
625 A country-style, hand-crafted elm trunk-topped table raised on hand-carved tapering legs 30 50
626 A pine Victorian blanket box 40 60
627 A mid-20th century oak sideboard, the rectangular moulded top over two short panelled drawers, above a pair of panelled cupboard doors, raised on cup and cover supports and cross-stretcher 40 50
628 A late Victorian bookcase with glass doors 30 40
629 A set of six pine kitchen chairs with turned back supports 80 120
630 A pine farmhouse kitchen table 150 200
631 A 1930s/1940s oak gate leg table, the oval moulded top raised on barley twist supports and cross-stretchers 20 40
632 A 19th century mahogany open armchair, the back with carved mid-rail above an over-stuffed seat, with shaped arms and turned supports, raised on sabre legs 20 40
633 A pair of elm country Chippendale-style open armchairs 80 120
634 A 1930s oak extending dining table and four chairs 50 60
635 An occasional table with pie-crust top and under-tier, raised on shaped supports 10 20
636 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany corner chair 40 60
637 A 20th century games table, the chess board top opening to reveal a baize backgammon board and card table, raised on mahogany cross-frame supports 40 50
638 A beech framed armchair with scrolling arms and caned back and seat 40 60
639 An oak trestle table and four benches 300 400
640 An early Edwardian walnut octagonal table with galleried under-tier, raised on shaped ring-turn supports 30 40
641 A mahogany hanging wall shelf fitted with a pair of short drawers 25 35
642 A large 20th century wrought iron shelf unit, the scrolling frame fitted with four graduated shelves with glass panels 30 50
643 A 1950s retro black cocktail cabinet 25 45
644 A C.G.Laurence of London upright piano 10 20
645 A Victorian pine chest of two short and two long drawers 40 60
646 A student’s folding desk 15 20
647 A late 19th/early 20th century pine dresser, the rack fitted with three shelves, above a rectangular base, fitted with three short drawers, above a pair of cupboard doors 180 220
648 A late 19th century stained square sewing box decorated with flowers 15 20
649 A large painted dresser decorated with floral sprays, the top fitted with adjustable shelves, above a four-panelled door base 100 150
650 A 20th century light oak cabinet on stand, the two-door top with pierced brass escutcheon enclosing two single shelf compartments, above two short drawers, raised on square tapering supports 70 80
651 A modern pine unit with open top and a single drawer and cupboard base 30 40
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