Clocks and Watches – 20th April 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
9 A modern weight-driven wall clock bearing the inscription ‘Tempus Fugit’ with pear-shaped weight (1 box) 15 25
143 An Edwardian inlaid mantel clock and a 1930s mantel clock (2 items) 40 60
160 A wooden-cased Siemens & Halske machine for measuring electricity, a brass-cased mantel clock (a/f) and other clocks (1 box) 25 35
171 A modern Rococo-style brass-cased mantel clock and another modern wall clock with brass and wooden mounts together with a small display cabinet (3 items) 15 25
179 A 1930s dome-top mantel clock, a brass-cased carriage clock, a Wedgwood jasperware mantel clock and barometers, a ceiling light with glass shade (1 box) 30 40
205 A large Victorian black slate mantel clock and garniture 70 80
288 A 1930s/1940s oak cased wall clock, the silvered dial with Arabic numerals, marked Camerer Cuss & Co, New Oxford Street 40 60
295 A clock in the form of a classical reclining figure (a/f) 25 35
301 A modern French decorative figural clock 80 100
312 A 19th century mahogany regulator mantel clock, the enamel and brass dial marked J. Unghans, flanked by column supports and raised on a plinth base 40 60
350 A late 19th century wall clock, the enamel and brass dial with Roman numerals, marked Unghans, flanked by column supports 80 100
377 Assorted ladies and gentlemen’s wrist watches including boxed examples 20 30
384 An early 20th century brass cased carriage clock with white enamel dial and blue Arabic numerals with receipt for last service 100 200
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