Silver – 20th April 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
247 A pair of silver back dressing table brushes together with three silver-plated dressing table brushes (1 box) 20 30
397 Four Edwardian and later silver vesta cases and other items 45 55
398 A small modern silver photograph frame, boxed, a silver napkin ring and one other 30 50
400 A pair of silver-backed handled brushes, Birm 1905 and one other silver-backed brush, all three decorated with Reynold’s angles 30 40
401 A small collection of various silver and other items including a silver-backed hand mirror, a silver-mounted pottery cream jug, a silver-topped rectangular glass box, a miniature silver two-handled vase and two napkin rings (6 items) 40 60
403 A cake knife with silver handle, Sheffield 1902 20 30
404 Assorted silver items including a cigarette case, bracelets etc, combined weight 9.5ozt, 295g 100 150
405 Two 1980s silver-collared scent bottles together with a silver-back mirror and similar backed brush 60 100
410 A silver William V fiddle pattern sauce ladle, London 1832, 2ozt, 63g, four Art Nouveau French silver fruit knives and a small quantity of silver plate 25 35
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