Toys – 20th April 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
43 A poker chip table-top dispenser 10 15
84 A Goebel Hummel clown doll ‘Carnival’, with porcelain head, hands and feet and fabric torso, with original labels 20 30
111 A large quantity of Scalextrix track together with assorted racing cars, including an early Bentley MM/C64 and a Lotus, together with track-side figures, fencing etc plus Mecanno pieces, controllers and other items (2 boxes) 60 100
211 A Chad Valley plush Teddy bear, a 19th century sailor doll, a rag doll, a Masonic Teddy bear plus one other Teddy (5 items) 40 60
308 A large modern scratch-built doll’s house 40 60
314 A doll’s bed with lace covers 30 40
465 A child’s wooden cart 20 30
481 A Tri-Ang nursery fitted wardrobe together with vintage doll’s clothes plus a pine-framed doll’s cot 30 40
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