Lighting – 25th May 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
249 A late 19th/early 20th century Arts & Crafts brass adjustable lamp from a Pullman carriage, approximately 39 cm H 50 60
250 A French 20th century five-branch gilt, brass and glass chandelier 60 100
251 A 20th century French gilt brass seven light electrolier, the swag decorated supports supporting a central column with floral leaf cast sconces, approximately 81 cm 300 400
252 A pair of 20th century gilt decorated Blackamoor table lamps, each figure supporting four gilt heightened scrolling branches to shaped sconces, raised on rocky bases and classical rectangular plinth, each 99 cm H 300 400
254 A 19th century Dutch brass six-branch chandelier, the bulbous body decorated with serpent’s heads, terminating in sconces and drip trays, approximately 44 cm H x 60 cm W 100 150
256 A French Art Deco glass table lamp, the three-section frosted glass body on a hexagonal pressed material base, approximately 36 cm H on metal base 15 25
258 A pair of late 19th century gilt three-branch candelabra with lion mask decoration on a fluted column, raised on leg and hoof supports, approximately 53 cm H 200 300
259 A 19th century Arts & Crafts adjustable oil standard lamp, the bronze reservoir housed in a shaped wrought iron bowl with copper flower mounts above a copper and brass adjustable body, raised on wrought iron scrolling supports, decorated with applied copper acanthus leaves, approximately 137 cm H 40 60
260 A 20th century Italian Murano glass six-branch chandelier, the cut-glass and brass body with scrolling arms terminating in floral mould drip trays, each hung with pink glass tulips and lustres, approximately 60 cm H x 50 cm W 150 160
261 A large 1970s brass and glass seven-tier bag ceiling light hung with octagonal and pear-shaped glass lustres, approximately 60 cm H 100 120
262 A 1970s brass and glass six-tier bag ceiling light hung with octagonal and pear-shaped cut-glass lustres, approximately 50 cm H 80 100
263 A pair of W.M. Harrie Art Deco wall-mounted oil lamps, possibly from a cruise liner, the hexagonal torch-shaped bodies on geometrically stepped wall mounts, complete with brass head reflective sconces, approximately 26 cm H x 18 cm D 70 100
266 An Art Deco table lamp in the form of a pair of cast metal figures of Pierrot and Pierrette, seated back-to-back on an amber-frosted, textured glass globe, mounted on a  marble base, signed EXE 5 to bottom of Pierrot’s left leg, approximately 28 cms high 350 450
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