Metalware – 25th May 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
850 A late 19th century Chinese bronzed jardiniere, the circular lobed body decorated with applied birds within flowering branches, 22 cm H 40 50
851 A Will’s Gold Flake Cigarettes enamel advertising sign, 92 cm H x 46 cm W 40 50
852 A 19th/20th century midday firing sundial cannon, designed to fire at noon as a result of the magnifying glass focusing the sun’s rays on the fuse and igniting the gunpowder, fixed to marble base, sundial lacking 120 150
853 A 20th century bronze classical male figure, posing, swathed in drapes, resting on harp and tree trunk, mounted on a circular stepped marble base, stamped to base of trunk J.B. Bronze, Garanti, Paris, 58 cm H 200 250
854 A late 19th century Victorian copper coffee house pot, the lid stamped ‘Best London Made’, opening to reveal a removable filter and fitted with a walnut handle, raised on a circular base, 33 cm H 150 200
855 A 20th century bronzed Olympian in crouching pose, with arms outstretched and up turned hands, mounted on a square stepped plinth and rectangular marble base, 52 cm H x 82 cm W 200 300
856 A pair of Continental spelter winged figures entitled ‘Amour Irresistible’ and ‘L’Amour a l’Arc’ both mounted on circular faux marble bases (at fault), 39 cm H  and 34 cm H 80 100
857 A 19th century copper cauldron with lid and iron loop handle, 40 cm H together with a brass coal scoop – Property of the estate of a Doctor, New Romney, Kent 45 65
858 A 19th century French blue enamel wood burner signed to back ‘DIE’, 67 cm H x 56 cm W x 43 cm D 200 300
859 A 19th century Arts & Crafts riveted copper log bucket of waisted form, with twin shaped handles, 30 cm high and 35 cm diameter, unsigned 40 60
860 A Chinese brass censor of cauldron form, fitted with a pair of ring handles and raised on three squat feet, 17.5 cm H 20 30
861 An early 20th century painted cast iron double bar radiator with moulded floral decoration, 81 cm H x 87 cm W 19 cm D 120 150
862 An early 20th century painted cast iron double bar radiator with moulded floral decoration, 81 cm H x 71 cm W x 19 cm D 120 150
863 An early 20th century painted cast iron radiator with moulded floral decoration, 81 cm x 57 cm x 19 cm 80 120
864 An Arts & Crafts copper jardiniere, the shaped body with flared ring, raised on riveted scrolling hammered supports, monogrammed ‘S W S & B’ to base, 17.5 cm H x 17.5 cm Dia. 30 40
865 A mid-20th century pictorial ‘Navy & Army Canteen Board’, red, white and blue enamel advertising sign, 122.5 cm H x 91 cm W 100 150
866 A vintage blue and white enamel ‘Rowntree’s Pastilles’ advertising sign, later re-touched, 30 cm H x 49 cm W 85 95
867 A vintage oak ‘Meltonian, Britain’s experts in shoe care’ double sided advertising shop sign, 20 cm x 59 cm W 20 30
868 A vintage black and white enamel warning sign for ‘Nobel’s Explosives Coy Ltd’, 41 cm H x 29 cm W 120 180
869 A vintage ‘Stephen’s Ink’ blue, black and white enamel advertising sign, the reverse in black and white enamel ‘Stationer and Newsagent’, 25.5 cm H x 46 cm W 85 95
870 An early ‘Get It At Harrods’ red, black and white advertising sign, 15 cm H x 69.5 cm W 40 60
871 An early ‘Waterman’s  Ideal Fountain Pen’ red, black and white advertising sign, 15 cm H x 43 cm W 10 20
872 A large 1980’s Coca-Cola red and white shop advertising sign, 57 cm H x 170 cm W 40 60
873 An early 19th century lead polychrome tobacco jar, the dome shaped lid with associated knop handle, over an octagonal-shaped body, each panel decorated with hand-painted figure, 14 cm H x 13 cm W 30 40
874 A 20th century hollow cast bronze model of a bull, stamped ‘Debut’, mounted on a rectangular marble base, 33 cm H x 47 cm W 150 250
875 A Victorian ‘Kent’s’ patent knife sharpener, the circular oak body with crested mount and paper labels, on a cast iron scrolling base and handle, 50 cm H 30 50
876 A pair of 20th century bronze figural candlesticks, the holders with acanthus leaf decoration above figures of semi-nude classical maidens, standing in ornate shaped plinths and circular stepped bases, 25 cm H 70 90
877 A red and white enamel ‘Danger, small butterfly bombs are hidden here’ warning sign, 30 cm H x 46 W cm 70 100
878 A vintage red and yellow enamel ”Army Information Centre” sign, 46 cm H x 61 cm W 120 140
879 A late 19th century brass plaque depicting a bust of Napoleon in military uniform, unsigned and housed in a circular turned oak frame, plaque 10cm diameter 70 80
880 A pair of late 19th century Georgian-style serpentine pierced brass fenders 30 50
881 A modern printed metal sign advertising an American 1950s Pontiac 30 35
882 A large 19th century oval copper saucepan with warmer top, each fitted with iron loop handles and stamped ‘T A Poison’ to the side, 27cm H x 52cm W x 37cm D – Property of the estate of a Doctor, New Romney, Kent 100 150
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