Miscellaneous – May 25th 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
438 A mid-20th century French ‘Kiss Ply’ folding picnic table set, the bound folding table opening to reveal folding chairs, flasks, storage pots and boxes, approximately 70 cm H x 73 cm W x 77 cm D 60 80
439 A Victorian Art Nouveau Hessian-bound waste paper basket of cylindrical form with moulded geometrical decoration, approximately 40 cm H 20 30
440 A collection of miscellaneous items to include a vintage petrol can, two cast iron pots, a yoke, block and tackle, axes, eights plus other items 30 50
442 A mid-20th century Chil-Daw ‘Pioneer’ tailor’s dummy No 344739, approximately 155 cm high 80 120
443 An early 20th century British made pith helmet, size 7 1/4, Royal Letters Patent No 207475 together with a faux tortoiseshell tole ware hat box 80 100
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