Silver – 25th May 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
520 A pair of Victorian silver gilt berry spoons, London 1895, by William Gibson and John Langman, retailed by The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Company, with pierced out bowls and cast, chased and embossed decoration, 19.25cm long, combined weight 4.07ozt, 126.6g 50 70
521 A silver combination cheroot holder and vesta case, Birmingham 1915, maker’s mark ‘A Bros’, with gilt interior, 6cm long, 0.57ozt, 17.7g 30 40
522 A Continental silver-coloured metal Art Nouveau walking stick handle in the form of a horse’s head, 9.5 cm wide 80 100
523 A George III silver old English pattern sifter spoon, London 1782 by George Smith III, another silver sifter spoon with twisted handle, date mark rubbed, by George Maudsley Jackson, 1.81 ozt gross, and a silver-plated sifter spoon (3 items) 20 40
524 Eleven Victorian silver fiddle pattern dessert forks, London 1840, by John Wren, engraved with intertwined scrolling initials ‘RH’, 18.60 ozt gross 260 300
525 A Victorian silver playing card case, with dome topped hinged lid, Chester 1898, 6.8 cm x 4.3 cm x 10.8 cm, 4.93 ozt 60 80
526 A George III silver pedestal sugar basket, of ovoid form, with pierced and chased decoration, beaded rim and swing handle, London 1783, maker’s mark rubbed, with damage to neck of foot, 12 cm long, 10 cm high without handle, 4.19 ozt 60 80
527 A George III silver caddy spoon, London 1802 by John James Whiting, with old English thread pattern handle and leaf shaped bowl, 10.5 cm long, 0.41ozt 150 200
528 A silver porringer, London 1928, by William Comyns and Sons Ltd, with inscription which reads ‘ G.C.B.R from I.F.C 21st Nov 1931’, 16.75 cm wide x 5 cm high, 8.31ozt 100 140
529 A George III old English pattern silver basting spoon, London 1792, by William Sumner, with bright cut engraved decoration and engraved with the initials ‘JH’, 29 cm long and another George III silver old English pattern basting spoon, London 1782 by George Smith III, engraved with the initials ‘RAC’, 29 cm long, combined weight 5.81 ozt 40 60
530 A pair of George III old English silver table spoons, London 1809 by Hester Bateman, with bright cut engraving, bearing initials ‘AW’,  and numbered 1 and 4, 21 cm long, 3.15 ozt gross 35 45
531 A pair of George III silver old English pattern dessert spoons, London 1813, by Richard Crossley, engraved with the initial ‘R’, 17 cm long, 2.15 ozt gross 25 35
532 A George III old English pattern silver dessert spoon, London 1807, by Solomon Hougham, engraved with intertwined initials ‘JJH’, with dent to bowl, 1.02 ozt, a silver pepperette, of baluster form, with vase-shaped finial, London 1899, 8 cm high, highly corroded, a small square silver coaster, Birmingham 1925, 7.4 cm wide, 1.1 ozt, a Victorian silver vase-shaped pepperette, Birmingham 1892, on square base, with bent finial, 7.75 cm high, 0.94 ozt, a silver napkin ring, of oval form, London 1936, with machine turned decoration and bearing scrolling initials ‘RBR’, 5.25 cm wide, 0.45 ozt and a Victorian silver napkin ring, of octagonal form, London 1859, with engraved decoration and bearing scrolling initials ‘BB’, slight damage, 5 cm wide, 0.74 ozt and a Continental silver coffee spoon, the bowl cast in the form of a 17th century coin, with twisted  handle, 11 cm long 45 55
533 A pair of Georgian silver sugar tongs, by George Burrows, with chased decoration and repair, 15 cm long, 1 ozt 15 25
534 A small Georgian silver sauce ladle, by George Smith IV, assay marks indistinct, with shell shaped bowl and beaded handle, 0.41 ozt 15 25
535 A George III silver old English pattern ladle, London 1810, maker’s mark ‘HC & C’, engraved with the initial ‘S’, 16.5 cm long, 1.19 ozt 10 20
536 A George II silver old English pattern dessert spoon, London 1738, with indistinct maker’s mark, engraved with the initials ‘B*G’, 20 cm long, 1.43 ozt 15 25
537 A set of six William IV silver fiddle pattern teaspoons, London 1836, by William Eaton, engraved with the initial ‘K’, 4.71 ozt gross 60 70
538 A pair of Georgian silver sugar tongs, indistinctly hall marked, with bright cut engraved decoration, 14 cm long, 1 ozt 15 20
539 A silver William IV christening tankard, with scrolling acanthus carved handle on pedestal base, London 1830, by Robert Hennell, bears two inscriptions, the first to Miss Elizabeth Ellen Buxton, dated 1855 and another to George Christopher Barclay Russell dated 21st November 1931, 11.25 cm across x 9.5 cm high, 4.61 ozt 60 80
540 A Victorian silver inkwell, with gadrooned body and flared foot, Birmingham 1886 by Carrington and  Co., with  George III silver coin set to the hinged lid, housing removable interior, 7 cm high x 8.75 cm wide, 7.01 ozt (excluding removable glass liner) 100 150
541 A Victorian silver two-handled salt, the lobed and scroll embossed circular body on pierced circular foot, the handles in the form of swan necks, marks rubbed, glass liner lacking, 12 cm wide, 2.33 ozt 30 40
542 A silver porringer, Birmingham 1945, maker’s mark ‘SB & S’, retailed by Mungey and Co, Cambridge, 14 cm wide x 3.75 cm high, 3.16 ozt 40 50
543 A pair of George III silver old English pattern sauce ladles, London 1784, by George Smith III, the tops engraved with crests of a bird encircled by a serpent, combined weight 3.24 ozt 40 60
544 A silver babies feeder spoon and pusher, with trefoil ends, initialled ‘RR’, Sheffield 1923, 0.92 ozt gross, cased 10 15
545 A small Georgian silver pickle fork, with ivory handle, unmarked, 12.5 cm long 20 30
546 A set of six old English pattern silver table spoons, London 1849, by George W Adams, engraved with interlocking initials ‘AER’, 13.81 ozt gross 180 220
547 A set of twelve fiddle pattern silver dinner forks, London 1849, by George W Adams, engraved with interlocking initials ‘RH’, 28.81 ozt gross 400 440
548 A pair of George II circular silver salts raised on three hoof feet, London 1755 and 1754, maker’s mark ‘I.W.’, and another similar 18th century silver salt, marks rubbed, inscribed with initials ‘THS’, each 6.25 cm diameter,  4.19 ozt gross, liners lacking and interiors corroded 50 70
549 A pair of Victorian silver fiddle and thread pattern condiment spoons, London 1841, maker’s mark ‘WT’, 1.45 ozt gross 15 25
550 A Victorian oval silver mustard, with half reeded  body, the hinged lid with ball finial, Birmingham 1886, maker’s mark ‘HP & H’, 10 cm wide x 6 cm high, 2.79 ozt, with original blue glass liner 35 45
551 An Edwardian silver vesta case, of rectangular form, with engine turned decoration steel hinge and striker and gilt interior, 3.75 cm high 10 15
552 A George IV silver fiddle pattern condiment spoon, London 1825, a silver salt spoon, London 1926 and a silver mustard spoon, London 1881, combined weight 0.77 ozt and a silver-plated butter knife 15 25
553 Assorted silver items, comprised of a silver pepperette, Birmingham 1903, another silver pepperette, London 1916, a pair of silver old English pattern sauce ladles, London 1813 and one other similar silver sauce ladle, each engraved with scrolling interlocking initials ‘RH’, and three silver old English bead pattern tea spoons, London 1862,  each engraved with scrolling interlocking initials ‘AER’, 8 items, 5.65 ozt gross 75 85
554 A ‘Witchball’ silver table lighter of spherical form, London 1961, by Mappin and Webb, bearing inscription, 8cm high 50 100
555 A small rectangular silver tray, Birmingham 1925, maker’s mark rubbed, bearing worn inscription; ‘General Strike May 1923.  To Mr E A Abraham with the grateful thanks of the Great Western Railway Co.’, 13.25cm x 8.25cm and two Victorian silver mustard spoons, combined weight 4.78ozt, 148.5g 35 45
556 A pair of four-section silver toast racks, Sheffield 1932, 8cm long, 3.63ozt, 113g 40 60
557 A large circular silver salver with shaped border, raised on claw and ball feet, Sheffield 1960, by John Dixon and Sons, 35.5cm diameter, 36.4ozt, 1124g 420 480
558 A pair of Britannia standard silver coasters, London 1971, 9.25cm diameter, 4.41ozt, 137.4g 50 60
559 An 18th century Irish silver wine funnel, Dublin, marks rubbed, 9cm high, 1.35ozt, 42.4g 50 70
560 A pair of silver gravy boats with scroll handles, raised on pedestal bases, London 1934, 17cm long, combined weight 17.85ozt, 555.5g 200 250
561 A silver cream jug on turned foot with scroll handle, Sheffield 1960, 11cm high, 4.75ozt, 147.8g 50 70
562 A small silver cream jug raised on three feet, with scroll handle, Sheffield 1911, 9cm high, 1.88ozt, 58.6g 20 30
563 A Georgian style silver pedestal sugar bowl with embossed, chased and pierced decoration with swing handle and blue glass liner, 12.75cm high (without handle), London 1915, 6.87ozt, 213.9g (without liner) together with an unassociated silver plated spoon 80 120
564 A silver rose bowl of plain design, Birmingham 1911, 13cm diameter, 3.28ozt, 102.2g 40 60
565 A pair of Continental .835 standard silver coloured metal mounted glass salts in the form of a chicken and a cockerel, with matching spoons, the cockerel 8.5cm high 40 60
566 A pair of silver sauce boats, raised on three feet with shaped rims, Sheffield 1960, 14.5cm long, 6.81ozt, 211.8g 80 100
567 A silver card tray with reeded border, raised on three scroll feet, London 1935, 15.5cm diameter, 7.54 ozt, 234.8g 90 110
568 A small silver two-handled trophy with engraving and dated 1930, Birmingham 1929, 2.81ozt, 87.5g 30 40
569 A small silver coloured metal circular lidded pot embossed with birds amongst foliage, unmarked, 4.25cm high, 1.14ozt, 35.8g 15 20
570 A silver coloured metal cigarette case in the form of a book, stamped ‘SILVER’, 14.25cm long, 13ozt, 404.6g 150 180
571 An oval silver teapot with chased scrolling decoration, ebonised handle and box wood knop, London 1802, 27.5cm long, 18.09ozt, 562.3g gross 200 250
572 A late 19th century Indian enamel decorated model of a bird group and palm tree, mounted on a circular rocky base, the underside engraved with an elephant and palms, encircled by scrolling foliage, approximately 13 cm H 100 150
573 A set of six silver coffee spoons and a pair of matching sugar tongs, Birmingham 1927 by A Price & Co Ltd, 3.04 ozt, 94.6 g, cased 40 60
574 A quantity of Korean and other silver coloured metal items including a tray, teapot, jug, lidded bowl and other items, some boxed, combined weight 70.41ozt, 2195.4g 500 700
575 A silver four piece teaset, Birmingham 1961, by Adie Brothers Ltd, the teapot and hot water jug with wooden handles and knops, all raised on bun feet with lobed bodies and reeded detail to the rims, 49.81ozt, 1549.2g gross 450 500
576 A 19th century miniature silver funnel bearing French import marks, with embossed decoration of cherubs working on the land, 4.5cm long, a miniature silver chair and a miniature silver kettle, with burner and stand, Birmingham 1910 and 1905 maker’s mark ‘L&S’, and a 19th century Continental Rococo style chair with import marks for London 1898, 1.78ozt, 55.5g gross 80 120
577 A silver sugar castor, London 1926, maker’s mark rubbed, of baulster form, 4.41ozt, 137g, 19cm high 50 60
578 A pair of Edwardian silver pepperettes, London 1908, of vase form with lobed bodies, 2.73ozt, 84.8g gross, 10.5cm high 30 40
579 An Edwardian silver boat-shaped dish, Sheffield 1901, by James Dixon and Son, of plain form with undulating gadrooned rim, 3.77ozt, 117.4g, 16.25cm long 45 55
580 A silver sauce boat, London 1927, by Charles Engelhard, of plain form raised on oval stepped foot with reeded scroll handle, 6.03ozt, 187.7g, 17.5cm long 60 70
581 A silver basket, Sheffield 1934, maker’s mark ‘J.T & Co’, with pierced sides, raised on stepped foot, 13.37ozt, 415.9g, 28cm long 120 180
582 A 20th century silver mustard pot, Sheffield, date mark rubbed, a small silver four-section toast rack, Birmingham 1955 by Adie Bros. Ltd, 3.74ozt, 116.6g gross, a pair of cut glass salts with silver rims and a small squat silver candlestick 45 55
583 A pair of boat-shaped salts, Birmingham 1904, by W. Atkin, with half reeded bodies and scroll handles, liners lacking, 1.66ozt, 51.6g 25 35
584 A silver basket of tapering square form, Sheffield 1926, maker’s mark ‘CB & S’, with fixed handle, patterned rim and plain foot, 5.42ozt, 168.7g, 9.75cm wide 50 60
585 A pair of Edwardian silver candlesticks, Birmingham 1906, by Nathan & Hayes, with leaded bases, 14.5 cm high, a William IV silver pepperette, London 1832, maker’s mark rubbed and a small silver pepperette, combined weight of weighable silver 3 ozt, 93 g – Property of the estate of a Doctor, New Romney, Kent 40 60
586 A late Victorian silver oval warming dish, London 1899, by William Hutton and Sons Ltd, with beaded decoration, bearing inscription, 69.59ozt, 2164.5g 650 750
587 A set of six Victorian silver fiddle pattern dessert forks, London 1851, by George W Adams, each engraved with the initial ‘M’,  8.61ozt, 267.9g 80 120
588 A pair of late Victorian silver old English pattern sauce ladles, London 1899, by William Gibson and John Langman, 5.28ozt, 164g 50 70
589 A George IV silver fiddle pattern teaspoon, Exeter 1828, by Joseph Hicks, three other items of silver cutlery, 2.38ozt, 73.9g gross and a silver coloured metal spoon 20 30
590 Four Edwardian silver and mother of pearl handled fruit forks and three matching knives, London 1902, by the Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co. 30 40
591 A large Edwardian silver propelling pencil, Birmingham 1901, by A Brown and Co., 14.5cm long, and a silver plated ‘Eversharp’ propelling pencil 30 40
592 A silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1932, a silver matchbook case, Birmingham 1924, both with engine turned decoration, a silver size 4 thimble, Birmingham 1929 by Henry Griffith and Sons, 3.28ozt, 102.1g gross and a Continental .800 standard silver coloured metal cigarette case, 3.39ozt, 105.5g 60 90
593 A Victorian silver shell-shaped caddy spoon, Sheffield 1860, by Martin Hall and Co., the scroll handle engraved with the crest of a lion, 77mm long, 0.43ozt, 13.5g 30 50
594 An early 20th century Dutch silver sifter spoon with windmill finial and pierced and chased bowl decorated with storks amongst foliage, with Chester import marks for 1901, maker’s mark ‘SBL’, repair to handle, and a small Victorian silver sifter spoon, Birmingham 1897, 1.5ozt, 46.8g gross 30 50
595 A late 19th/early 20th century silver boat-shaped teapot, Sheffield with rubbed date mark, by Martin Hall and Co Ltd, with half reeded body and ebonized handle and knop, 18.18ozt, 565.4g gross 180 220
596 A pair of Latvian 0.875 silver tablespoons cast with Neo classical swag and ribbon decoration with reeded and acanthus leaf detail, 4.59ozt, 142.8g gross 40 60
597 A late 19th/early 20th century Russian 84 Zolotnik silver spoon, the reverse of the bowl engraved with scrolling initials, 1.96ozt, 61g 40 60
598 A silver propelling pencil, Birmingham 1891 by William Vale and Sons, of hexagonal form with chased scrolling acanthus leaf decoration and banded agate seal top, one other smaller silver propelling pencil and a silver and mother of pearl twin blade folding fruit knife, Sheffield 1893 by Mappin Bros. 80 120
599 A Danish Raadvad Rustfri bread knife, marks to handle, rubbed 20 30
600 A large late Victorian spherical cut glass and silver mounted scent bottle, London 1898, by William Hutton and & Sons Ltd, with hinged lid and cut glass stopper, 15cm high 100 150
601 A pair of silver backed handled brushes, Birmingham 1905 and one other silver backed brush, all three decorated with Reynold’s angles 20 30
602 An Edwardian cut glass silver topped jar, the lid embossed with Reynolds angels, Birmingham 1907, three other silver topped glass dressing table jars, a cut glass silver mounted perfume bottle and two oval silver pin dishes with pieced decoration, combined weight of weighable silver, 3.23ozt, 100.7g 40 60
603 Two sets of silver Bisley Artist Rifles shooting club teaspoons, the first comprised of six Old English pattern teaspoons, Sheffield 1903-1906 by Walker and Hall, each engraved with the club’s crest, the second comprised of four teaspoons with terminals cast as the club’s logo of the heads of Mars and Mineva representing war and art, Sheffield 1904 and 1905, by Walker and Hall, 6.37ozt, 198.2g, and a small silver mounted porcelain coaster, with inscription dated 1905 to ‘Pte R G Munro’, purported to have all been won by Ronald Munro, who died in the Battle of the Somme 60 80
604 A silver christening mug with scroll handle on circular gadrooned foot, Sheffield 1945 by James Dixon and Son, 9.5cm high, a small Victorian silver christening tankard engraved with vignettes of children, Birmingham 1898, by George Unite, 6cm high, a silver table lighter in the form of an oil lamp, 7.15ozt, 222.5g, and two other items 70 90
605 A circular silver and tortoiseshell trinket box, Birmingham 1910, maker’s mark ‘ESP’, the tortoiseshell lid inlaid with silver Neo Classical patera and swag decoration, with velvet lined interior, raised on three supports, 9cm diameter 30 50
606 Six Indonesian silver coloured metal items, all stamped ‘T90’, 18.97ozt, 590.1g gross, an unmarked silver coloured metal bowl and lidded box, 3ozt, 93.4g, and six other similar items, both marked and unmarked 200 230
607 An Edwardian silver mounted and cut glass scent bottle, Birmingham 1907, another silver mounted cut glass scent bottle, London 1929, and a silver backed hand mirror and hair brush, Birmingham 1931, with engine turned decoration (4 items) 30 50
608 A pair of Edwardian spherical cut glass and silver mounted scent bottles, Birmingham 1902, by Levi and Salaman, some damage to silver mount and lids, stopper lacking, and two cut glass and silver lidded pin jars 80 100
609 An Edwardian silver square section combination ruler with propelling sealing wax action and seal terminal, London 1904, by William Holmes, 18cm long, five silver propelling pencils and two silver plated propelling pencils (8 items) 150 180
610 A Georgian novelty shoe-shaped penknife, two silver and mother-of-pearl folding fruit knives, two silver folding button hooks and two cigar cutters 150 200
611 A small silver mounted and crocodile skin covered glass hip flask, Sheffield 1921, maker’s mark ‘FCA & Co, bearing inscription, the removable silver base doubling as a cup with gilt interior, 1.015ozt, 31.7g, 10.5cm long 50 80
612 A silver Victorian whistle and case, Birmingham 1859, maker’s mark ‘J & Co’, the whistle cast with Tudor rose top, housed in an octagonal tapering case, cast with acanthus leaf and floral decoration and acorn finial with screw attachments for belt fitting, 7cm long, 1.35ozt, 42g 100 200
613 A 19th century silver eight-point star pendant, the front engraved with a bugle and thistle within flowerhead surround, bearing the inscription to the back; ‘Presented to Br G Stonely by the Brethren of Court St George 1714 as testimony of respect, 1848’, 8cm diameter, 0.95ozt, 29.4g 100 150
614 A rectangular silver cigarette case with engine turned decoration, Birmingham 1960, maker’s mark ‘WTT & Co’, together with a pair of silver salt and pepper pots, Birmingham 1946, maker’s mark rubbed, combined weight 1.17ozt, 36.4g 30 50
615 A George III silver snuff box, London 1812, maker’s mark indistinct, possibly ‘IH’, the top embossed with a horse and carriage scene, the sides decorated with countryside scenes, 9.25cm x 4.5cm x 4.75cm, 4.4ozt, 137g 350 400
616 A silver two-handled rose bowl, Chester 1916, by Barker Brothers, on circular foot with engraved inscription, 12 cm diameter, 6.5 cm high, 6.56 ozt, 204 g 55 65
617 An early Victorian silver cream jug, London 1847 by W R Smily, with embossed decoration, raised on three feet with scroll handle, engraved crest and monogram, 12.25 cm high, 5.41 ozt, 168.4 g 45 55
618 A silver two handled tea strainer and stand, Sheffield 1937 by E Viners, the strainer 11.25cm wide, combined weight 2.02ozt, 62.9g and a Victorian silver shell-shaped butter dish, London 1889 by Edward Hutton, 110.5cm wide, 1.7ozt, 53g 30 40
619 A Victorian silver sugar bowl, London 1888 by John Heath and John Middleton, with embossed decoration and engraved with a crest of an angel with an arrow in each hand, 9 cm diameter, 2.98 ozt, 92.6 g, and a Continental silver wine strainer with import marks for London 1904, by Charles Asprey and George Asprey, also bearing ‘.935’ stamped to underside of rim, embossed with wreath decoration, 9 cm diameter, 1.66 ozt, 51.7 g 40 50
620 A silver christening mug, Birmingham 1918, maker’s mark rubbed, of barrel form, bearing inscription dated 1944, 7.5cm high, 3.01 ozt, 93.7g 25 35
621 An early 20th century silver-coloured metal purse hinge, ornately pierced and cast with figures amongst foliage, with chain handle, 12.5 cm wide, 2.73 ozt, 84.9 g 30 40
622 An Art Deco silver hot water jug, Sheffield 1924, by Mappin and Webb, of plain tapered cylindrical form with ebonised handle, 20cm high, 15.86ozt, 493.4g 170 200
623 A Victorian silver teapot, London 1859, by John Samuel Hunt, all over decorated with chased and embossed decoration, with ‘C’ scroll handle and ivory insulators, 16.75cm high, 23.33ozt, 725.6g gross 260 300
624 An Asprey & Co square silver card tray, London 1932, with shaped rim and inscription dated 1956, raised on four feet, 17.25cm wide, 10.33ozt, 321.4g 100 150
625 An oval silver basket with swing handle on pedestal base, Birmingham 1925, by H Matthews, with pierced lattice surround and beaded rim, 26.25cm long, 10.92ozt, 339.8g 110 130
626 Two Edwardian silver easel back photograph frames, Birmingham 1909, 20cm high, and Chester 1907, 16.5cm high and one other silver photograph frame, Birmingham 1918, 15.25cm high (3 items) 50 70
627 A small Royal Doulton pottery jug, modelled as a leather jug, with silver collar, a collection of six silver thimbles, a small silver and enamel circular pill box, four silver photograph frames and an elypitical-shaped late Victorian silver pill box, the lid set with carved oval shell cameo, Birmingham 1898, with indistinct maker’s mark, combined weight of weighable silver 2.62 ozt, 81.4 g – Property of the estate of a Doctor, New Romney, Kent 50 70
628 An oval George III Scottish silver toddy ladle, with Edinburgh hall mark, by Alexander Zeigler, with twisted whale bone handle,, 34.5cm long 70 100
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