Toys – 25th May 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
908 A late 19th century bisque-headed doll with hand-painted eyes, brows and lips, half bisque arms and legs, clothed in traditional Spanish dress, with indistinct stamp to back of head, 27cm tall 40 60
909 A Chad Valley plush Teddy bear, a 19th century sailor doll, a rag doll, a Masonic Teddy bear plus one other Teddy (5 items) 20 30
910 A Hornby Meccano clockwork ‘O’ gauge Tank Goods Set No 40 comprised of a black tank engine 82011, two carriages, one goods truck and contents plus track, boxed 40 60
911 A Hornby Meccano clockwork ‘O’ gauge MI Passenger set comprised of a red tank engine and tender 3435, two Pullman carriages ‘Marjorie’ and ‘Aurelia’ and metal track, boxed 40 60
912 A Hornby Meccano clockwork ‘O’ gauge Goods Set No 20 comprised of a green tank engine and tender 60985, two grey goods trucks, a BP, Shell tanker and track, boxed 40 60
913 A J.D.K. Kestner 257 bisque-headed doll with sleeping eyes, painted brows and open mouth with two upper teeth, marked Made in Germany 257 J.D.K. 44 to back of head, with jointed limb composition body, 54cm tall 100 150
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