Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
1 Assorted Victorian and later ceramics comprised of a Royal Paragon tea pot and cake plate ‘Replica of Service made for HRH The Duchess of York’, a Crown Staffordshire printed and hand-painted blue ground porcelain dessert service, a collection of toast racks and other items (2 boxes) 30 40
9 A collection of Carlton Ware including a lily pad sugar bowl, primrose toast rack, lettuce leaf plates, a Royal Vale batchelor’s tea set (1 box) 20 30
11 A large assortment of ceramics to include Portmeirion jar, Poole dish and a ‘Fairweather Collection’ figure (2 boxes) 25 40
18 Assorted 19th and early 20th century Royal Worcester cups and saucers (1 box)  20 40
23 Assorted ceramics and other items including a Staffordshire spaniel, a collection of thimbles, Homepride kitchenalia, black bird pottery pie funnels and other miscellaneous items (3 boxes) 20 30
29 A large studio pottery bowl, a dark blue glazed Royal Doulton bowl and assorted ceramics including Grosvenor tea ware, Anchor ”Indian Tree” pattern, Aynsley, Longton, a blue and white Oriental plate etc (1 box) 25 35
30 A collection of blue and cream glazed ‘Classic Blue’ Denby pottery dinnerware and a glass bowl and plate, decorated with crocuses (1 box) 10 15
31 Oriental teaware, maker’s mark to base, decorated with cranes and other birds, to include cups, saucers, sugar bowl, hot water jug, plates, tray etc (1 box) 20 30
37 A quantity of Iden Pottery tea and dinnerware hand-painted with cockerels, Cinque Ports pottery and Poole pottery two-tier cake plate (2 boxes) 20 30
39 A large quantity of Chiltern Ridgway ”White Mist” pattern tea and dinner ware including plates, tureens, gravy boat, cups etc (1 box) 15 20
47 A large 19th century Continental hand painted and printed porcelain urn decorated in relief with flower girls and cherubs, with crested lid and flower decorated base (at fault) and other 19th century Continental ceramics 50 100
58 Assorted 19th century porcelain and pottery including a Sutherland Lustre jug, Minton bowl etc (1 box) 40 60
60 A Susie Cooper coffee set comprising three coffee cans, four saucers, sugar bowl, cream and hot water jugs and a coffee pot, all pale pink and cream with dot decoration to rims and handles, makers mark to underside 25 35
73 Assorted ceramics to include small 19th century Continental porcelain figures, Carlton Ware leaf dishes, Royal Doulton figure ‘My Love’ (a/f), Wedgwood jasperware, a Royal Copenhagen plaque, Dartmouth pottery gurgle jug etc. (2 boxes) 20 40
83 A 12-piece Coalport tea set, Pattern No 7194/C, comprised of cups, saucers, plates, sugar bowl and cream jug (1 box) 30 40
84 Assorted ceramics to include an Art Deco Radford crocus-decorated jug and a quantity of Meakin’s ‘Country Life’ pattern tea ware (2 boxes)  10 20
90 Seven pieces of Chinese black earthenware pewter mounted tea ware together with a similarly decorated eboninsed wooden tray, with accompanying paperwork 25 35
92 A Harlequin porcelain coffee set and other ceramics including Royal Doulton Bunnykins items, signed Barbara Vernon (1 box) 30 50
93 A collection of 29 Lilliput Lane and other various models of buildings including ”Rose Cottage” and others by Royal Doulton USA Inc, ”Bodiam Oast” and others from the Castleham Cottage Collection (2 boxes) 15 25
102 A Victorian tea set with ornate hand painted gilt decoration comprised of plates, tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, cups plus other items (1 box) 20 30
112 A Susie Cooper kestrel shape tea set decorated in cream, blue and yellow  20 30
115 An early Victorian hand painted part tea service comprised of a teapot and stand, two cake plates, four cups and nine saucers, each numbered 1950 to the base, together with other Victorian tea ware – Property of the estate of a Doctor, New Romney, Kent 50 70
120 Assorted commemorative mugs, cups and saucers including William Whiteley George V mug and a Bisto mug decorated to acknowledge agriculture (1 box) 20 30
122 An early 20th century dessert service with ‘Iris’ pattern and gilt edging comprising four comports, two scallop-shaped dishes and 12 plates (1 box) 60 100
129 Assorted ceramics including Glendale, Colclough, Aynsley tea ware, Hammersley, coffee cups and saucers etc (1 box) 20 30
130 A collection of  dragon ornaments and eggs (1 box) 20 40
131 Three Royal Doulton series ware plates, a set of six ‘Oriental Ivory’ decorative dishes and a Harvest pattern loving cup (1 box) 40 60
132 A mixed quantity of blue and white ceramics to include a 19th century platter, a pair of tureens etc (1 box) 25 40
137 A Royal Doulton ‘Desert Star’ pattern dinner service (2 boxes) 100 150
138 Assorted Royal Albert ‘Old Country Roses’ pattern tea ware (2 boxes) 50 60
147 Miscellaneous ceramics including a New Chelsea tea set, a green glazed Aynsley part tea set, Italian shellfish plates and other items (3 boxes) 50 70
148 A selection of blue and white china to include vases, plates, pots etc (1 box) 20 40
149 Four Cauldon and Co porcelain plates retailed by Maple & Co, other ceramics and three commemorative beer bottles (1 box) 10 15
150 A graduated pair of green glazed jugs moulded in relief with flowers and hand-painted decoration and a six-place tea set (1 box) 15 20
151 A German porcelain dinner service decorated with floral sprays (1 box) 40 60
165 A W Hume ”Ophia” patterned part dinner service comprising soup plates, tureens, side plates etc (2 boxes) 20 40
174 Three bone china part tea services (1 box) 10 20
182 A collection of 1950s/1960s ceramics to include a Ridgway ”Ondine” patterned tea set, Susie Cooper plates, Radford floral dish, Figgio Flint tea pot plus other items (1 box) 15 25
183 A collection of Wedgwood collector’s plates, assorted Toby jugs, beer steins and a four piece silver-plated coffee set and tray (2 boxes) 30 40
186 Assorted vintage ceramics and tins, including a Pear’s Soap advertising picture  10 20
188 A box of assorted ceramics to include a Torquay ware tea pot, Capodimonte flower basket, child’s cutlery set, two Edward VIII Coronation plates plus other items (1 box) 20 30
193 A large collection of 1970s Denby dinner ware (2 boxes) 30 40
197 An Arabia of Finland tea set in ”Ruska” pattern (2 boxes) 60 100
200 Assorted ceramics to include lidded tureens by Thomas of Germany together with decorative plates and dishes including Plant Tuscan, Coalport, Grosvenor, Doulton etc (1 box) 20 30
210 A quantity of porcelain white dinnerware with blue, green and gilt decoration to include plates, two meat platters and lidded tureens (2 boxes) 30 40
213 Assorted blue and white Cornish Ware-style pottery and other miscellaneous ceramics including stoneware jars and hot water bottle, wall plaque etc (3 boxes) 15 25
217 A large quantity of Johnson Bros ”Indies” pattern tea and dinnerware including plates, cups, saucers, tureen, sauce boat, teapot etc (2 boxes)  15 25
225 Assorted ceramics including Booth’s ‘Mayfair’ pattern plates and tureens, studio pottery fish-shaped plates, various tea ware etc. (2 boxes) 20 30
227 An assorted collection of blue and white ceramics to include ginger jars, vases etc (2 boxes) 20 40
228 Assorted ceramics including David Sharp, Rye Pottery vase, other studio pottery, a Norbel Potteries (Prt) Ltd mug commemorating Rhodesian Independence, Nov 11, 1965, Royal Doulton, a Prices Potteries teapot in the form of a pillar box, Huntsman Ale cruet set plus other items (2 boxes)  20 40
229 Two boxes of assorted ceramics to include collector’s plates, preserve jars, Victorian dinner plates, Crown Devon tureens plus other items (2 boxes) 20 30
234 A Freda Doughty Worcester figure, a Lladro figure and a Beswick eagle decanter (3 items) 40 60
235 A 19th century Sitzendorf porcelain figure of a woman holding a basket, 21 cm H  15 20
236 A Vienna porcelain figure of a lady with flowers, 14.5 cm H, (at fault)  20 30
237 A 19th century Continental porcelain figurine of a man holding a bunch of flowers, 16 cm H 20 30
238 A Royal Doulton porcelain figurine, ‘The Goose Girl’, HN 2419, modelled by John Bromley, numbered 473/12500, 20 cm H 15 20
240 A blue and white ceramic Rye Pottery dog 15 25
241 A Coalport R.S.P.B figurine of a duck, a porcelain figurine of a chaffinch on a branch and a Royal Crown Derby model of a thrush and fledgling on a branch with caterpillar (3 items) 20 30
242 A blue and white striped Cornish ware flour shaker by T.G.Green together with a salt shaker in the same design (2 items) 25 35
243 A 19th century miniature porcelain Crown Naples figure of a cherub, 7 cm H and another miniature porcelain figure of a boy with a ram, 5 cm H 25 35
244 A collection of crested ware to include the Chicken Rock Lighthouse, Isle of Man, No 602906 (1 box) 20 30
245 A Royal Doulton porcelain figurine, ‘Top O’ The Hill’, HN 1834, 18 cm H 15 20
247 A 20th century porcelain group of a woman blind-folding a child, 20 cm H 20 30
248 A Royal Crown Derby porcelain bowl, decorated in the Imari palette, with date mark for 1939, 19 cm diameter – Property of the estate of a Doctor, New Romney, Kent 20 40
249 A 19th century porcelain figure of a woman with a basket of fruit and a dead rabbit, with gold anchor mark, 19 cm H   20 30
250 A limited edition Royal Doulton porcelain figurine, ‘Country Love’, HN 2418, modelled by John Bromley, numbered 158/12500, 19 cm H 15 20
251 A 20th century Continental porcelain figural group and another of a clown and dog  20 30
252 An early 19th century Derby figure of ‘The Welch Taylor’s Wife’ astride a goat, 17 cm H (at fault) 50 70
253 A late 18th century Derby porcelain figure of a garland shepherdess, 23 cm H  80 120
254 A Royal Doulton porcelain figurine, ‘Miss Demure’, HN 1402, 19 cm H  15 20
255 A 19th century porcelain group of a courting couple with gold anchor mark, 22.5cm H (at fault) 40 50
256 A 19th century Continental porcelain figural group of a soldier and his sweetheart, 23 cm H 40 60
263 A hand-painted vase, stamped Clarice Cliff to base, decorated with tree branches, leaves and flowers 25 35
269 A ‘Farmer John’ Royal Doulton character jug, a Crown Devon ‘John Peel’ hunting jug together with another Royal Doulton character jug (3 items) 40 60
275 A Lladro figure of a yawning boy, a Nao figure of a girl holding a duck, a Lladro figure of a girl with outstretched hands and a similar figure of a seated woman with piglets plus two others  50 70
276 Colin Kellam (20th Century) a Studio Pottery vase-shaped table lamp, hand-painted with trailing flowers, 27.5 cm high (not including fitting) – Property of the estate of a Doctor, New Romney, Kent 25 35
278 A 19th century Charles Meigh patent relief moulded white earthenware matt glazed jug with pewter lid, decorated with ribald Bacchanalian scenes, grapes and vines, with blue moulded patent to base, 28cm high 25 35
282 A late 19th/early 20th century Wedgwood blue jasperware cheese bell, decorated with classical figures, cherubs, acorns and oak leaves, with impressed mark to base, 20cm high 20 40
283 An Art Nouveau blue ground pottery vase, the shaped tapering body decorated with leaves and roundels, with Clarice Cliff mark to the base, approximately 35 cm H (converted to a table lamp) 20 30
284 Signe Kolding, 20th century Danish, once Hastings based ceramicist, ex-member of the Rye Society of Artists, pottery vase ‘knee vessel’, 9.25cm high 30 40
287 A collection of crested ware from various makers to include Goss, Grafton, Arcadian etc (1 box) 20 30
291 An Edwardian Royal Doulton harvest ware jug, 19 cm high and two matching beakers, 13.25 cm high, all with silver rims, Sheffield 1906, maker’s mark ‘HW’ – Property of the estate of a Doctor, New Romney, Kent 20 40
296 A set of four Edge, Malkin & Co ‘Games & Pastimes’ series ceramic tiles  80 120
297 A pair of Victorian hand painted porcelain vases decorated with flowers and birds, 20cm high 20 30
301 Assorted USSR Pottery animal figures to include foxes, lions, panda etc (1 box) 40 50
327 A large glazed studio pottery vase of ovoid form with a feathered rust, blue and red design  15 25
333 Barum Ware cobalt blue pottery wash jug, bowl and chamber pot (3 items) – Property of the estate of a Doctor, New Romney, Kent 20 40
341 A large Victorian ceramic wash bowl decorated with blue daffodils together with a large ceramic carving dish, hand-painted with trailing blue ivy, a similar charger and two large cups ( 4 items) 30 40
342 A Victorian ceramic washbowl, jug, soap dish and tooth brush holder (4 items) 30 40
372 An early 20th century Wedgwood ‘Ferrara’ pattern blue and white transfer decorated chamber pot, 15 cm H 15 20
382 A large 20th century Chinese porcelain hand-painted vase decorated with figural scenes and floral vignettes, a pair of 20th century Chinese goldfish bowl jardinieres and one other (4 items)  10 15
391 A sculpture of Theseus and the Minotaur, after Antonio Canova  15 20
412 An Oriental-style blue and white jardiniere together with a West German floral decorated vase (2 items) 10 20
419 A 20th century porcelain-lidded bowl with printed and hand-painted design  15 25
468 A Clarice Cliff leaf-shaped pottery dish decorated with flowers, fruit and berries, with Newport Pottery mark and Clarice Cliff stamp to base, No. 45A, 32cm long 15 20
474 A pair of Continental pottery figurines of 19th century seated market traders, and one other pottery figure of an Oriental boy with fan (3 items) 20 30
478 A Staffordshire-style reclining greyhound on green base 20 30
479 A French ceramic wall-hung faience cat with green glass eyes, bearing the Brittany crest on its back 40 60
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