Clocks and Watches

Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
63 An early 20th century Vienna style wall clock, with enamel dial, housed in walnut case 30 40
88 A large modern wall clock in the form of a Medieval shield  30 40
261 A 19th century French white marble and spelter striking mantel clock surmounted with a figure of a young boy seated amongst rocks and flowers, the shaped base with enamel dial and Roman numerals, the dial marked ‘Raingo Fres A Paris’, 48 cm H x 40 cm W x 16 cm D 150 250
277 A clock in the form of a classical reclining figure (a/f) 10 20
285 A Goliath pocket watch and stand (winder lacking), an Edwardian mantel clock and a simulated black slate mantel clock ( 3 items) 60 80
307 A 19th century French eight-day hanging wall clock, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and pierced brass hands, signed George Bauch of Clancy, striking on a bell, housed in an ornate pressed brass case, with weights and pendulum, 39 cm H  80 120
308 A modern wooden-cased pendulum wall clock with wind-up mechanism and Roman numerals  10 15
311 A Torsion clock under dome, the dial with Arabic numbers 40 60
317 A 1930s oak cased mantel clock, the silvered dial with Roman numerals and stamped Coventry Lever Co Ltd Birmingham, flanked by barley-twist column above carved floral swags and raised on bun feet  25 35
325 A late 19th century wall clock, the enamel and brass dial with Roman numerals, marked Unghans, flanked by column supports  40 60
351 A 19th century mahogany regulator mantel clock, the enamel and brass dial marked J. Unghans, flanked by column supports and raised on a plinth base  20 30
355 Two Westminster chime mantel clocks  20 30
363 An oak two train chiming mantel clock and a mahogany two train chiming mantel clock (2 items) 25 40
371 A Bakelite dome-top clock by Smiths of Enfield 10 20
385 A modern Art Nouveau-style mantel clock decorated with a draped female figure and sleeping child amongst scrolling foliage, raised on a shaped plinth base  20 30
394 A dome-topped Brown & Son mahogany cased mantel clock  30 40
396 An early long-case clock movement  40 50
405 An Edwardian inlaid mantel clock and a 1930s mantel clock (2 items) 15 20
406 A small 1930s grandmother clock  80 120
416 An alabaster mantel clock  30 40
431 A clock barometer and a walnut barometer for restoration 20 30
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