Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
2 A collection of 1950s/1960s photographic postcards and postcard booklets (1 box) 10 15
3 Two vintage fishing related framed and glazed collections of hand-tied fishing flies, the first a montage of flies and lines in original packaging including Hardy Bros., Alexander Martin & Milwards, the second a collection of over 100 tied hand-made flies – Part of a private collection  25 35
5 A set of 72 Kensitas cigarette silks, framed 20 30
20 A mid-20th century F.H.Ayres Ltd ‘The International Table Croquet’ set 40 60
56 A ‘Park Drive’ double sided enamel advertising sign  40 60
57 A 1930s ”Oxo Makes All Meat Dishes” double-sided enamel advertising sign  80 100
59 A collection of assorted Brooke Bond Tea cards  15 20
64 A 1940s/1950s ”Double Gold, Irish Whisky” enamel advertising sign  50 70
65 A 20th century Town Services double-sided bus stop sign  30 40
66 A pair of vintage ”D.H.Mutton, Ladies Tailor, Hastings” enamel advertising sign 100 120
70 An album of early 20th century British and European postcards and greetings cards, a scrap book containing early 20th century stamps, postcards, certificates, pamphlets, First Day Covers and personal letters plus a King’s Certificate, awarded to Pte A.W.G. Hinton, from WWI plus a  folder of brass rubbings, some embossed in 22 carat gold (1 box) 40 50
77 An enamel advertising sign ‘Spratt’s Mixed Bird Seeds’ 80 100
78 A late 19th century Quaker Oats pictorial enamel advertising sign  200 250
98 A 20th century tin Michelin Road map sign of Great Britain  50 60
99 An enamel advertising sign for ‘Whitbreads’ 100 120
105 A J.Lancaster & Son 1895 Instantograph patent mahogany and brass plate camera, with red tapering bellows and Thornton-Pickard lens plus four plate holders 30 40
108 An enamel advertising sign ‘Lyons Super Bread’, double sided 100 120
109 An enamel advertising sign for ‘Park Drive’, double sided 80 100
111 A small straw-work box and four others 50 80
116 A ‘Craven A’ enamel advertising sign 60 80
146 A collection of miniature doll’s house furniture including a wardrobe, sideboard, sewing machine etc (1 box) 50 70
173 Eight cased sets of apothecary’s weights (1 box) 25 30
246 Assorted Victorian stamps from 1887 onwards, First Day covers and Post Office advertising items (1 box) 50 60
259 A 1967 Angler’s Mail log book containing the earliest entry dated 17 June 1967 also with advert and records pages, together with a boxed J W Young & Sons Ltd ‘Condex’ fly fishing 8 cm reel 10 20
260 A Tunbridge Ware glove box inlaid with a view of Eridge Castle, a small Tunbridge Ware circular lidded pot and a rectangular Tunbridge Ware picture frame (3 items) 40 60
262 Two bottles of vintage Burnay ”Vin de Porto” 20 30
264 Three ornate jewelled photograph frames  60 80
267 A late Victorian elm carpenter’s brace with ebonised handle and shaped body, with brass mounts, one stamped A.Winters  10 20
268 A miniature carved alabaster mosque on hand-painted square base, housed beneath a glass dome, 12 cm high – Property of the estate of a Doctor, New Romney, Kent 20 40
286 A Chinese blue ground cloisonne bowl, signed to base, 19.5cm diameter on carved hardwood stand 45 65
288 A good collection of 20th century postcards and greetings cards including Lucie Mabel Attwell examples (1 box) 40 60
300 A large quantity of British, foreign and Commonwealth stamps plus commemorative First Day covers, an incomplete ‘Normandy’ Stamp album with re-fills and a Stanley Gibbons catalogue dated 1950 (1 box) 60 80
304 An early 20th century Hessian and leather-bound travelling trunk with leather and brass handles and brass lock, with chequered interior, approximately 30 cm H x 50 cm W x 45 cm D – Property of the estate of a Doctor, New Romney, Kent 20 30
328 A brass-mounted candlestick telephone converted for modern use  30 40
330 A Series 300 Bakelite telephone fitted with base drawer, converted for modern use  30 40
331 A late 19th/early 20th century mahogany and brass-bound magic lantern, with large 21cm diameter lens with wind-out slide holder and ivorine plaque for ‘City Sale and Exchange, Fleet Street, E.C’, 38 cm H x 30 cm W x 65 cm D together with a vintage glass slide entitled ’53 British Tanks Snow’. 40 60
353 A 1950s ‘Brexton’ picnic set 20 30
358 A scratch built galleon named  ”Revenge” complete with instructions  30 50
362 A set of early 20th century ‘Vandomes’ postal scales together with a collection of weights  10 20
373 A vintage typewriter  10 20
374 An early mahogany and brass double extending plate camera, with black tapering bellows, Thornton – Pickard ‘Time & Inst’ patent shutter, & brass adjustable lens, together with three plate holders, & wooden tripod 40 60
379 An early 20th century British made pith helmet, size 7 1/4, Royal Letters Patent No 207475 together with a faux tortoiseshell tole ware hat box 40 60
386 A 1950s chemistry stand and accessories (1 box) 10 15
388 A 1920s ‘Sparklets’ Ltd soda syphon, housed in a wire mesh case 10 15
392 An early 20th century oak-cased set of apothecary scales by Beckers & Sons, Rotterdam 20 40
393 A large quantity of approximately 200 thimbles in wall hung display shelves  20 30
397 Three white metal Oriental coins, mounted in open black frames (3 items) 20 30
398 An Astro compass MKII in fitted box  30 40
399 A mid-20th century John Players Cigarettes pictorial tray  80 100
403 A late 20th century German Democratic Republic yacht sextant by Freiberger Prazisionsmechank, complete with instructions and case  45 65
410 A Maidstone School Orchestra violin complete with bow and case 20 40
423 An early 20th century leather Gladstone bag with chrome lock and leather handle  20 30
424 A 1940s/1950s ‘Sparklets’ soda syphon in lattice-work metal cover 10 15
436 A 20th century mahogany cased German barograph 50 70
437 A Mamod model steam engine and trailer  40 60
450 An album containing 30 Isle of Man First Day Covers dating from 1981 to 1983 and 15 Jersey First Day Covers dating from 1974 to 1985  10 20
451 A large quantity of loose British and foreign stamps together with an incomplete ‘Errimarr Amherst’ stamp album and a similar ‘Strand’ album (1 box) 20 30
452 Three albums of Victorian and later stamps of the World together with a 20th century postcard album  30 40
458 An early Coalport figurine of a girl in a crimson dress with bonnet and muff,  ”Judith Ann” together with another, ”Valentine Debutante” (2 items) 25 35
460 A collection of vintage cigarette cards, match boxes etc  20 40
462 A horse brass Merit Badge presented by the R.S.P.C.A. in 1931 together with another similar, presented in 1937, both bearing the Royal Crest 20 30
463 A Victorian ivory aide memoire with ivory pages and an ivory letter opener (2 items) 30 50
464 A cast metal car mascot in the form of a Kookaburra, complete with fixing and nut 30 50
467 A 20th century Charles I reproduction seal, depicting a seated King Charles with sceptre and orb flanked by Royal Crests and statuary, housed in a glazed case, seal 14cm diameter 10 20
491 A box containing an album of 15 UK pre-decimalisation (1970 and earlier) First Day Covers and European stamps as well as loose stamps and related items  10 20
501 A small Victorian hand knotted green string purse, the neck of the purse suspended from two gold plated bars with mother of pearl bead terminals, held together with a fine gold plated chain and a gold plated seed pearl set ring, 11cm long, the purse containing an 1890 Victoria silver crown 35 45
502 An album containing 40 UK First Day Covers dating from 1971 to 2005 10 20
510 A collection of 19th and 20th century British and World coins 10 15
518 A mid-20th century exterior wooden framed, pillar-mounted Antique Shop sign with plaque to top and swing board to centre, housed in a painted pine frame (reduced), 149 cm H x 76 cm W x 9.5 cm D 25 35
547 A box of assorted maps and Bygone Kent magazines  20 30
549 A vintage Harris No 1 cased sewing machine  10 20
599 A 20th century trackside signal lamp fitted with blue and clear glass bull’s eye lenses  15 25
639 A professional Reynolds ‘Medalist’ brass trombone in case  60 70
641 A late 19th century taxidermy study of a Tench with naturalistic background and bed with label to upper left, housed in a bow-fronted case, lacking glass, 35 cm H x 59 cm W x 15.5 cm D  45 65
642 A Hardy Bros. ‘Palakuna’ split cane 8ft, two piece fly rod numbered 246/36, with spare top section and Hardy Bros. sleeve – Part of a private collection 120 180
643 A Walker’s of Newcastle 9ft, three piece spilt cane fly rod, with sleeve, a Waterloo ‘Domino’ 9ft, three piece split cane fly rod, with sleeve, a Bernard and Son 9ft and 9ft 4ins, three piece split cane fly rod with alternative top sections, with sleeve, a Capella 7ft 6ins, two section split cane fishing rod, with sleeve and a 5ft 6ins, four section split cane fly rod (5 items) 120 180
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