Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
94 Two early 20th century carbide head lamps, both made by Lucas, one entitled ‘Colonial King’ 30 40
195 Two pairs of cast brass wall sconces with chrysanthemum bud decoration (4 items) 80 120
226 A gilt wood chandelier and two Rococo wall brackets  50 60
279 A late 19th/early 20th century Arts & Crafts brass adjustable lamp from a Pullman carriage, approximately 39 cm H 25 35
292 A 19th century gilt metal and ceramic oil lamp  30 40
324 An early 20th century carved mahogany six-branch ceiling light. Untested and sold as spares 10 15
337 A 19th Century carved bedpost raised on tripod base, converted to a standard lamp. Untested and sold as spares 30 50
340 A 20th century Oriental-style ceramic table lamp and shade decorated with fuchsias, mounted on a wooden plinth. Untested and sold as spares  10 20
369 A pair of early 20th century Satsuma pottery table lamps decorated with battling warriors. Untested and sold as spares  30 40
390 An Art Deco light oak standard lamp on stepped base complete with cream floral shade, together with a similar table lamp (2 items). Both untested and sold as spares  20 30
415 An early 20th century brass extending oil lamp on column support 20 30
425 A Herbert Terry Anglepoise desk lamp. Untested and sold as spares 20 30
438 A 1940s mottled pink and green light shade, a French Art glass table lamp together with an Art Deco milk glass hall lantern decorated with vines and flowers. Untested and sold as spares  30 50
440 A 20th century French gilt brass seven light electrolier, the swag decorated supports supporting a central column with floral leaf cast sconces, approximately 81 cm  200 300
445 A 19th century Dutch brass six-branch chandelier, the bulbous body decorated with serpent’s heads, terminating in sconces and drip trays, approximately 44 cm H x 60 cm W 45 65
449 A modern contemporary chrome five-branch ceiling light with plate glass shade. Untested and sold as spares  10 20
554 A vintage Southern Region Railway bull’s eye lamp together with an Ever Ready torch (2 items) 25 45
676 An Art Deco standard lamp. Untested and sold as spares  20 30
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