Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
38 A set of leaf-engraved fish knives and forks, with ivorine handles, another similar with mother of pearl handles, both housed in mahogany boxes plus six ‘Rustless’ dessert knives by A. Brooksbank Sheffield, in original box and four others by The Plate Cutlery Co and E.M. Payne, Silversmiths & Cutlers, Bromley (1 box) 30 40
44 Assorted metalware including pewter bowls, jugs, coffee pot etc, an Arts & Crafts wrought iron candlestick and various cutlery including a quantity of Walker & Hall silver-plated forks (1 box) 20 30
159 Coal mining interest, a brass model of a miner with horse and cart together with coal miner with truck and winch 20 30
189 A B.A. Hjorth & Co vintage brass Primus stove  20 30
199 A mixed selection of copper and brass ware to include a ‘Protector’ miner’s lamp, a copper jug and a collection of horse brasses (1 box) 40 60
201 A collection of items to include an oval silver-plated tray, a pair of brass fire dogs, a pressed aluminium ‘Cornwallis’ letter rack, two pairs of metal knife rests in the form of dogs plus other items (1 box) 20 30
204 A set of cast iron F.J. Thornton & Co kitchen scales together with a collection of vintage bell-shaped weights (1 box) 20 30
207 Assorted metalware to include a set of graduated copper jugs, a quantity of silver plate, brass vases and plate inscribed ‘Bedgbury Park from Miss J Hunter 1932’, assorted kitchenalia including a tabletop Mapleton’s mincer, a Spong bean slicer plus other items (2 boxes) 30 40
218 A large quantity of assorted metalware to include copper measures, jelly and shortbread moulds, horse brasses, hot irons etc together with kitchenalia items including mincers, lemon squeezer etc (3 boxes) 20 30
222 A late 19th/early 20th century pressed metal Indian tray inscribed with birds  30 50
230 A black painted metal deed box 10 15
266 A cast metal car mascot, possibly American, in the form of a Red Indian chief in feathered head-dress, inscribed ‘Feathers in our Cap’ 30 50
272 An early 19th century lead polychrome tobacco jar, the dome shaped lid with associated knop handle, over an octagonal-shaped body, each panel decorated with hand-painted figure, 14 cm H x 13 cm W 15 25
290 A cased set of Art Deco cake knives and forks, a cased set of silver-plated butter knives plus a boxed set of Art Deco butter knives with scroll engraved blades  20 30
312 A late 20th century brass painted rearing horse on a ball and stepped circular base  15 25
319 A brass jardiniere with embossed design of trees, blossom, leaves and bird in flight 15 20
336 A 19th century copper kettle 10 15
338 A wrought iron fireside companion set, a brass bed warmer with turned mahogany handle and a wool-work panel fire screen (3 items) 20 30
343 Two spelter figures of a musician and a shepherd, after E Picault  25 35
346 A box of assorted brass and metal door furniture to include shop bells, handles, hinges etc  30 40
347 A copper coal scuttle with shovel, together with  copper chestnut roaster and copper and brass hunting horn (4 items) 30 50
349 Brass fire irons, brass fire dogs and a chestnut roaster 30 50
354 A brass owl sculpture on wooden plinth 40 60
357 A fencing foil by Leon Paul 10 15
365 Assorted copper items to include copper frying pan, copper preserve pan, crepe pan plus other items  50 80
368 A copper jardiniere signed J.S & S.B to base  15 20
395 A Chinese brass censor of cauldron form, fitted with a pair of ring handles and raised on three squat feet, 17.5 cm H 15 25
401 A Victorian copper coal helmet  30 40
409 A copper pan and burner 20 30
413 Seven assorted lathe chisels with beech handles (1 box) 10 20
417 A pair of 20th century cast iron figural doorstops 30 40
422 A brass fire guard and fire irons including tripod 10 15
446 A Spanish fencing sword together with a heavy cast brass preserving pan 35 45
511 A pair of cast-iron fire dogs and a fire basket  10 20
540 A Georgian fire basket with surround 30 50
546 A box of 1930s chrome-plated brass carpet grips  15 25
551 Three vintage metal petrol cans to include Esso, Valor etc together with a Shell tractor oil can (4 items) 25 35
552 A vintage ammunition box, a brass preserve pan, a collection of blow torches etc  20 40
553 A vintage metal Jerry can complete with holder  20 40
555 A black painted wrought iron three-tier plant stand together with a ribbed terracotta planter and a salt-glazed jar (3 items) 20 30
580 A collection of vintage brass sash window handles and pulls  30 50
581 A collection of Victorian and later mainly brass door furniture, to include finger plates, sash locks, door handles, hooks etc  30 50
586 A Bisley 15-drawer steel cabinet  10 20
596 A pair of late 19th century Georgian-style serpentine pierced brass fenders  20 30
602 An early 20th century painted cast iron radiator with moulded floral decoration, 81 cm x 57 cm x 19 cm  50 70
603 An early 20th century painted cast iron double bar radiator with moulded floral decoration, 81 cm H x 71 cm W x 19 cm D 50 100
604 An early 20th century painted cast iron double bar radiator with moulded floral decoration, 81 cm H x 87 cm W 19 cm D 50 100
607 A 19th century French blue enamel wood burner signed to back ‘DIE’, 67 cm H x 56 cm W x 43 cm D 120 180
608 A wrought iron boot scrape 20 30
610 A 19th century cast iron twin-handled cauldron raised on three squat supports  30 50
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