Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
19 Silver plated decanter labels, a pair of Irish bog oak lidded pots, a collection of vintage fountain pens, a bronze hand bell and other items (1 box) 30 40
85 An Oriental lacquer ware wall display cabinet and table top chests with gilt decoration, together with a carpet beater, wall hanging etc (1 box) 10 20
139 A silver collared bell-shaped decanter, three other decanters, commemorative mugs, silver-plated wine labels plus other items (1 box) 30 40
145 Miscellaneous items to include a vintage doll, cottage ware, various commemorative items etc (1 box)  20 30
158 A collection of carpenter’s chisels to include Marples and Sorby examples (1 box) 20 30
187 Miscellaneous items to include cameras, a carved wooden wall-hung bowl, a straw-work box, two Hessian sacks, one over-printed ‘Covent Garden’ plus other items (1 box) 10 15
194 Assorted 19th century and later leather-bound boxing gloves by various makers including Baily’s of Glastonbury and Frank Bryan Ltd., London (1 box) 20 30
209 Miscellaneous items to include binoculars, boxes, chess set and board etc (2 boxes) 20 40
211 Miscellaneous items to include ceramics, glassware, pictures etc (2 boxes) 20 30
214 Miscellaneous items to include kitchenalia, glassware, an oil lamp with glass shade and funnel, treen and metalware (3 boxes) 15 25
220 Miscellaneous items to include binoculars, cutlery and tobacco tins etc (1 box) 20 30
233 A Victorian Art Nouveau Hessian-bound waste paper basket of cylindrical form with moulded geometrical decoration, approximately 40 cm H 10 15
273 Two Victorian brass-mounted carved coconut goblets  40 60
298 Five assorted BB air pistols, boxed 30 50
309 A pair of Oriental carved bamboo brush pots  50 70
310 Three modern figures of North American Indians  20 30
320 A box of assorted carpentry tools to include a Record No 6 plane, chisels, squares, screwdrivers plus other items  20 30
345 A 20th century walking stick with carved rabbit head handle together with two other sticks (3 items) 30 40
360 A pair of dark brown leather riding boots 15 25
361 A BSA Meteor air rifle  30 40
364 A Webley Hawk MK III air rifle 30 40
383 A BSA Meteor air rifle  30 40
389 A hardwood carving of a deer and fawn 10 15
430 A large 20th century resin bust of William Morris 40 60
433 A student’s modern violin together with three bows  25 45
435 A large 20th century resin bust of either Edward VII or George V 40 60
439 Eight 19th century ceramic tiles and two open-faced fishing reels  20 40
455 Miscellaneous items to include a silver baby feeder spoon, a silver ARP badge, a snuff box, seal boxes, watches etc  40 60
459 Miscellaneous items to include two Maltese crosspenny Reds vintage pens and coinage, Mabel Lucie Attwell 1944 calendar, a Cyma Watch Co brass clock, badges, scent bottles, cigarette case plus other items  30 50
466 A pair of carved wooden nut crackers in the form of a goblin, with ratchet jaw action 15 20
481 Miscellaneous items to include two Halcyon days enamel pots, a copper mould, silver salts etc  40 60
483 Assorted wooden-backed brushes including an ebony backed clothes brush with silver monogram ‘B’, a carved wooden trinket box plus a metal bottle opener in the form of a fish, a commemorative scarf clip, horse brasses, brass-cased compacts, a small Arts & Crafts inkwell, two metal whistles, one inscribed Metropolitan Police, the other A.R.P 20 30
489 Miscellaneous items including pens, signed photos, ambrotype, powder compact, cigarette lighters, carved ivory cigarette holder, clay pipe, jewellery and other items (2 boxes) 40 60
492 Miscellaneous items to include coins, fountain pens, corkscrew, novelty bottle stopper etc.  30 50
509 A competition target pistol .177 ‘Original’ in fitted case  0 0
524 A quantity of enamel items including tray, jug etc plus two petrol cans and a watering can together with a wine rack, a Tole ware jardiniere and two stoneware jars  20 30
533 A selection of horse harness  20 40
556 A slab of black marble  10 20
574 A Stihl E10 electric chainsaw. Untested and sold as spares 30 40
575 A Makita 6300L half inch angle drill complete with chuck and accessories. Untested and sold as spares 0 0
576 A Hilti TE 10A 36V 5DS cordless drill. Untested and sold as spares 20 40
577 A vintage pine tool chest together with a collection of assorted tools to include chisels, saws, screwdrivers, surveyor’s tape measure plus other items  20 40
578 An SMC 1000W industrial vacuum cleaner. Untested and sold as spares 15 25
594 A collection of WWII brass shell cases of various sizes, two Kakari knives, carving knife set, an Indian brass tray plus a doll’s pram 15 25
605 Two boxes of miscellaneous items to include Denby commemorative mugs, silver-plated cruet, Royal Albert collector’s plates, Copeland Spode tea cups plus other items  15 20
606 A mid-20th century French ‘Kiss Ply’ folding picnic table set, the bound folding table opening to reveal folding chairs, flasks, storage pots and boxes, approximately 70 cm H x 73 cm W x 77 cm D 60 80
771 A collection of assorted treen items to include carved figures, bowls, rolling pin, pots etc 15 20
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