Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
477 A pair of small silver coloured metal birds with hinged bases 20 30
480 An Elkington & Co silver pedestal sugar bowl, Birmingham 1923 and a silver sugar caster Birmingham 1937, 7.85ozt gross 50 60
485 A pair of silver back dressing table brushes together with three silver-plated dressing table brushes (1 box) 10 15
486 A silver-topped cut-glass jar. a silver backed hand mirror and brush, and other items  80 120
494 A late 19th/early 20th century Russian 84 Zolotnik silver spoon, the reverse of the bowl engraved with scrolling initials, 1.96ozt, 61g 20 40
495 A Continental silver-coloured metal Art Nouveau walking stick handle in the form of a horse’s head, 9.5 cm wide  40 60
496 A silver propelling pencil, Birmingham 1891 by William Vale and Sons, of hexagonal form with chased scrolling acanthus leaf decoration and banded agate seal top, one other smaller silver propelling pencil and a silver and mother of pearl twin blade folding fruit knife, Sheffield 1893 by Mappin Bros. 45 65
499 A 19th century silver eight-point star pendant, the front engraved with a bugle and thistle within flowerhead surround, bearing the inscription to the back; ‘Presented to Br G Stonely by the Brethren of Court St George 1714 as testimony of respect, 1848’, 8cm diameter, 0.95ozt, 29.4g 50 80
503 An early 20th century Dutch silver sifter spoon with windmill finial and pierced and chased bowl decorated with storks amongst foliage, with Chester import marks for 1901, maker’s mark ‘SBL’, repair to handle, and a small Victorian silver sifter spoon, Birmingham 1897, 1.5ozt, 46.8g gross 15 25
505 A Georgian novelty shoe-shaped penknife, two silver and mother-of-pearl folding fruit knives, two silver folding button hooks and two cigar cutters  80 120
506 A large Edwardian silver propelling pencil, Birmingham 1901, by A Brown and Co., 14.5cm long, and a silver plated ‘Eversharp’ propelling pencil 15 25
507 A pair of Latvian 0.875 silver tablespoons cast with Neo classical swag and ribbon decoration with reeded and acanthus leaf detail, 4.59ozt, 142.8g gross   20 40
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