Lot Number Description Low Estimate High Estimate
45 An Armand Marseille baby doll with composite body, bisque head, sleeping eyes, open mouth and lower teeth together with an early doll with hand-painted features on paper mache head, fabric body, hair and wooden limbs (2 items) 30 40
52 Two boxes of assorted die-cast vehicles to include Vanguards, Matchbox, ERH etc  15 25
91 A collection of 37 die-cast models by Lledo and others, mostly unboxed  20 30
95 A collection of 34 die-cast models by Oxford Die Cast plus others, all boxed  20 30
103 A Hornby Meccano clockwork ‘O’ gauge Goods Set No 20 comprised of a green tank engine and tender 60985, two grey goods trucks, a BP, Shell tanker and track, boxed 20 30
106 A collection of 15 die-cast model Jaguar cars by Corgi and others, all boxed  20 30
113 A Hornby Meccano clockwork ‘O’ gauge MI Passenger set comprised of a red tank engine and tender 3435, two Pullman carriages ‘Marjorie’ and ‘Aurelia’ and metal track, boxed 20 30
121 A Hornby Meccano clockwork ‘O’ gauge Tank Goods Set No 40 comprised of a black tank engine 82011, two carriages, one goods truck and contents plus track, boxed  20 30
157 A collection of assorted Barbie Dolls etc (1 box) 80 120
178 Three large 20th century bisque-headed dolls in period-style costume, together with a cased glass doll with spinning wheel  30 40
180 A collection of tin plate toys to include a sea plane, motorbike, Spitfire, tank engine plus other items (1 box) 40 50
196 Assorted porcelain collector’s dolls including examples from Leonards, The Curzon Collection and The Knightsbridge Collection plus others (1 box) 20 30
323 A child’s pedal car in the form of a green painted vintage-style car, the number plate ‘1939’  40 60
545 A large modern scratch-built doll’s house  20 30
573 A quantity of games including Escalado  15 20
635 A scratch built galleon, ‘La Bona Esperanza’, complete with instructions 20 40
659 A doll’s bed with lace covers  35 45
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