Ceramics – 20th July 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
19 Assorted ceramics including a Royal Doulton chaffinch and an Imari lidded vase (1 box) 20 30
27 Assorted ceramics to include a Mioloca comport dish, Doulton English Scenes ‘The Gipsies’ dish, assorted figurines, a John Anton green coffee set, an Oriental plate  (2 boxes) 20 30
44 A Portuguese blue and white moon flask and two similar lidded jars (1 box) 15 25
54 Assorted tea and dinnerware to include two Shelley coffee cans in silver holders, plates, cups, saucers, sugar bowl, teapot etc by Aynsley, Staffordshire etc (2 boxes) 30 50
67 Assorted ceramics including a Victorian teapot, a slipware plate, blue and white plates and a cream dial telephone (1 box) 20 30
69 A Royal Doulton coffee set in the ‘Countess’ pattern (1 box) 30 40
91 A mixed selection of King Charles spaniel related items (1 box) 10 20
101 Assorted ceramics to include Esenbach German tea and dinnerware, decorated with different flowers, Limoges tea cups and saucers and a planter decorated with roses (2 boxes) 40 60
108 A collection of assorted ceramics to include a Royal Crown Derby blue and white coffee cup and saucer, a Wade commemorative tankard, Coalport avocado dishes plus other ceramics (1 box) 10 20
109 A collection of miscellaneous Victorian and later ceramics to include two child’s mugs, an Aynsley trinket box plus other items (1 box) 10 15
125 A large quantity of Chiltern Ridgway ”White Mist” pattern tea and dinner ware including plates, tureens, gravy boat, cups etc (1 box) 15 20
126 Three Royal Doulton series ware plates, a set of six ‘Oriental Ivory’ decorative dishes and a Harvest pattern loving cup (1 box) 20 40
127 Assorted ceramics including Glendale, Colclough, Aynsley tea ware, Hammersley, coffee cups and saucers etc (1 box) 10 20
135 A collection of 29 Lilliput Lane and other various models of buildings including ”Rose Cottage” and others by Royal Doulton USA Inc, ”Bodiam Oast” and others from the Castleham Cottage Collection (2 boxes) 15 25
136 A large quantity of Simpson Chanticleer Ware ”Belle Fiore” pattern hand-painted tea and dinnerware to include plates, cups, saucers, jugs, teapots etc (3 boxes) 50 70
150 A quantity of commemorative china (1 box) 10 20
167 Assorted ceramics to include T. G. Green & Co ‘Oakville’ pattern plates, cup and saucer, Davenport plates etc (1 box) 15 25
178 Two boxes of assorted ceramics etc to include a large blue Sylvac rabbit, a barbola mirror, a Victorian blue and white meat plate, Cottage Ware biscuit barrel, a teapot and cream jug, boxed silver- plated knives and forks plus other items (2 boxes) 30 50
189 Assorted Victorian and later ceramics to include a Minton floral vase, a blue and white meat plate, a Royal Doulton part tea set decorated with Bedlington Terriers, a pair of Royal Worcester floral wall pockets plus other items (2 boxes) 30 40
191 A large collection of 1970s Denby dinner ware (2 boxes) 15 25
194 A Royal Doulton ‘Desert Star’ pattern dinner service (2 boxes) 50 60
209 A quantity of ceramics including Masons jugs and vases, character jugs, a Royal Winton vase plus other items (1 box) 20 30
214 Assorted Oriental ceramics including a vase, platters, plates, a lidded vase plus other items (1 box) 30 40
215 Assorted ceramics and porcelain to include a Crown Devon Ware musical tankard, a blue and white tureen plus other items (1 box) 10 20
225 A mixed selection of Victorian and later ceramics to include meat plates, a wash bowl, jugs etc (3 boxes) 20 40
232 Two Carlton Ware ‘Royale Rouge’ vases, pin dish and jug together with a ‘Vert Royale’ vase and pin dish (1 box) 30 40
234 A ceramic sitting duck by David Sharp, Rye Pottery 10 15
235 A 19th century Continental pottery wall plaque, moulded in relief with the head of lady within stylized acanthus leaf and floral border, later over-painted with cream gloss, numbered III to the reverse, 38 cm diameter 30 40
236 A black basalt teapot decorated with figures and foliage, the finial fashioned as a seated woman with a barrel 40 50
239 Two Winstanley kittens along with a Goebel kitten and a Beswick kitten (4 items) 20 30
244 A ‘Farmer John’ Royal Doulton character jug, a Crown Devon ‘John Peel’ hunting jug together with another Royal Doulton character jug (3 items) 20 40
245 A 19th century Austrian pot-pourri vase – damage to lid 50 80
247 A Wedgwood lavender jasperware teapot, sugar bowl and jug 20 30
252 A 1930s/1940s Shelley hand-painted ovoid vase decorated in yellows, cream and greys 40 60
254 A Carlton ware ‘Blue Royale’ Mikada pattern lidded dish, a ‘Blue Royale’ spider web patterned dish together with a ‘Royal Rouge’ ginger jar and trinket box 30 40
260 A plaster bust of Napoleon 10 15
266 A Doulton blue ground early 20th century specimen vase 35 50
267 A 1930s/1940s Shelley hand-painted flare rimmed vase decorated in yellows, green and blue 40 60
268 A Continental Art Nouveau green ground vase decorated with flowers 40 60
274 A Royal Doulton ‘Whyte & MacKay’ Golden Eagle decanter 20 30
275 A pair of early 20th century Doulton specimen vases 80 120
276 An Art Nouveau blue ground pottery vase, the shaped tapering body decorated with leaves and roundels, with Clarice Cliff mark to the base, approximately 35 cm H (converted to a table lamp) 15 20
280 A large ceramic T G Green ‘Cornish Ware’ blue and white striped bread bin with lid 20 30
325 A late 20th century mushroom-shaped glazed studio pottery bird bath by local Eastbourne artist, monogrammed to base 30 50
328 A pair of Minton blue and white tiles, one depicting ‘Puss in Boots’, together with six hand-painted tiles (1 box) 10 20
362 A late 20th century conical-shaped studio pottery vase with scale and line decoration by local Eastbourne artist, unsigned 30 50
377 A mixed selection of ceramic honey pots, crested ware, trade cards plus other items (3 boxes) 10 20
381 A 20th century porcelain-lidded bowl with printed and hand-painted design 10 20
391 Two African terracotta busts, both signed to back B. Apollo, a carved hardwood Thai figure and a set of poker dice plus a leather cup (1 box) 15 25
408 A large blue and white ceramic jardiniere decorated with flowers and foliage together with a blue and white ceramic base, similarly decorated, some pattern in relief, with rope twist detail ( 2 items) 30 40
440 A 19th century porcelain figure of a woman with a basket of fruit and a dead rabbit, with gold anchor mark, 19 cm H 15 25
442 A Carlton Ware ‘Vert Royale’ spider web patterned lidded ginger jar 40 60
443 A Staffordshire pottery spaniel 10 15
444 A pair of late Victorian terracotta figures of seated pug dogs 15 25
448 A Royal Copenhagen porcelain figure of a fish (a/f), 21 cm long and a smaller porcelain figure of a trout, 11 cm long (2 items) 20 40
450 A small Royal Worcester blush ivory vase with date mark 1903 30 40
458 A pair of green ground Oriental chargers with enamelled decoration 80 120
460 A Bovey Pottery cream glazed `Our Gang` figure of Winston Churchill, modelled standing with a cigar in his mouth, black printed factory marks to base with title `The Boss`, height approx 20cm 25 35
467 A pair of Staffordshire pottery spaniels 20 30
471 A 19th century Continental porcelain figurine of a man holding a bunch of flowers, 16 cm H 15 25
476 A blue and white striped Cornish ware flour shaker by T.G.Green together with a salt shaker in the same design (2 items) 15 25
478 A blue and white ceramic Rye Pottery dog 15 25
479 A hand-made ceramic figure of a woman in period dress, signed ‘Dor. Blecksley’ to inside of skirt 15 25
490 Two large Capo-de-Monte figures one modelled as a hunter and the other as a tramp 20 30
491 NO LOT 0 0
492 A large blue and white Oriental charger together with a pair of cloisonne vases (with damage) plus a Victorian pottery teapot with mottled blue ground and hand-painted decoration 15 25
533 Three boxes of cream coloured glazed ceramic tiles by Fired Earth 30 40
557 A collection of salt glazed jars and flagon, one for Mackintosh Bros, Brewed Ginger Beer, Plumstead 20 30
560 Two late 19th century salt glazed barrels, one stamped R.B.Williams, Ferry Street Pottery, Lambeth 30 40
569 Assorted stoneware jars including a large flour bin with lid (2 boxes) 30 40
595 A large green glazed ceramic planter decorated with dragons 60 100
623 A mixed selection of ceramic items to include a bowl of fruit, vases plus other items 10 20
625 Assorted ceramics and earthenware jugs and pots including a West German vase and two rustic part-glazed cauldrons (2 boxes) 30 40
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