Silver – 20th July 2013

Lot No Description Low Est High Est
45 A set of silver-handled butter knives and two other boxed cutlery sets 15 25
446 Two silver fruit knives with mother of pearl handles, two bone handled pen knives, a collection of cuff links and studs, bar brooches and a collection of military badges 40 60
449 A pair of ornate silver photo frames together with a small French enamel clock 20 30
469 A Georgian silver hot water jug, London 1771 by Walter Brind, with gadrooned body, raised on circular foot, the hinged lid with vase shaped finial and caned handle, 15.15ozt, 471.3g, 18cm high 180 240
477 A pair of silver backed brushes, each bearing inscription dated 1919, a silver plated muffin dish, a pair of silver plated King’s pattern ladles and other items 30 40
480 A silver-topped cut-glass jar. a silver backed hand mirror and brush, and other items 40 60
484 A silver ‘Albert’ pocket watch chain, suspended with a small silver medal, 1.1ozt, 34.3g, a paper knife, page turner, modern pocket watch and propelling pencil 15 25
486 Six novelty ashtrays each made from an 18th century Austrian Marie Theresa silver coins and a smaller silver coin, combined weight 5.91ozt, 183.9g anf four silver plated coasters 35 45
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